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The Breakfast Machine. Drones programmed for light painting in the sky. What do you get when you put LEDs on a system of drones and then program them to fly in formation?

Drones programmed for light painting in the sky

Spaxels from the Ars Electronic Futurelab. Spaxels are quadcopters equipped with a programmable LED system. They comprise a swarm that’s able to fly in formation and “draw” dynamic three-dimensional figures in the night sky. The Ars Electronica Futurelab is the sole player in this field, the only one capable of working with aesthetic forms of expression that were previously possible only on a computer and, via spaxels, translating them into the real world of a three-dimensional airspace. See the system in action in the video below. [via Creative Applications] Yamaha built a motorcycle-driving robot, and it's already challenging a world champion. The Tokyo Motor Show, known for far-out concepts, is underway in Japan.

Yamaha built a motorcycle-driving robot, and it's already challenging a world champion

We've already seen some pretty strange designs ourselves, but none of them are anything like what Yamaha just announced: an autonomous, motorcycle-riding humanoid robot called Motobot. There's little detail beyond an impressive video of Motobot cruising around an abandoned airfield. We see it take turns, tap the clutch, and twist the throttle, all while somehow remaining upright.

It's quite an impressive sight to behold, even if the robot still needs a pair of training wheels. It drives, it speaks, and it's taking aim at the best MotoGP driver As if the footage wasn't hair-raising enough, Yamaha plays on our latent automatonophobia by giving Motobot a childish, robotic voice, and having the robot biker call out MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi.

For that to happen, Motobot has to get better, and right now the company is taking things slowly. Verge Video:The robots are coming. Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill. When it comes to automotive technology, self-driving cars are all the rage.

Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill

Standard features on many ordinary cars include intelligent cruise control, parallel parking programs, and even automatic overtaking—features that allow you to sit back, albeit a little uneasily, and let a computer do the driving. So it’ll come as no surprise that many car manufacturers are beginning to think about cars that take the driving out of your hands altogether (see “Drivers Push Tesla’s Autopilot Beyond Its Abilities”). These cars will be safer, cleaner, and more fuel-efficient than their manual counterparts. And yet they can never be perfectly safe. And that raises some difficult issues. Brick Laying Robot Lays 1,000 Bricks an Hour, Builds 150 Homes a Year. By: David Russell Schilling | July 24th, 2015 Brick Laying Robot Hadrian An Australian company, Fastbrick Robotics, has invented a new brick laying machine it calls Hadrian after the ancient Roman Emperor who reigned from 117 AD to 138 AD and was renowned for the amount of construction he oversaw.

Brick Laying Robot Lays 1,000 Bricks an Hour, Builds 150 Homes a Year

Hadrian is designed to work around the clock, seven days a week, building brick walls and “framing” an average size Australian house in just two days. Samsung Techwin STAR UGV / Autonomous Robot. Robots are going to do many things for us.

Samsung Techwin STAR UGV / Autonomous Robot

In the future, smart unmanned ground vehicles will perform surveillance and other important tasks without needing an operator. The Samsung Techwin STAR UGV happens to be a smart vehicle that detects its surrounding environment and finds the optimal path to its destination based on the data it has access to. As you can see in the above video, the robot is quite versatile and features 4-wheel independent driving. Kevin Cunningham has more information about it on Vimeo. [Source] Dobot: Robotic Arm for Everyone, Arduino & Open Source by Dobot will be open sourced after the Kickstarter campaign.

Dobot: Robotic Arm for Everyone, Arduino & Open Source by

As a group of devoted open source fans, we believe open source makes the world better by levering the power of collective minds. Yet to help you understand better of what we do, we are working around the clock on some of the code that need more notations and explanations. But we make our promise here that after the Kickstarter campaign, we will upload the code. 11961700_603432196465284_4420992_n. Robot Assisted Stunt System. URC2015 Highlights. Robot with human reflexes. Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tested Outside. Tesla. Can A Thousand Tiny Swarming Robots Outsmart Nature? Meet Gimball, a Collision-Tolerant Drone. Subscribe to Techcrunch Gadgets RSS Feed on Meet the Inflatable Robots of Pneubotics! Meet the Modular Prosthetic Limb. Engineers look to insects for robotic inspiration.

At a University of California, Berkeley laboratory, engineers are building cockroach-like robots with a noble purpose - search and rescue.

