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Bulking Up: Fleshing Out a Too-Short Novel. By Janice Hardy, @Janie_Hardy What can you do when your novel is too short?

Bulking Up: Fleshing Out a Too-Short Novel

First, let's clear up what "too short" means for this discussion. R. J. Eliason – Having her way with words. SJS Editorial Services Quote Request. Western Books Since 1953. Goose Flats Publishing - Tombstone, Arizona. Western Fictioneers. LDStorymakers website. Immortal Works. At Immortal Works Press, we publish stories of all shapes and sizes.

Immortal Works

To know where to submit your story, first look at the word count. Up to 1,000 words is Flash Fiction. 1,000 to 17,500 words are Short Stories. 17,500 to 40,000 are called Novellas, and we publish them as Immortal Shorts. Anything over 40,000 words is a novel (or book). Regardless of the length, please check the formatting guidelines in “Novel Submission Guidelines” below. Although super short stories are fun, we don’t really sell them. We are open for submissions to our current short story anthology! Weird Wasatch. Services — Ryder Author Resources. MG Herron’s No Nonsense Novel Template for Scrivener. Start Here! - Write Hacked. The Blog of Jeremy Lee James, Author. Pronoun. Products Archive - Brain to Books. G. Lloyd Helm - G.

G. Lloyd Helm -

Lloyd Helm has been writing for 40 years, having published poetry in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers including “The New York Poetry Anthology,” “Stars and Stripes News,” “The Los Angeles Times,” “The Antelope Valley Press,” and “The Antelope Valley Anthologies,” among others. … Has published short stories and memoirs both in the US and in England in such journals as “Pligrimage” which published the memoir “Football” in spring 2005, and a second memoir “4 April, 1968” in the winter of 2008. He has published short stories in “Citadel” the literary magazine of Los Angeles City College,” “Delivered Magazine,” which is based in London, “Short Story Library,” The University of S.

The Writer's Circle – Writing, writing competitions, self-publishing book, publish your book. Here's a novel outline that contains the common elements of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight. I am researching the common elements present in the first books of Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games and figuring out why they work.

Here's a novel outline that contains the common elements of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Twilight.

I started outlining the shared traits of all three books below. BEGIN “DREARY HOMELAND” FOR CHAPTERS 1 THROUGH 4.5 (the average separation period occupies the first 21% of the example novels) BEGIN “AWFUL-AWESOME LAND” FROM CHAPTER 4.5 TO 19.5 (the average initiation period occupies the middle 71% of the example novels) BEGIN “HOMEWARD BOUND” SECTION FROM CHAPTER 19.5 UNTIL THE END (the average return period occupies 8% of the end of the example novels. The length of endings have the largest variation: Harry Potter’s ending = 3% of the novel, Twilight’s ending = 15% of the novel, and The Hunger Games = 7% of the novel) Books in bloom - Books in Bloom Creative Blog - Writing advice and musings. Editing Services. Schedule permitting, I am honored to be considered for any freelance editing duties.

Editing Services

I am a freelance editor who can perform query letter critiques, synopsis critiques, nonfiction book proposal critiques, and manuscript critiques (novels, memoirs, etc.). E-mail me at Self-Publishing Indie Author Services That Work! by Standoutbooks. Work With Us — Writely Me. As a an author, especially a self-published one, it is not always easy to market your book effectively.

Work With Us — Writely Me

Sure, maybe your friends and family purchase it, but how do you get the world to see just how special your novel is? This is where we step in. We have experience in publicity campaigns for both businesses and authors. This is more of an extensive service from us. A Plotting Guide for the Noveist — Writely Me. I remember taking her words in and thinking about what she said for the next couple weeks.

A Plotting Guide for the Noveist — Writely Me

During that time, I thought about what it was that was important to me, what I liked and felt passionate about. I thought about all the book series I was in love with and all the movie series I was in love with and why they were special to me. I thought about the kind of character traits I find endearing and admirable. One day it dawned on me, I have always loved looking up at the stars. The Lady Writers League. The Ultimate Guide to Google Docs for Writers (+ workflow video & PDF checklist) PIN TO READ LATER I’ve been learning so many new Google Docs features as I work on The Story Challenge, that I felt I had to document them and share them with my fellow writers!

