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The Seven Best One-Day Hikes Near Auckland - Concrete Playground. An inherent characteristic of our Kiwi DNA, escaping the city and ambling far from the beaten path is one of the few simple pleasures which transcends generations, proclivities and social status.

The Seven Best One-Day Hikes Near Auckland - Concrete Playground

Fortunate to live surrounded by an abundance of breathtaking walking tracks, here are our walking picks for the limited time span and for every occasion — whether you're with Mum, Grandad or your best buddies. Auckland Council Loop: 1.5 hours approximately Escape from Auckland and head north some 45 minutes toward the leafy, coastal surrounds of Wenderholm Regional Park. Nestled between the inlets of the Waiwera and Puhoi Rivers, the park offers sprawling grass for picnics, plenty of trees to climb, a beautiful white sandy beach and best of all, a lovely loop track suitable for all ages. Splore Loop: Two hours approximately Department of Conservation One way: Four hours approximately Expert Tip: Everything's better when you take the time to enjoy it. Russell Street via Flickr.


Native frogs — Science Learning Hub. 29 Incredible Nature Documentaries for Kids. My kids love animals and enjoy watching nature documentaries– especially when they feature animals!

29 Incredible Nature Documentaries for Kids

I started making a list of favorites, and gathering suggested titles of nature documentaries from my friends. Although these titles have all been recommended for kids, remember that with nature documentaries, it’s real life: children (or their parents) may be disturbed by some images of predators hunting, catching, and eating their prey, the occasional mating scene, or birth scene. It’s best for parents to view with their children (or preview beforehand) so we can either fast forward through the scary scenes or be available to answer their questions.

Here are 29 nature documentaries for kids that are educational and inspiring, and will teach you about life on Earth with phenomenal cinematography and fascinating . This post contains affiliate links. 1. 2. This is a Disneynature documentary that is narrated by Samuel L Jackson. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. John Muir Laws, Author at John Muir Laws. So you want to keep a nature journal and try your hand at field sketching but have not picked up a pencil since elementary school?

John Muir Laws, Author at John Muir Laws

This workshop is geared for the raw beginner who is terrified of sketching and is convinced … Continue reading Please share if you like it! Ave you always wanted to keep a nature journal or are you looking for ways to make your nature journaling a richer experience? In this workshop we will explore fundamental principles to jumpstart and extend your journaling practice.

You will … Continue reading rawing a foreshortened object is not easy. Learn how to draw and sketch fish and sharks in dynamic poses, breaking the mold of the static scientific illustration. Ow can you sketch the songbirds you discover along the trail or on your feeder at home? Ucks and other waterfowl are extremely cooperative subjects. Rout are beautiful and hearty fish. Drawing shorebirds will train your eye to capture the subtlety and nuance of shape and the contrast of size. John Muir Laws, Author at John Muir Laws. Clouds Poster. Photographer Mom Documents Her Kids’ Childhood Without Electronic Devices. Niki Boon began taking photos as a hobby while she was working as a physiotherapist in Scotland.

Photographer Mom Documents Her Kids’ Childhood Without Electronic Devices

However, the New Zealand native found her interest in the art waning while she travelled, and it wasn’t until she had returned home and started raising a family that her passion was rekindled. “Childhood in the Raw,” an ongoing photo series of her four children’s technology-free life on her 10-acre property in New Zealand, is the perennial fruit of this passion. Boon makes a gift of the photos to each child on his or her birthday. “There is a bit of work involved when living on land for sure,” Boon told Bored Panda when we asked her if she experienced any hardships living in the countryside. “..and we have animals to tend to. If you like Boon’s work, you might also enjoy this similar series by Izabela Urbaniak. More info: | Facebook | Instagram | 500px (h/t: mymodernmet, NatGeo) “My children are unschooled and live without TV or modern electronic devices”

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