Engineers look to insects for robotic inspiration

Smaller than the palm of a hand and weighing an ounce, the robots are fast, nimble, and equipped with microphones and thermostats to detect sound and heat. InMoov Amazing First 3D printed robot Open Source. The man with 1,000 Klein Bottles UNDER his house - Numberphile. I-limb quantum. Precision. power. intelligent motion.

i-limb quantum

DURUS: SRI's Ultra-Efficient Walking Humanoid Robot. While disaster robots were making their way through the DARPA Robotics Challenge courses, over in the exhibit area outside, there was another competition taking place: an endurance challenge, also sponsored by DARPA, where robots from Sandia National Labs and SRI International slowly walked on treadmills with the goal of demonstrating how ultra-efficient they could be.

DURUS: SRI's Ultra-Efficient Walking Humanoid Robot

What does ultra-efficient mean in the context of walking robots? Think humanoid walking that’s 20 to 30 times more efficient than than Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS. A full size humanoid robot with that level of efficiency would able to operate for anywhere from 4 to 6 hours on a single charge. Bebionic Small - bebionic. The new bebionic small has arrived!

bebionic Small - bebionic

As the most lifelike bionic hand on the market, the latest addition to bebionic is small and perfectly formed. The new pearlescent design is sleek, modern and gives users precise control with cutting-edge features and technology. bebionic small builds upon the robust design of the original bebionic with a 30% reduction in size without compromising on performance or functionality. Watch bebionic small View Key Features Nicky Ashwell, bebionic small’s first UK user Click here to read Nicky’s story, and see how Steeper helped to create her turning point. More Information Further details and technical comparisons of bebionic small against previous bebionic hands are located within the left hand navigation at the top of this page.

Here's How NASA Will Grab an Asteroid Using a Spiky Robot Gripper. Within the next five years, NASA is planning to launch a robotic spacecraft toward a small asteroid. Once there, the robot will find a small boulder lying on the surface of the asteroid, pick it up, and bring it back to Earth for us to have a look at. It’s an ambitious mission, and we’re only just starting to hear details about what’s going to be involved in getting all this to work.

Earlier this week, we stopped by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., to check out some of the prototype hardware that’ll be grabbing a boulder off of an asteroid in the early 2020s. Small cubes that self-assemble. Korea Humanoid Robot - Hubo - DRC Final Winner [Time lapse - HD] Robot Origami: Robot self-folds, walks, and completes tasks. DARPA Robotics Challenge: Meet the contenders (pictures) - CNET. Watch RoboSimian prepare for DARPA's Robotics Challenge finals. Ducted Fan Drone Uses 1 Rotor for VTOL. Miniature Origami Robot Self-folds, Walks, Swims, and Degrades. MIT Scientists Train Their Four-Legged Cheetah Robot to Autonomously Sense and Jump Over Hurdles as It Runs. One Actuator Steerable Robot. Robocockroaches launches robotic micro-dronebird. The UC Berkeley Biomimetic Millisystem Lab developed a cooperative launching system for a 13.2 gram ornithopter micro-aerial vehicle (MAV), the H2Bird, by carrying it on the back of a 32 gram hexapedal millirobot, the VelociRoACH.

Making a Simple Air Muscle. Airic robot aarm developed by Festo AG uses air muscles controlled by tiny piezo proportional valves, 2007. —Credit: Festo AG & Co. KG Engineers and scientists often create wonderful, constructive devices that make life better for people who are sick and disabled. Nearly as often, they design and build weapons and implements of warfare. And once in a while, the same person does both. Creating a see-through Arduino with an ATmega328P. CIT is hoping to put the ‘printed’ back into printed circuit boards. CIT Technology is a manufacturer of digitally printed flexible electronic circuits. The crew is on a mission to develop low-cost, flexible circuits that will spur the imagination of the next generation of designers. In doing so, they aspire to put the ‘printed’ back into printed circuit boards by using a unique two-stage additive print-and-plate process that deposits solid copper onto low-cost flexible substrates. Building a board on these materials can have some significant advantages over conventionally manufactured PCBs.

If you follow along with our (*cough industry-leading cough*) Twitter account, then you saw how well the audience received CIT’s recent tweet of a see-through Arduino. High-g quadrocopter training: exploring the limits. Move Aside Boston Dynamics, ATRIAS is Coming! GMM: Robotic Refueling Mission (id 10988) Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Lab. Category: Adhesion This work demonstrates a new type of small robot that can apply orders of magnitude more force than it weighs. This is in stark contrast to previous small robots that have become progressively better at moving and sensing, but lacked the ability to change the world through the application of human-scale loads. The work focuses on two major variants: a 12g ground based robot that can pull 40N in shear force, and a 9g climbing variant that can climb while carrying 10N of load.

The papers discuss the controllable adhesive technology that makes these feats possible, as well as the constraints it puts on the designs and actuators. The ground based paper focuses on the concept of small robots with large loads, and the actuator work cycles necessary to enable these capabilities. Snowgoose Is The Pentagon's Low-Cost Resupply Drone Of Dreams. Syria: Drones to SAVE lives - BBC News. Honeybee Brain Flies A Drone. By digitally reconstructing the complete brain of the European honeybee, Apis mellifera, researchers with the Green Brain Project hope to one day create an autonomous flying robot that thinks, senses, and acts like the sophisticated pollinator.

