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佛山市优美科技有限公司 UMI优美科技是中国高端220V转110V变压器和隔离变压器的开创者和标准制定者,专注制造美日原生海淘电器用220V转110V变压器以及音响医疗工业用220V转220V隔离变压器的定制。 佛山市优美科技有限公司 UMI优美科技是中国高端220V转110V变压器和隔离变压器的开创者和标准制定者,专注制造美日原生海淘电器用220V转110V变压器以及音响医疗工业用220V转220V隔离变压器的定制。 Clinical Research: AlterG Research. Multi-Axis Rotating Chair. World's Leading Experts on Microcurrent. SIS Electrotherapy: Infection Treatments, Wound Healing, Pain & Injury Treatments. Inspirstar Inc. – Your Advanced Applications, Our Leading Technology. Working Together for the Best Results in Microcurrent! For Professionals - Avazzia. Product Gallery.

Medical Solutions for Government Healthcare Facilities. Medical offices, Examination rooms,Medical stools - All medical device manufacturers in this category - Videos - Page 5. Rehabilitation Treatment Tables. Gel/Lotion Bottle Warmers: Physical Therapy Equipment and Supplies - Isokinetics Inc. Buy Lumbar Supports & Pillows - Phoenix Healthcare Products - Electrotherapy, Physiotherapy & Exercise Supplies. Home > Lumbar Supports & Pillows Lumbar Supports & Pillows Lumbar Supports Pillows Address Phoenix Healthcare Products Ltd.

Buy Lumbar Supports & Pillows - Phoenix Healthcare Products - Electrotherapy, Physiotherapy & Exercise Supplies

Unit 15 Calverton Business Park Hoyle Road, Calverton Nottingham NG14 6QL Contact Us Can't find the product you're after or need more information? EXACT: EXercise or Advice after ankle fraCTure. Design of a randomised controlled trial. The trial will be an assessor-blinded pragmatic randomised controlled trial.

EXACT: EXercise or Advice after ankle fraCTure. Design of a randomised controlled trial

Three hundred and forty two participants will be randomly allocated to one of two groups: an Advice group and a Rehabilitation group (~171 in each group). Outcomes will be assessed at baseline, 1, 3 and 6 months by a blinded assessor (Figure 1). Participants Participants will be recruited from four hospitals. The inclusion criteria will be: • ankle fracture treated with immobilisation (e.g. cast, brace), with or without surgical fixation • immobilisation removed on the day of recruitment.

Biomechanical Services - Shop. Pro-Wedge-It™ BIOMECHANICAL Services, Inc. offers the PRO-WEDGE-IT™ system as a versatile evaluation/ rehabilitation tool.

Biomechanical Services - Shop. Pro-Wedge-It™

PRO-WEDGE-IT™ provides a unique forefoot/rearfoot plate system which enables the practitioner to evaluate patients in full weight bearing position. It gives you, the practitioner the capability to dynamically change rear/forefoot angles independently, while obtaining measured values. Clinicians immediately see what changing frontal plane positions in the foot will do to both component and integrated linkages throughout the lower half of the body.

Postural mal-alignments that cause afferent deficits are easily exposed. Once the rearfoot or forefoot posture is effectively repositioned, patients demonstrate improvements in mobility, stability and proper balance equilibrium during functional testing and rehabilitation. Patients feel immediate feed back and better understand the impact of foot posture changes. The 10 Best Laptops. The laptop market has undergone major changes in the past few years, and there's likely to be more confusion in the notebook aisle now than at any other time.

The 10 Best Laptops

Today's models encompass everything from featherweight, business-savvy ultraportables that barely tip the scales at less than 2 pounds, to lap-crushing gaming behemoths of 10 pounds or more. Your standard laptop doesn't look the way it once did, either, with dozens of convertible designs that rethink the standard clamshell to take advantage of touch interfaces. Some laptops double as tablets, with hinges that bend and fold, while other touch-enabled PCs are actually slate tablets that come with hardware keyboards for notebook-style use.

There's simply too much variety in the laptop space for one size or style to fit every person's needs. That's where this buying guide comes in. Understanding Advanced Laser Therapy Systems. Laser. Red (660 & 635 nm), green (532 & 520 nm) and blue-violet (445 & 405 nm) lasers Among their many applications, lasers are used in optical disk drives, laser printers, and barcode scanners; fiber-optic and free-space optical communication; laser surgery and skin treatments; cutting and welding materials; military and law enforcement devices for marking targets and measuring range and speed; and laser lighting displays in entertainment.


