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Project Based Learning

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Boards by Janice L A. - Google Apps For Project-Based Learning. PBL and Global Inquiry. Apps for CBL||Challenge Based Learning. Fund for Teachers. Expeditionary Learning | Engaging Students, Transforming Schools. Professional Development: HTH Graduate School of Education. Learn about innovative practices in our k-12 schools and graduate school of education through a variety of professional development offerings including Residencies and Institutes and Workshops, a MOOC course on Deeper Learning as well as our UnBoxed Journal & Speaker Series. Our intensive professional development enables practitioners, school leaders, community partners, and small school advocates to learn about our principles and practices and to network with colleagues. We are also currently accepting applications for Leading Schools Program, a one-year hybrid program designed to support teams of educators from around the world in transforming their schools, and our Master's Programs in Teacher Leadership and School Leadership.

Residencies and Institutes are embedded in our K-12 schools and facilitated by HTH students, teachers and school leaders, as well as faculty from the graduate school of education. FALL RESIDENCY - Project Based Learning [Sample Agenda] [Sample Agenda] Project Based Learning | BIE. PBL World | Napa, California - June 23-27, 2014 | BIE. The Project Approach. PBL. Inquiry Learning. How to Reinvent Project Based Learning to Be More Meaningful Project-based learning continues to be misinterpreted as a single teaching strategy rather than as a set of design principles that allow us to introduce the philosophy of inquiry into education in an intelligent and grounded way.

It’s time to not only address the flaws in PBL, but to reinvent it in a way that leads to deeper learning, creative inquiry, and a better fit with a collaborative world in which doing and knowing are one thing. Continue Reading Do You have the Personality To Be an Inquiry-Based Teacher? If an inquiry-based system is to succeed, we’ll need really good human beings in the classroom who know their field, but who also radiate the kind of positive, non-judgmental love that helps students open their minds and hearts. Continue Reading The Inquiry Process, Step By Step Created by educators in Australia, this diagram can be a helpful resource for students, as they embark on the inquiry learning process.

How to Reinvent Project Based Learning to Be More Meaningful. By Thom Markham This is a crucial time for education. Every system in every country is in the process of figuring out how to reboot education to teach skills, application, and attitude in addition to recall and understanding. Helping students be able to grapple with increased problem solving and inquiry, be better critical and creative thinkers, show greater independence and engagement, and exhibit skills as presenters and collaborators is the challenge of the moment. That’s why so many educators are using the project based learning (PBL) model. PBL has proven to be a means for setting up the kind of problem-solving challenges that engage students in deeper learning and critical inquiry.

However, it’s also time to reboot PBL. If PBL is to become a powerful, accepted model of instruction in the future, a vocabulary change may be in order — preferably to the term project based inquiry. 1. First, think skills. Think strategically. Use PBL for entrepreneurial inquiry. 2. Let go of theory. We Don't Like "Projects". So I recently quit my job and started my own school with the support of a local media company, the second largest school district in Iowa, and a groundswell of community interest. Our philosophy boils down to a fairly liberal project-based learning environment. As I began the marketing push to enroll students, I uncovered some frankly stunning assumptions that many students have about learning: The word "project" is not a happy word. When I say project-based learning, most students grimace as they imagine prescribed PowerPoints.If a teacher doesn't plan it, it's not learning.If there isn't a test, it wasn't real.Their personal interests cannot inform their learning.

Learning is sterile, and the actual usage of the word "learning," to them, is quite different from what a professional might consider learning. I'm not complaining -- in fact, these assumptions are the reason that I struck out on my own in the first place -- but I was flat-out surprised by their ubiquity. 1. 2. 3. 4.

8 Essentials for Project-Based Learning | FreeBIEs | Tools. Project Based Learning | BIE. Project Libraries | Online Resources. Project-Based Learning: Success Start to Finish. Writing is Immortality - Integrating Educational Tech? Every Teacher Should Try These (FREE) Web Presentation Programs. Jun 22 2011 Jessica Piper Well, my school year ended a few Fridays ago and summer school started the next Monday, ((I know…**sigh**)), but something unbelievable happened–I had a GREAT time!

My summer school assignment this year? Technology…wooohoo=-) In my district, summer school serves as enrichment and not re-teaching. I taught basic 2.0 based programs that I will use again come fall. I also decided that I would stick to visual presentations that the students could create…I didn’t want to bog them down with search tools just yet. Young Woman Blogging, after Marie-Denise Villers by Mike Licht I had incoming 8th graders in rotating classes (teaching 8 days of tech to two classes for a total of 16 days)–this is what I planned for each day: Happy Teaching!

Search. Search. Project-Based Learning. Ten Takeaway Tips for Replicating Project-Based Learning. How you can get started today. Five middle schools and one high school in the Whitfield County, Georgia school district are in their second year of a transition to project-based learning. Their model is High Tech High, a San Diego charter school renowned for its hands-on student projects that have real-world impact.

Whitfield educators have taken big risks, tried things that failed, and then improved their work based on those mistakes. They're still learning. Here are some key lessons from Whitfield County -- often learned the hard way -- on how to tackle the challenges of replicating a model PBL school. 1. Any process of change -- not to mention project-based learning itself -- requires teamwork and learning from one another. 2. It requires courage and a willingness to take risks and experiment to try anything new. 3. Engaging, hands-on projects often don't fit neatly into a 50-minute class period. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Twenty Ideas for Engaging Projects. The start of the school year offers an ideal time to introduce students to project-based learning. By starting with engaging projects, you'll grab their interest while establishing a solid foundation of important skills, such as knowing how to conduct research, engage experts, and collaborate with peers.

In honor of Edutopia's 20th anniversary, here are 20 project ideas to get learning off to a good start. 1. Flat Stanley Refresh: Flat Stanley literacy projects are perennial favorites for inspiring students to communicate and connect, often across great distances. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Please tell us about the projects you are planning for this school year. Classroom Guide: Top Ten Tips for Assessing Project-Based Learning. Facebook Edutopia on Facebook Twitter Edutopia on Twitter Google+ Pinterest Edutopia on Pinterest WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation What's Inside the PDF?

Keep It Real with Authentic Products Don’t Overlook Soft Skills Learn from Big Thinkers Use Formative Strategies to Keep Projects on Track Gather Feedback -- Fast Focus on Teamwork Track Progress with Digital Tools Grow Your Audience Do-It-Yourself Professional Development Assess Better Together BONUS TIP: How to Assemble Your PBL Tool Kit. An Introduction to Project-Based Learning.