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Adaptation du gilet Granny inscrit dans deux hexagones. Comment adapter les explications du très classique gilet Granny inscrit dans deux hexagones (dit Granny Shrug) à une taille et un échantilon donné.

Adaptation du gilet Granny inscrit dans deux hexagones

En plus des explications, cette page comporte un calculateur automatique.. Les modèles présentés sur cette page ont été réalisée avec les fils Katia Merino Baby, Sport de bergère de France et Prima de Cheval blanc. Pour plus de précisions sur la réalisation de ces modèles : Pour mettre un lien vers cette page, à partir de votre site internet en html :


Crochet : La bride montée pour remplacer maille coulée et mailles en l'air dans les carrés et ouvrages en tours. C'est le top ! Crochet : La bride montée pour remplacer maille coulée et mailles en l'air dans les carrés et ouvrages en tours.

Crochet : La bride montée pour remplacer maille coulée et mailles en l'air dans les carrés et ouvrages en tours. C'est le top !

C'est le top ! Lorsqu'on crochète un carré (ou rond ou hexagone) et que l'on change de fil au tour suivant, on cumule la maille coulée de fermeture, plus l'accrochage du nouveau fil, plus les mailles en l'air pour monter. Déjà que les mailles en l'air pour monter forment souvent une ligne disgracieuse, l'accrochage du nouveau fil ajoute une maille coulée en plus qui déforme la chaînette pour monter, que l'on compte ou pas la maille coulée dans cette dernière.

Dinette au crochet

African flowers animals. Owl Granny Square. Owl Granny Square Afghan Pattern Free Video Tutorial. It’s one of the most popular Patterns on the planet and you’ll love this Owl Granny Square Afghan Pattern too.

Owl Granny Square Afghan Pattern Free Video Tutorial

It’s a keeper! Report How adorable are these Crochet Owl Granny Squares and you can make your very own blanket, pillow, garland, in fact, anything at all. It’s perfect for all of your favorite projects and you will love the results! It’s another fabulous free pattern from one of our favorite designers. Grab yourself a copy of Sarah’s book. Bunny Mummy: Easy Crochet Owl Tutorial. Hello Lovelies, Wooo Hooo , or should that be To-Whit to Wooo Hooo :0) It's a Happy Happy tutorial day!

Bunny Mummy: Easy Crochet Owl Tutorial

I simply LOVE these cute fellas and as you can see I've got rather carried away making them in lots of different colours.They are very easy to make and so jolly . I've seen a few similar cute crochet owls out there in blogland and on Etsy but they looked quite complicated to me. Baby Owl Free Pattern! This green owl was made using Vanna’s Choice yarn in Fern, Sapphire Blue, Terracotta, Linen, and Mustard My baby owls are all made with Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice worsted weight yarns.

Baby Owl Free Pattern!

They are approximately 4.5 inches high. Regarding the instructions for the body, I have indicated where the color change should start (should you wish to follow my example), but I will leave it up to you as to how you want to do your stripes. If you prefer my example, you can view my pictures and follow the color scheme accordingly. I like to change colors in every row but it sure can be tricky getting the color transition seam to look neat.

Free crochet pattern: Skull and flower bracelet by Liz Ward, perfect for halloween. DifficultyIntermediate TensionExact tension is not essential.

Free crochet pattern: Skull and flower bracelet by Liz Ward, perfect for halloween

Pattern notesThis pattern is mainly worked in a spiral in the round. Do not join rounds but use a stitch marker or piece of contrasting wool to mark the end of a round. To start you will use magic adjustable ring method. Geek With a Hook: Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Free Amigurumi Pattern. Sugar skulls are the most popular symbol of the Day Of The Dead (Dia de los Muertos in Spanish).

