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Native Lands. Back to the Moon! Mushrooms! Not just for hallucinations. Is it time for scientists to come out of the closet. June 20, 2010 § Increasingly over the last few months I have become less tolerant (on twitter) of scientists, astronomers, astronauts, politicians and other “educated” people who still pretend to believe in god just pander to the masses.

Is it time for scientists to come out of the closet

I say it is time to come out of the proverbial closest. I think you will find that most people will be quite understanding. How can we make scientific advancements if we are still holding to our childish superstitions? Coolest new Free toy from NASA. Can you help save the world sitting on you ass. July 17, 2010 § Ways YOU can help save the world from home without getting off your ass.

Can you help save the world sitting on you ass

You may say “People should get off their ass to help!” My response is: Unfortunately, not all of us can. Whether they be physical, financial, social or just plain weird sometimes circumstances make us feel useless and trapped. Helping others is the best way to feel better about your own life. Join Zooniverse : Explore the Moon in unprecedented detail using images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.Help astronomers figure out how galaxies form and evolve by classifying their shape. Crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. July 27, 2010 § Just because BP has capped the well does NOT mean the crisis is over.

Crisis in the Gulf of Mexico

When will people understand. PJZen's The Big Picture. Humble Oil (now Exxon) Predicts the Future in 196. Earth Day. Smithsonian Institution. Volcanic hazards could become fiercer and more frequent - physic. The erupting Icelandic volcano that wrought havoc on European air traffic may have calmed for now, but geologists are warning that volcanic hazards such as this could become more commonplace due to climate change.

Volcanic hazards could become fiercer and more frequent - physic

They believe there is evidence that melting ice is placing an increasing strain on volcanic regions across the globe, which could trigger a range of different geological hazards. These findings appear in a special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A. Perhaps the most topical paper is research led by Freysteinn Sigmundsson at the University of Iceland, which looks specifically at volcanic activity in Iceland. Take Action - Offshore Oil Drilling. Services The Salsa Client Services team handles all new client set-ups as well as custom projects such as data clean-up, large-scale content and campaign migration, webpage customization and custom reporting.

Take Action - Offshore Oil Drilling

For more services including everything from strategic consulting to development, we have a community of partners ready to help too. Support The folks in support help you be successful in Salsa in a friendly, clear and efficient manner. You can count on the support specialists to ask you questions to target the specific problem and determine how to best address your concerns. Training We provide weekly online training, certification courses and strategic best practices webinars and resources at a variety of levels so you can customize your education the way you need it.

Visible Earth: MODIS Image of the Day. Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench. Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench. Gulf oil leak causing upheaval in marine ecology - environment - "Gasland" . NOW on PBS. Week of 3.26.10 Will the boom in natural gas drilling contaminate America's water supply?

"Gasland" . NOW on PBS

In the debate over energy resources, natural gas is often considered a "lesser-of-evils". While it does release some greenhouse gases, natural gas burns cleaner than coal and oil, and is in plentiful supply—parts of the U.S. sit above some of the largest natural gas reserves on Earth. But a new boom in natural gas drilling, a process called "fracking", raises concerns about health and environmental risks. This week, NOW talks with filmmaker Josh Fox about "Gasland", his Sundance award-winning documentary on the surprising consequences of natural gas drilling. Related Link Gasland Film Website: Watch the Trailer Everyone needs water to survive. Massey Energy CEO is a really bad dude. The venerable print magazine Old Trout was recently relaunched with a splashy issue on “The Thirteen Scariest Americans.”

Massey Energy CEO is a really bad dude

I was asked to write up the scariest American from an environmental point of view. West Virginia Mine Disaster: Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship S. Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy, has long had a lot of influence in West Virginia.

West Virginia Mine Disaster: Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship S

The top executive of the company that owns the mine where 25 miners died this week looms large in state affairs both because of Massey 's economic importance and because of his own penchant for political bluster. But in 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Blankenship might be wielding too much influence, after he spent $3 million of his own money to get a judge elected to a West Virginia court that was ruling on a Massey-related case. As detailed in an ABC News investigation, Blankenship vacationed on the Riviera with one West Virginia Supreme Court Justice and underwrote an ad campaign supporting the election of another while a $50 million judgment against Massey Energy was before the court. Judge Who Vacationed With Massey CEO Now Running For Congress. Damage Will Go On After Well Is Plugged, Admiral Says - NYTimes.

Op-Ed Columnist - Our Epic Foolishness. Did we put the murderers in charge of the murder scene. Did we put the murderers in charge of the murder scene.