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5 Tips for Writing Dramatic Scenes in a Novel. A novel is, essentially, a string of scenes that, when read in order, make up a story.

5 Tips for Writing Dramatic Scenes in a Novel

There is no need for every single scene to be dramatic, but most of them should. Resisting Attraction: Body Language Cheat Sheets For Him & Her - Angela Ackerman. Don’t you just love when Angela Ackerman visits with us here at RU?

Resisting Attraction: Body Language Cheat Sheets For Him & Her - Angela Ackerman

I sure do, I learn a LOT! Wait til you read through these cheat sheets – you’ll love ’em! Emotion is the heart of any story, and there is no genre truer of this than romance. Readers look forward to a romantically-tense roller coaster ride (how’s that for alliteration?) That will feel both authentic and satisfying as characters are drawn together. 7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding. 10 Kindle Mistakes To Avoid as a New Author. EmailShare 83EmailShare Over the last two years one of the biggest trends I’ve seen, is people having success self-publishing books on Kindle.

10 Kindle Mistakes To Avoid as a New Author

I have friends that are making 5 figures monthly, by building their small publishing empire. Matthewdunnbooks. Three years ago, I was an unpublished thriller author.


Since then, I’ve written three internationally published spy novels and I am hard at work on two more. Experience is the greatest teacher, and during my brief writing career I’ve learnt a huge amount about the craft of putting together a novel. I’m still learning and will never stop learning. If you, like me, have always dreamed of writing thrillers for a living, I do have some hard earned insights that perhaps can give you a step up before you put pen to paper for the first time.

There are many, but here are ten tips to get started. 1. If you choose to set your story at a point in history, then your book won’t age for obvious reasons. 2. Having a complicated, intellectually engaging, nuanced, layered, and twisty turny plot is great and should be what you’re aiming for. 3. It’s said that Alfred Hitchcock had an exact mental picture of every frame of his movies before his cameras rolled. 4. Logic is king in thrillers. World's Best-Selling Author James Patterson On How To Write An Unputdownable Story.

They call it beach reading--the kind of ultra-accessible mass market paperback that nestles inside canvas bags all summer long.

World's Best-Selling Author James Patterson On How To Write An Unputdownable Story

(And on airplanes year-round.) Considering how addictive James Patterson's books are known to be, and their inescapable popularity, the wildly prolific author is probably directly responsible for more sunburns than incidents of non-waterproof sunscreen. Patterson recently earned the distinction of being the best-selling author since 2001. Just to be clear, one of the author's books wasn't merely declared "the #1 bestseller," a blurb that pops up on front covers regularly. Swords and sorcery… sometimes in the same story. How to use two powerful tools to collaborate on writing projects. Scrivener and Draft work great together.

How to use two powerful tools to collaborate on writing projects

These days you can easily share data and collaborate on almost anything, from Rdio playlists to photo streams. But when it comes to plain old written text, your options are terrible. You’re pretty much caught between working on a shared file in Google Docs or shuttling versions of your work back and forth via email. Add more than one collaborator and this becomes a total nightmare.

Thankfully, tools exist to smooth the process of collaborating on writing projects. Better still, because Draft can sync with a document in Dropbox (as well as several other cloud services), you can sync the edits from your beta team with a local app, like Scrivener. Scrivener Scrivener is an amazing app for writers.

You can even view each chapter/scene as a card on a virtual corkboard, complete with color-coded labels and summaries. Draft. The Organized Writer. Because organization is just a framework for creativity.

The Organized Writer

About These Documents Helpful charts, templates, and worksheets to keep any writer organized from creation through publication! Free for anyone who wants to use them. More documents are added periodically, so please check back soon. Requests? About The Author Hi! About Donations I offer these documents for free, but if you’ve found them useful and can give a small amount to support the author, donations are much appreciated! Donations are accepted through PayPal, which means your transaction will always be safe and secure. About Copyright and Sharing All documents are © Annie Neugebauer. I love to have my resources shared, but website traffic and the occasional donation are all I get out of providing these, so please don’t take my documents and post them on your own website.

Agent Query Prep-work Chart Getting ready to query agents? Chapter & Novel Lengths. Just how long should a chapter be?

Chapter & Novel Lengths

What’s the best length? And does a novel have to fit into a set amount of words? These are just two of the most common questions asked by writers. They assume they have to work to a strict template of X amount of words and X amount of chapters, usually because most novels have around 30 or 40 chapters and around 80,000 words. Novel Lengths. Free MindManager Template for Planning A Book.