Geek With a Hook: Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Free Amigurumi Pattern

It is a holiday for honoring those who have passed...and the perfect excuse to get hook and yarn in hand. Plus, my posting of patterns for Halloween is way overdue anyway. I present to you, Martina, the Amigurumi Sugar Skull. Regardless if you celebrate this holiday or not, I hope you agree with me that Martina is seriously cute. And now you can make one too. Crocheter les anneaux des canettes. La semaine dernière, il y avait dans l’atelier du mercredi des idées de créations à faire avec des canettes mais je n’avais pas parlé des DIY consistant à crocheter l’anneau de la canette, le bitonio appelé pop top ou pull tab en anglais. © Escama Studio.

Crocheter les anneaux des canettes

Bamboline uncinetto con manichino in metallo. Bracelet. [tutorial-schemi-ispirazioni e idee] Tante idee e ispirazioni - schemi di lavoro "lana & uncinetto" - Questo Lo Riciclo, ti piace l'idea? Via al Riciclo Creativo!Questo Lo Riciclo, ti piace l'idea? Via al Riciclo Creativo! …La lavorazione a maglia è una antichissima arte che si realizza con strumenti chiamati ferri o aghi.

[tutorial-schemi-ispirazioni e idee] Tante idee e ispirazioni - schemi di lavoro "lana & uncinetto" - Questo Lo Riciclo, ti piace l'idea? Via al Riciclo Creativo!Questo Lo Riciclo, ti piace l'idea? Via al Riciclo Creativo!

Contrariamente a quanto si potrebbe immaginare, la lavorazione a maglia non è un’attività riservata alla parte femminile della popolazione: fino al XIX secolo il lavoro a maglia era un’attività economica rilevante e portata avanti soprattutto dagli uomini, solo in seguito alla diffusione dei telai meccanizzati per la lavorazione della maglieria questa è diventata attività di cura riservata alle donne, tuttavia ancora oggi, per esempio, alcuni Taquileños, indigeni della regione del Lago Titicaca, si impegnano appunto in questa attività…. Gli strumenti di base dei lavori a maglia sono i ferri, che si possono trovare in commercio in diversi materiali la cui scelta dipende dal gusto personale: acciaio, alluminio anodizzato, alluminio verniciato, plastica,acrilico (plexiglas), ottone cavo nichelato, fibra di carbonio, bambù e legno.

Crochet Creations - 30 rideaux panneaux, dentelle, brise-bise au crochet. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников. Rideaux. * Clique sur l'image *


Rideaux et leurs grilles gratuites , au crochet ! Made in K-town: Little Spring Mandala. Pattern: Made in K-Town by Barbara Please respect my rights as designer: do not sell, share, translate, or publish any parts of my patterns (including pictures) online or elsewhere without my permission. Starflower Mandala: Row by Row. Two or so weeks back I posted my STARFLOWER MANDALA PATTERN The original plan was to provide photos of each row - but there was such a high demand for the pattern (long weekend = lots of crochet time) - so I decided to go ahead and publish with just the few photos of the first four rows!

Hundreds (maybe thousands?) Knitted Bunny Made From A Single Square. You can knit this button cute Bunny in next to no time using a single square. Yes, you heard right! This is the perfect project for beginners and you are guaranteed to love the results. It’s so simple as it is made from a knitted square – any size is fine – and all you need a little bit of yarn and your knitting needles and of course a fluffy tail! How To Knit Bunny From Single Square -: Crochet Vintage Caravan Free Pattern. Who could resist this adorable Crochet Vintage Caravan complete with Kitchen Sink, Curtains, Cosy Bed and even a Spare Tyre! The Tutorial and FREE Crochet Pattern include step by step photos and instructions. It uses similar principles to Amigurumi, the Japanese art of combining crochet or knitting and sewing.

