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Register Your Work: Registration Portal. Registration Options During the COVID-19 Pandemic For information related to the Copyright Office’s operations during the COVID-19 health situation, answers to frequently asked questions, and a list of expanded electronic filing options, visit our coronavirus website.

Register Your Work: Registration Portal

Group Registration for Works on an Album of Music (GRAM) The Copyright Office has implemented a new group registration option for musical works that are published on the same album. Read more. Your 6 Month Trail Guide to Write the Right Book. DIY Book Cover Templates. Quickstart Guide Here’s a guide to using the templates, and making your own cover in MS Word from scratch.

DIY Book Cover Templates

(If you want to get the files to follow along with that guide, they are here.) Cheat Sheet Short answers for everything you're trying to do, including swapping pictures, adding gradients and text effects, spacing fonts, working with layers, adding shadows and color washes, and saving your cover. 80 Fiction Cover Templates (Round One) Resources for Writers.

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180 Emotionally Powerful Words To Use In Headlines. 180 Emotionally Powerful Words To Use In Headlines. How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish a Book? Last updated: 07/27/2018 The cost of self-publishing is almost always the first thing that authors consider when weighing up the pros and cons of putting their own book out.

How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish a Book?

And so it should be: projecting and managing costs is an integral part of starting any business — which is exactly what you’ll be doing when you enter the exciting world of indie publishing. For this brand new post, we’ve crunched over 10,000 quotes sent by professional editors and designers on Reedsy. By analyzing them, we are able to identify how much authors can expect to spend on self-publishing a professional-grade book. And with the help of some insider knowledge, you will also learn how to reduce the cost of self-publishing by almost 50% without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

Book Printing Options. BookWright: Powerful book publishing software.


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Professionals struggle to make a living and amateurs struggle to express themselves. To make it, every writer needs an edge, and that’s why created the Writer’s Survival Kit. Use the menu to the left to access all your bonus items including complete downloadable books on writing from Storymind Press, hundreds of articles on all aspects of story structure and storytelling, hours of streaming video programs , downloadable audio programs in mp3, charts and reference guides, accessories, and software utilities to enhance your writing endeavors. Please feel free to share this web site with your friends.

Our whole mission at is to help writers and to (hopefully) make a little money on the side to keep the wheels turning. We’ve been doing this for more than twenty years for 15,000 customers and with more than a quarter million web site visitors each year. At we create some of the most useful tools for creativity and productivity. Wolfpack: A Profitable Partnership Between Writer and Publisher. The Wolfpack Publishing Team - Wolfpack Publishing. Wolfpack Publishing originally started as a digital back list publisher, specializing in western fiction.

The Wolfpack Publishing Team - Wolfpack Publishing

Thanks to our dedicated team Wolfpack Publishing has matured into a hybrid publisher, utilizing print on demand for our paperback books and introducing as many new releases as back list titles and in multiple genres. Our management team is top shelf and works closely with our diverse resource of editing, copy editing, and art consultants. In addition to the production side, Wolfpack prides itself in our marketing, we utilize vendors from as far away as India and the Philippines.

Search - Author's Atlas. Search for a Publishing Freelancer or Provider Who will you find on Author's Atlas?

Search - Author's Atlas

Footer Quick Links Left Footer Quick Links Right Socials Invite a Friend Contact Register Now Copyright and Logo © Copyright 2014, Author Rx, LLC. Sign In Lost Password? Join now! View Map See a Mistake? Claim profile Send us a message to claim your profile. Invite Firend Hi! Invite Friend Hi! $25 ISBN's - Brain to Books.

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How To Use Keywords To Sell More Kindle Ebooks. Amazon is in fact a big retail search engine, so when potential book buyers start looking for a new book to read, they very often begin by searching.

How To Use Keywords To Sell More Kindle Ebooks

Therefore, you want your book to appear when people use a search term associated with your book. This will only happen though, if you have researched and selected the right keywords. Where do you start? Firstly, let’s go back one step. The two categories (genres) you have chosen are crucial, and need to be as narrowly focused as possible. Once that is done, it’s time to add your seven keywords or keyword phrases. Draft2Digital. Kobo Writing Life: Publish Your eBook with Ease. 10 Kindle Mistakes To Avoid as a New Author. EmailShare 83EmailShare Over the last two years one of the biggest trends I’ve seen, is people having success self-publishing books on Kindle.

10 Kindle Mistakes To Avoid as a New Author

I have friends that are making 5 figures monthly, by building their small publishing empire.