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Free Books. A lot of people keep asking about a good list of programming books.

Free Books

Hence, we are building this list to save your time and to spread the knowledge. Some of these books will definitely help us to evolve our coding skills and thought processes for developing better solutions. We will do our best to keep updating this list, hope you find this list useful, here we go. The Top 10 Best Science Fiction Books. Before the comments fill up with “Why didn’t you include this” and various slights against our personal and professional integrity, this is just a list of ten great science fiction novels, not in order, and by no means the top ten ever produced.

The Top 10 Best Science Fiction Books

‘Ten of the best’, not ‘the ten best’. That being said, please post up your own favourites, as we’re always looking for new things to read. Top five science fiction &fantasy novels of 2010 - John Swale - Ope... Science Fiction &Fantasy. Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Reviews. A planetary map of the entire Star Wars universe. @sephycloneno15: yeah, and considering it takes like 20 minutes to get to Tatooine from Coruscant, you'd think someone in the Core area would've popped over there by now and mapped it.

A planetary map of the entire Star Wars universe

In the star wars universe, that sounds like something you could finish over a weekend. @1Grand_Marquis: The implication is that mapping new Hyperspace routes is dangerous, time-consuming, and involves a whole lot of trial and error before anything meaningful happens. Although, considering that at least a dozen unique species from the UR are reasonably well-known in the rest of the Galaxy (or at the least have a couple thousand individuals living in the known parts of the Galaxy), it's rather surprising that none of them have brought maps of their regions of the Galaxy with them . @sephycloneno15: Yeah, I guess the idea is that you have to go searching using either sublight speeds, or by doing mini-hyperspace jumps, to make sure you avoid planets, asteroids, black holes, potatoes, tennis shoes, etc. Links: Wormholes to Useful Sites. Science Fiction Book Series: Scholarly Organizations: Library Collections and Guides: University Programs and Degrees in Science Fiction: SF Resources on the Net: Independent Networks & Societies: Topical Resources SF Magazines and E-Zines (with strong critical/informational content): Interesting Author Sites: Science Fiction in Visual Media: SF Languages: Big Science:: Vacuum Flowers (aka, Edge Science):

Links: Wormholes to Useful Sites

Articles to help you write fantasy. Articles about Writing Fantasy The Internal Conflict is more important than the Dragon – Advice for Epic Fantasy Writers - When writing fantasy it is very easy to let your imagination soar and to create amazing worlds and incredible creatures; and while you may give your reader something to enjoy you won’t really make a connection with him or her.

Articles to help you write fantasy

The thing that will make the connection with your reader is the internal conflict your protagonist has to go through. This is what makes him or her human and this is where you have a memorable impact on your reader. How to Write a Great Combat Scene – Advice for Fantasy Writers - A great combat scene is a memorable event in your reader’s life. Lemony Snicket. The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect: Contents. In the best possible future, there will be no war, no famine, no crime, no sickness, no oppression, no fear, no limits, no shame... ...and nothing to do.

The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect: Contents

This online novel contains strong language and extreme depictions of acts of sex and violence. Readers who are sensitive to such things should exercise discretion. Chapter 1Caroline at Play Chapter 2Lawrence Builds a Computer. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Chapter One A SQUAT grey building of only thirty-four stories.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Over the main entrance the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and, in a shield, the World State's motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY. The enormous room on the ground floor faced towards the north. Top 10 Underrated Fantasy Stories Before 1937 - Top 10 Lists. Books J.R.R.

Top 10 Underrated Fantasy Stories Before 1937 - Top 10 Lists

Extended Science Fiction And Fantasy List - Page 1 - SF Top 100 List. 2009-10-30-566nouns.gif from The Last Answer. The Last Answer by Isaac Asimov — © 1980 Murray Templeton was forty-five years old, in the prime of life, and with all parts of his body in perfect working order except for certain key portions of his coronary arteries, but that was enough.

The Last Answer

The pain had come suddenly, had mounted to an unbearable peak, and had then ebbed steadily. He could feel his breath slowing and a kind of gathering peace washing over him. There is no pleasure like the absence of pain – immediately after pain. Murray felt an almost giddy lightness as though he were lifting in the air and hovering. He opened his eyes and noted with distant amusement that the others in the room were still agitated.

WOTSUMMARY.COM - The Wheel of Time Summary. Top 15 Science Fiction Book Series - Top 10 Lists. Books Nothing is better than finishing a brilliant science fiction novel knowing that it is only the first in a series.

Top 15 Science Fiction Book Series - Top 10 Lists

Some of the greatest minds in sci-fi have used the series format to create complex and thrilling universes for their story characters to exist in, while others have created dystopian (and utopian) future environments on earth. This list takes the best of the science fiction series genre and attempts to rank them – a difficult (and obviously subjective) task.

For your reading pleasure, here are the 15 greatest science fiction book series. Medieval Demographics Made Easy. The Encyclopedia of Arda. The Encyclopedia of Arda is a personal project - a tribute to and a celebration of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The site is evolving into an illustrated hypertext encyclopedia of Tolkien's realms and peoples. It already contains about four thousand entries, and we're constantly adding new entries and expanding existing ones.