The Ultimate Guide to Google Docs for Writers (+ workflow video & PDF checklist)

I’ve created a detailed workflow which you can download at the end of this post and use as the basis of your own experimentation. I think you’ll still be surprised by some of GD’s secret features. Let me know if you’d like me to hold a hangout where I walk you through my workflow. I’d be happy to oblige. You can now watch the workshop below! Library of Resources. Welcome to the Library of Resources Enjoy using the free worksheets, workbooks, templates, and ebooks below to organize your novel,develop your characters and story world, and rock your novel style.

Library of Resources

Free Printables for Writing Your Novel. Are you interested in writing a novel but you don’t want to start?

Free Printables for Writing Your Novel

Do you learn by doing? Do you want easy-to-use worksheets to help novel writing made sense? I’ve pulled together a ton of FREE Printables for you. A few are mine, but most of them are awesome resources that I’ve found around the Internet. Ink and Quills - tips and tools to tell your story. The Write Practice. How to Break Up Your Novel into Definable Sections. Snowflake method template for Scrivener 2.x. Novel Plotting Worksheet. Want to help support the author? There are hundreds, possibly thousands of articles on novel plotting on the web. There are a few plotting worksheets, with spaces and questions for you to fill in your own work – some of them are good. But I couldn’t find what I wanted, so I decided to make it and share it with you all.

The “Plotting Worksheet” is for writers who have scattered ideas (maybe a conflict + its resolution) that need to be worked into a basic plot structure. It is 1 page, bare bones, easy to view at a glance. The “Plotting Worksheet with Prompts” is the same thing with questions to prompt your answers, in case some of the steps confuse you or you are familiar with different terminology, etc. Resources for Writers. ANDREW BUTCHER - Home. MasterClass Online Classes. Resources for Writers. These are some of my favorite writing resources or things I have learned along my writing journey that I wanted to share. Critters Writers Workshop. Network speeding up I'm switching the connection over to a new, shiny 10X faster network because of all the load. There might be bits of downtime as your boxes learn new addresses and things.

Should be brief. International Thriller Writers – Sisters in Crime. Sisters in Crime. Resources » Inkpunks. “As to the adjective, when in doubt, strike it out.” ~Mark Twain We plan to continually grow our list of resources. Please continue to check back for the newest updates. Sites of Interest Absolute Writer Water Cooler The writers on this forum are extremely friendly and helpful. How To Self-Publish A Book. Ebook Selling And Marketing Tips. Book Editors & Book Editing - - Novel Writing, Screenwriting and Storytelling Tips & Fundamentals. Thestoryshop. 0926 fff. Book Design Gallery. Mythcreants – Fantasy & Science Fiction for Storytellers. Troll-river-pub-blog. Official Website of Jami Gold, Paranormal Author.

Better Novel Project. Blots & Plots:The Ultimate Self-Publishing Resource Guide - Blots & Plots. Novel Writing Advice for Creatives and Daydreamers. Paul Samael - Self-publishing. Paul Samael - Home. 3 Tools to Help Part Time Writers Work Smarter, Stay Focused and Track Progress — Fiction Notes. Self Publish, Print-on-demand, Read books online - CompletelyNovel. Writing Historical Nonfiction with Kelly Mathews. Today I’m interviewing Kelly Mathews, a nonfiction writer with The History Press. Kelly is the manager of Community Recreation, a summer camp and outdoor education center at Seneca College, King Campus, home of Eaton Hall. Her writings have been published by New York Media Works, Readers’ Digest Canada via: Best Health Magazine and Our Canada magazine work. Kelly has recently published her first book, and I thought it would be a great opportunity for nonfiction writers to get a feel for the process and how it differs from publishing fiction.

Insights, inspiration, and practical advice for writers. Writing Advice Archives. Novel writing classes with Erica Orloff. Are you ready to finally write your novel?