Fundamentals Lasers are characterized according to their wavelength in a vacuum. Most "single wavelength" lasers actually produce radiation in several modes having slightly differing frequencies (wavelengths), often not in a single polarization. Although temporal coherence implies monochromaticity, there are lasers that emit a broad spectrum of light or emit different wavelengths of light simultaneously. Terminology Laser beams in fog, reflected on a car windshield Design Components of a typical laser: 1. EVA Support Walker. Tartan Group Website. Full Skeleton. Elgin 3-Section Electric Hi-Lo Table. Elgin 3-Section Electric Hi-Lo Treatment Table: The Elgin 3-Section Table has been designed to offer greater rigidity than the existing standard range of treatment tables.

Elgin 3-Section Electric Hi-Lo Table

Even at its maximum height the table offers a rigid platform for both the client and therapist. Delron bearings allow for quiet, maintenancefree operation ensuring long-lasting durability for the table. Quality actuators and gas struts make adjusting the position of the moveable part of the table easy and accurate and the construction allows for a wide range of operating heights. The table also features the surround elevating bar. Physical Therapy Tables. Integrating Robotic Technologies into Neurorehabilitation: The iWalk Program. The iWalk Program from Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers utilizes technology to restore function and enhance walking recovery By Joanna Moore, PT, DPT As a physical therapist and manager of therapy services within Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Centers, based in Richmond, Virginia, I know gait impairment is a primary functional limitation that physical therapists treat in rehabilitation facilities.

Integrating Robotic Technologies into Neurorehabilitation: The iWalk Program

The rehab staff members of Sheltering Arms strive to help clients regain the maximum amount of function and achieve the best outcomes. Physical Therapy Equipment & Supplies, Rehab Equipment & Supplies, Chiropractic Supplies, Physical Therapy Products, Rehabilitation Products. Wireless ECG System - LifeSync. Physical Therapy Tables. Education Endermologie Lipomassage Equipment.

Welcome to Endo-Systems, LLC and the Endermologie® Training Center!

Education Endermologie Lipomassage Equipment

As the only official LPG® Endermologie® training facility in the United States, we offer a wide variety of training programs to ensure you get the best quality results with your LPG® equipment. Our experienced trainers receive regular updated training from LPG’s International Training Team, and pass that expertise on to you. Claw toes. 3pp® Putty. Medical - For health professionals - Equipment.

HAIDER BIOSWING GmbH. ''Propriomed'' Haider Bioswing : Each* £ 158.99 : Patterson Medical. Pneumex Equipment. Technology for Long-Term Care : Rehabilitation Equipment. Medical devices for pain management and beauty systems by medilab. Medilab research+trading GmbH&Co. specializes in the assembly, research and sales of medical devices and high-tech beauty systems.

Medical devices for pain management and beauty systems by medilab

Our product range includes ultrasound dopplers as well as medical devices for pain management (algonix). Furthermore we provide beauty systems and cosmetic devices for various cosmetic treatments. For all of medilab´s devices (pain management, beauty systems) we offer comprehensive services. Cosmed , used & surplus Hospital Equipment, Respiratory Equipment, Other Clinical Equipment, Medical Equipment, Other Medical Imaging Equipment, Other Test & Measurement, Test Equipment Manual for sale at Designer Sink Plunger (090360) - Activator Methods. Kinea design, l.l.c. Portfolio: KineAssist Walking & Balance retraining client: The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago kinea Design developed the KineAssist™ technology to help physical therapists provide better patient care, increase patient and therapist safety, and improve clinic economics.

kinea design, l.l.c.

The KineAssist™ allows physical therapists to safely challenge patients in functional environments with reduced concern about falls, to record objective measures, and to do so within existing practice settings. Unlike equipment that requires significant set up time and additional staff, KineAssist™ tools require only one therapist, minimal set up time and can be used during transition, standing balance, ambulation and dynamic balance therapy. to learn more about KineAssist™, click here to download a flyer about the technology. see the Discover Channel's (The Daily Planet) segment on the KineAssist, (.flv 16MB, .wmv 32MB) ReWalk — Walk Again. TEK Robotic Mobilization Device. Welcome.

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TEK Robotic Mobilization Device. TEK Robotic Mobilization Device.