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Great Chart for Learning Irregular Verbs - learn English,grammar,verbs,irregu... India students caught 'cheating' in exams in Bihar. 19 March 2015Last updated at 09:36 ET Cheating in exams is fairly common in the Indian state of Bihar, but new images have emerged which show just how large-scale and blatant the practice is.

India students caught 'cheating' in exams in Bihar

Many students smuggled in textbooks and notes into the examination centres despite tight security - and parents and friends were photographed scaling the walls of test centres to pass on answers to students during the current secondary school examinations. The examinations, held by the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB), began on Tuesday and are scheduled to go on until 24 March. Officials say more than 1.4 million students are taking the tests. Most of the incidents of cheating this year have been reported from Saharsa, Chhapra, Vaishali and Hajipur districts. Local newspapers have been full of photos of parents and relatives trying to help their children cheat even at considerable risk to their own lives, BBC Hindi's Manish Saandilya reports from the state capital, Patna. EU nuorisotyöttömyys kartta Eurostat. Asiantuntija: Tällaisiin mokiin nuorten työnsaanti voi kompastua – ”Napapaita... Pitkän linjan rekrytoijalle on tullut monta kertaa mieleen, että nuoria pitäisi auttaa kehittämään työnhakutaitoja.

Asiantuntija: Tällaisiin mokiin nuorten työnsaanti voi kompastua – ”Napapaita...

Nuorten työnsaanti voi kompastua alkumetreillä, kun hakemus on laadittu kehnosti. Hän on nähnyt paljon työhakemuksia ja haastatellut nuoria työnhakijoita. Laatu vaihtelee laidasta laitaan. – Moni ei varmaan edes ymmärrä, että hän itse tuhoaa omat mahdollisuutensa. Hakemus on kirjoitettu huonosti, käytöstavat puuttuvat, haastattelussa nuori on flegmaattinen.

Rekrytoija sanoo, että joskus näkee vasemmalla kädellä huitaistuja hakemuksia. Rekrytoija neuvoo, että jos lähettää sähköpostilla lyhyen referaatin hakemuksesta, liitteeksi on paras laittaa A4-kokoa oleva varsinaisen hakemus ja CV eli ansioluettelo. – Hakemuksessa voi tuoda esille, miksi minä sovin tähän tehtävään ja mitä voin antaa firmalle. Teens-social-media.png (PNG Image, 590 × 2212 pixels) - Scaled (45%) Examples of Good and Bad CVs. Here is an example of a high quality graduate CV and also of a poor CV for the same person, containing the mistakes typically made of CVs, plus tips on how to put them right.

Examples of Good and Bad CVs

Move the mouse over the CVs to highlight tips. If you cannot see the CVs, you can download the latest Macromedia Flash player by clicking here To PRINT the CVs right click on the CV and then left click on print from the pop menu that appears. Friends - Joey Speaks French. MATT LEBLANC's Acting Tips From Friends' Joey Tribbiani - The Graham Norton S... 12 Worst Questions Ever Asked During A Job Interview.

Mr. Bean - The Exam. The Other 21st Century Skills. Many have attempted to identify the skills important for a learner today in this era of the 21st century (I know it is an overused phrase).

The Other 21st Century Skills

I have an affinity towards the skills identified by Tony Wagner: Critical thinking and problem-solvingCollaboration across networks and leading by influenceAgility and adaptabilityInitiative and entrepreneurialismEffective oral and written communicationAccessing and analyzing informationCuriosity and imagination Today I viewed a slideshow created by Gallup entitled, The Economics of Human Development: The Path to Winning Again in Education.

Here are some slides from this presentation. This presentation sparked my thinking about what other skills and attributes would serve the learners (of all ages) in this era of learning. GritResilienceHope and OptimismVisionSelf-RegulationEmpathy and Global Stewardship Grit Students can develop psychological resources that promote grit, tenacity, and perseverance. Resources for Educators: Resilience. Worst Job Interview Mistakes. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a formal job interview, but I can still remember my most awful one with vivid, cringeworthy clarity.

Worst Job Interview Mistakes

I was wearing the one pair of black "business" slacks my 21-year-old self owned (with the crease and everything), was sweating bullets through my button-down and cardigan, and made the mistake of saying my worst quality was my perfectionism. (Note: I am the least perfect person in the entire world, and mostly err towards chaotic procrastination.) But I take comfort in knowing that I am not alone in my gross interview missteps, and in a city where climbing up the job ladder is too competitive for comfort, nearly every New Yorker has at least one tale to tell. From criminally overdressing for the office environment to accidentally slipping a slur into a normal response, these 14 women share their (slightly humorous, definitely embarrassing) career mishaps. Remember: We've all been there.

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer. Why Social Media Is The New Resume.