It will make a great gift. Be sure to scroll our page for more fabulous Patterns and Pin your favourites. Uncinetto: Orecchini a Cerchio. Gli orecchini all'uncinetto sono accessori sempre più di tendenza, questo modello a cerchio si realizza in meno di un'ora e con pochissimo filo di cotone. How To Make Soda Can Pull Tab Crochet Flowers. You will never look at your Soda Can the same way again! Did you know you can use those Pull Tabs to create these gorgeous Crochet Flowers? We don’t know how people come up with these amazing ideas, but we sure love this one! Save your soda can pull tabs and create these fabulous Crochet Flowers! You’ll love to try this FREE Pattern and they’re perfect for decorating. Sparkelz-Creatief: Tawashi haakpatroon. Ik vond toch zo'n leuk filmpje voor een paasei, hoewel ik er meer een leuke ronde hanger in zag :-) Supersimpel om te haken, zeer leuk resultaat!

Tutorial Bambolina all'Uncinetto. Granny Squares zusammenhäkeln. Heute zeige ich euch ein tolle Methode, um Grannys einfach und sehenswert zu verbinden. Die einfachste Art ist es, die Quadrate mittels Kettmaschen oder festen Maschen zu verbinden. Day Of The Dead Skull Motif. Alrighty folks, this is JUST a guide. I’m going to give you the step by steps on how I got these results.

This is not the only way you can do it, it’s just the way I did it. Everyone crochets differently, so please adjust this to fit your style. Crochet Floor Pouf And Ottoman Free Patterns. There’s nothing better than putting your feet up after a hard day and this Crochet Floor Pouf is ready and waiting! The Chunky Knit Crochet Floor Pouf has such a beautiful texture and you can make them in your favourite colours. They are so comfy and you can even display them in a stacked formation in a corner of your room. Santa's Helper Free Crochet Elf Hat Pattern (With Ears!) Free Crochet Slippers Pattern (With Flip Flop Soles!) Cotton yarn and a rubber sole make this free crochet slippers with flip flop soles pattern perfect for wearing around the house (or even outside!) View the entire free pattern and video tutorial below or purchase the printable, ad-free pdf with hole poking guide for $2.50 here. UPDATE: This pattern has been super popular since I published the original version last May.

Many of you have requested a video tutorial for these crochet slippers with flip flop soles, so today I’m really happy to have a totally revised and updated version of the pattern that includes a step-by-step video tutorial. In this version, I’ve updated the toe top section of the pattern, re-written some details for clarity AND added a printable ruler to the ad-free PDF of the pattern to guide your hole poking. Tutorial per creare un cestino Shabby all'uncinetto con corda e spago - Il blog italiano sullo Shabby Chic e non solo. A propos - Inspirations Créatives. Patterns. Crochet Baby Moccasins. I finally have some free crochet time on my hands now that I finished my girls fall sweaters.

I had to rip it out and start over twice! All the while these little shoes were tickling my brain saying "make me! " Well, here they are... the cutest little moccasins ever! Mingky Tinky Tiger + the Biddle Diddle Dee. FREE Crochet Patterns. Hello my lovely crocheters! Through the last couple of months I’ve designed quite a few patterns that are available as a FREE Crochet Patterns here on my blog. I gathered all the links to the patterns here, in this blog post. Let me know which of them is your favorite in the comments below. Lovedotty : Pattern - Stripy Hot Water Bottle Cosy. LW4682. Free Crochet Cherry Blossom Pattern. Little Muggles. Cute Crochet Projects - You'll Love These Patterns! Мобильный LiveInternet ПЛЕДЫ. Hydrangea - ortensia - crochet.

Chaussons Au Crochet, Modèle De Pantoufle En Crochet et Chaussures Au Crochet. Amirugumi crochet. Crochet baby bootties and sandals, crochet pattern and photo tutorials. Sweet&Knit: Patrón de Revistero o cesta cuadrada de Ganchillo XXL. Miniature Crochet Animals (Free Patterns) Free Knitting Patterns - Tulips. Fr.pinterest. Animaux et Jouets - Modèle gratuit de DROPS Design.


Wonderfuldiy. Tuto des perles au crochet. Longue veste pentagonale. Gilet origami.