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HOW TO SELL ANYTHING TO ANYONE. 5 DEADLY MISTAKES NEW YOUTUBERS MAKE. Η Τιτανομαχία - Δίας και Ολύμπιοι εναντίον Κρόνου και Τιτάνων. ΔΙΔΑΚΤΙΚΗ ΤΩΝ ΑΡΧΑΙΩΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΩΝ ΜΕ ΤΙΣ ΤΠΕ (ΙΙ) - ppt κατέβασμα. New Digital Research Tool For Classical Scholars. The Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri (DCLP), a new digital tool for researching ancient literature, is now available.

New Digital Research Tool For Classical Scholars

Scholars from Heidelberg University and New York University (USA) spearheaded the development of the newly released open-access database, which offers information about and transcripts of Greek and Latin texts preserved on fragments of papyri, but also, for example, on ceramic shards or wooden tablets. The project was financed by the National Endowment for the Humanities in the USA and the German Research Foundation. The database is accessible to anyone and currently has information on nearly 15,000 fragments of ancient works. Approximately 1,000 of these entries include the corresponding Greek or Latin texts. It is designed particularly for scholars of ancient literature and culture, primarily classical philologists, theologians, and historians. Ancient Greek OCR. 10 Ways to Use Technology to Build Vocabulary.

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10 Ways to Use Technology to Build Vocabulary

Adesope, O.O., Lavin, T., Thompson, T., & Ungerleider, C. (2010). A systematic review and meta-analysis of the cognitive correlates of bilingualism. Review of Educational Research, 80(2), 207-245. doi:10.3102/0034654310368803 Baumann, J.F., & Kame'enui, E.J. (Eds.). (2004). Beck, I.L., McKeown, M.G., & Kucan, L. (2008). Berne, J.I., & Blachowicz, C.L.Z. (2008). Biancarosa, G., & Snow, C.E. (2006). Biemiller, A., & Boote, C. (2006). Είναι προνόμιο να μιλάς ελληνικά. Email Marketing Services. The Top 10 MailChimp Alternatives for Small Business Email Marketing. Update 4/6/17: This post has been updated so the information is current.

The Top 10 MailChimp Alternatives for Small Business Email Marketing

In the world of tissues, Kleenex is indisputably the king. Vizia - Create Interactive Video Quizzes. Vizia is a free tool for creating video-based quizzes.

Vizia - Create Interactive Video Quizzes

On Vizia you an import a video from YouTube or from Wistia and then add questions along the timeline of the video. You can ask multiple choice questions as well as short answer/ open-response questions. Applications of Augmented Reality. What would an NFL football game be without the yellow 1st down line painted on the field?

Applications of Augmented Reality

Emmy award winning Sportvision from Mountain View, California introduced "1st and Ten" in 1998 and the game has never been the same. Fans watching from home know when a team gets a first down before fans in the stadium. Augmented reality in education: teaching tool or passing trend? What some may call an 'unsurprising' 71% of 16 to 24-years-olds own smartphones, so why aren't teachers utilising these in the classroom or campus?

Augmented reality in education: teaching tool or passing trend?

Is the use of these devices going to detract from the learning process or contribute to future workplace skills? Should teachers be using techniques such as augmented reality (AR) to engage students and develop their skills for the modern world? Well, I say 'yes'. Augmented Reality in Education Series - Part 1: What is it? How to use Augmented Reality? The 20 Best Augmented-Reality Apps. Augmented reality has long sounded like a wild futuristic concept, but the technology has actually been around for years.

The 20 Best Augmented-Reality Apps

It becomes more robust and seamless with each passing decade, providing an astonishing means of superimposing computer-generated images atop a user’s view of reality, thus creating a composite view rooted in both real and virtual worlds. Although AR apps run the gamut, from interactive map overlays and virtual showrooms to massive multiplayer skirmishes, each piece of software hones in on smartphone GPS and camera functionality to create a more immersive experience. The available selection of augmented reality apps is diverse, encompassing both premium and freemium offerings from a variety of big and no-name developers, but sometimes choosing which apps are worth your smartphone or tablet’s precious memory is tougher than using the apps themselves. Here are our top picks for the best augmented reality apps available, whether you’re searching for iOS or Android apps. Pagina Philologiae - Ο ελληνικός φιλολογικός ιστοχώρος. Ποιά Ομάδα Προσανατολισμού έχει τα υψηλότερα ποσοστά επιτυχίας.

Λέξη Ημέρας – Τι σημαίνει «διαπρύσιος»; Settle Into 10 of the Most Beautiful Libraries on Earth. People love their libraries.

Settle Into 10 of the Most Beautiful Libraries on Earth

And when their governments put money toward them, they even love to visit them. Create and share visual ideas online. Convert Web Page to PDF - #1 Web to PDF Converter. Να σταματήσουμε τον εφιάλτη της κατανάλωσης: Ένα εκπληκτικό animation ταινιάκι - Hit&Run. Evaluating multimodal literacies in student blogs - O'Byrne - 2013 - British Journal of Educational Technology. Options for accessing this content: Login via OpenAthens or Search for your institution's name below to login via Shibboleth.

Evaluating multimodal literacies in student blogs - O'Byrne - 2013 - British Journal of Educational Technology

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