Robots take over German technology fair. When Life Gives You Robots, Teach Them to Sword Fight. DRC Finals. Собираем таракашку из скрепок. This Is Big: A Robo-Car Just Drove Across the Country. An autonomous car just drove across the country. Nine days after leaving San Francisco, a blue car packed with tech from a company you’ve probably never heard of rolled into New York City after crossing 15 states and 3,400 miles to make history. The car did 99 percent of the driving on its own, yielding to the carbon-based life form behind the wheel only when it was time to leave the highway and hit city streets.

This amazing feat, by the automotive supplier Delphi, underscores the great leaps this technology has taken in recent years, and just how close it is to becoming a part of our lives. Yes, many regulatory and legislative questions must be answered, and it remains to be seen whether consumers are ready to cede control of their cars, but the hardware is, without doubt, up to the task. A robot prepared for self-awareness: Expanded software architecture for walking robot Hector. A year ago, researchers at Bielefeld University showed that their software endowed the walking robot Hector with a simple form of consciousness.

The Strongest Ever Robot-Suit. Lithuanian Programmer 3D Prints Robotic Tank Replica from Sci-Fi Movie ‘Ghost in the Shell’ It's Almost Impossible To Tell This Butterfly Is Actually a Robot. NASA aims to pluck boulder off asteroid & bring it to moon (VIDEOS) — RT USA. Published time: March 28, 2015 00:20. Harvard Microrobotic Fly. Sockification. An Exoskeleton That Acts Like a Wearable Chair. Standing is great for your health—Burn calories! Live longer! É.-U.: Amazon autorisé à tester ses drones de livraison. Robert Full: The secrets of nature's grossest creatures, channeled into robots. ATRIAS, The Bipedal Robot, Keeps Standing Even After You Sweep The Leg. In what is sure to be one of the videos that our future robot overlords bring up at the trial of Galacicus 5000 v. The Human Race as an example of cruelty against androids, a researcher kicks and pushes ATRIAS, a bipedal robot.

The robot, built by researchers at Oregon State University, remains upright throughout the abuse by hopping from one leg to another, essentially repairing its balance on the fly. The robot is being used to study running and walking in bipedal robots and it is different in that it uses lightweight materials to absorb shock and maintain a spring in its step. Russian SAR-401 Space Robot Ready for the ISS. These Robots Will Save You From Disasters. 3D Printable Robotic GlaDOS Ceiling Lamp. There are plenty of fun things you can do with a 3D printer, especially if you know a thing or two about Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and electronics in general. Inkjet printed flexible circuits: Online PCB prototype quote. MIT Cheetah robot 2 running fast and jump over an obstacle. Introducing Pleurobot. Image of the Day: How to create an indestructible drone. IkeaBot: Robot Furniture Assembly System. A DIY magnetic levitation vehicle to inspire future engineers.

The story behind the world's first robot zipper. Depalletizing random-cases with perception from Industrial Perception, Inc. Marine Corps Base Quantico. This is the Lutz pod, the UK's first driverless car. Flyability Gimball Collision-Proof Drone. Introducing Spot. Argodesign Conceptualizes A Futuristic Ambulance Drone. LittleDog robot at USC. Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot - SAFFiR. Crave - Can this robot ski better than you? 05-15-2011 Walking Robot Table Large.wmv. Flotilla for Raspberry Pi - Making for Everyone by Pimoroni Ltd. Sarah Bergbreiter: Why I make robots the size of a grain of rice.

LIDAR Lite - SEN-13167. Crazy Engineering: Mars Helicopter. ATLAS Gets an Upgrade. Robot suit – only $1m, in stock and shipping @amazon. Scientists Develop A Soft, 'Smart' Skin That Could Revolutionize Prosthetics. Autonomous spaceport drone ship. NASA designs ape-like robot for disasters. OC Robotics - Introducing the Series 2 - X125 system. Amputee Makes History with APL’s Modular Prosthetic Limb. Amputee makes history controlling two modular prosthetic limbs. Scientists have put a worm’s brain into a Lego robot’s body - and it works. iHY Robot Hand Can Grip Anything. The Pi Plane Project: Tracking and recording planes that fly over your house #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi. DyRoS, the 3D Printed Humanoid Robot, Presented at ‘Humanoids 2014′ Raffaello D'Andrea: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters. ABB Robots Katana Fight. Installs Giant Composite Material Research Robot. Installs Giant Composite Material Research Robot.