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Rethinking Book Cover Design : The World's Greatest Book. Book cover de­sign tells the story of the story.

Rethinking Book Cover Design : The World's Greatest Book

It must con­vey the spirit and in­ten­tions of the au­thor au­then­ti­cally, and it also has a few prac­ti­cal chores to per­form. If a book cover de­sign is to ac­com­plish these things in a world of pub­lish­ing “cli­mate change,” old ap­proaches must be both em­braced and ques­tioned. Books are mar­keted in ways that au­thors and pub­lish­ers could never have imag­ined only a few short decades ago; a new ap­proach is needed. At the same time, a study of the his­tory of print­ing and de­sign af­fords pow­er­ful op­por­tu­ni­ties to com­mu­ni­cate in fresh new ways. The no­tion that a book will be found in a book­store, picked up, and pe­rused is sadly ob­so­lete, es­pe­cially as it re­lates to indie pub­lish­ers. It makes sense to re­think cover de­sign. Every great writer has in­flu­ences. 10 Scenes for the Mentor Character in your Novel. 8 Self-Publishing Secrets For Designing An eBook Cover. A good ebook cover is a visual, strategic and emotional glance into the contents of your writing.

8 Self-Publishing Secrets For Designing An eBook Cover

But if you decide to design your own ebook cover, there are some important things you need to take into consideration. This isn’t just a topic of vanity and of having a “professional looking cover”, though. It’s a truly important part of your self-publishing journey. A micro-second glance at your cover may be the only opportunity you have to persuade a potential reader to find out more. Moreover, there’s no arguing with the fact that books are judged by their covers. Book Promotion and Book Covers - Bookarma Blog. A great book cover is one of the most important parts of book promotion!

Book Promotion and Book Covers - Bookarma Blog

Guest Post by Chris Robley, BookBaby Book promotion is a high priority, but have you ever thought about how your book cover might be hindering you? Think about the way you scroll through your social media feeds, or surf cable TV channels, or breeze through the aisles of a bookstore; you’re inundated with information and entertainment options — so if something doesn’t grab you within a few seconds, you’re probably going to move on to something else, right?

Beautiful cover on Bookarma Most people will give your book the same treatment. If the outside of your book is shoddily designed or ugly, why would someone want to read what’s inside? Of course, when someone actually opens the book, your words are all that matter. As Christiana Miller says in the Huffington Post: A book cover is an invitation — a way of seducing the reader. That all makes sense. 1. 2. 3. OK, let’s review Back to book promotion. Bookarma in the News. FREE online 3D book cover generator. I make 3D product mockups for my all clients, but I wanted to offer something valuable for other indie authors and self-publishers as well.

FREE online 3D book cover generator

So I’ve developed a free online tool for you to easily generate your own 3D book mockups to use in your online book promotion and marketing. All you need is your cover image, and something for the spine. (If you only have the cover, you can just use the over for all sides and it will look OK – otherwise just choose an angle that doesn’t show the spine or book). After choosing your files, hit “Create 3D-book”, then use the mouse to rotate the book until it’s at an angle you like and save it as a PNG, JPG or GIF. Creative Book Cover Design: Fees and Services. Sorry, I’m not accepting new clients right now.

Creative Book Cover Design: Fees and Services

I just put 4 books up for pre-sale on Kindle, so I’m going to spend the rest of this year writing books and working on my PhD Thesis. If you’ve already ordered (or have already been speaking with me about your book) don’t worry, I’ll keep working on all open projects and get them finished asap. I’ll also still be building new resources, videos and tools to help you publish. If I have time for a few orders this fall, I’ll email my list first, so make sure you sign up (you’ll get some free books too).

Check out my Author Resources Page for other cover designers I recommend. Don’t know what you need? THE DALI ebook cover: lots of brainstorming, extended Photoshop, tediously cutting and blending pictures together to make a really unique cover design, and up to 5 images (i.e. a background, foreground and three characters). THE DAVINCI full print cover: includes the spine and back. I keep my prices as low as I can for the value that I offer 1. 2. 22 Mind-Blowing Book Designs by Iacopo Bruno. Articles October 5, 2014 Well-formed typography, Tim Burton-ish illustrations, intricate details, and a touch of steampunk.

22 Mind-Blowing Book Designs by Iacopo Bruno

These are the things that embellish this collection of amazing book designs. I personally picked up my copy of Unnatural Creatures for two main reasons: its stunning book cover and because it contains stories selected by master storyteller himself, Neil Gaiman. Turning over the book, I found that the cover was crafted by Iacopo Bruno of DOT, a graphic design studio based in Milan that specializes in editorial and book design, illustration, typography, and text editing. The Book Cover Archive.

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