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Home. HandsWeb - Creating WebSites on Ipad. DocScan HD: iPad Document Scanner. Tap Forms - iPhone Mobile Database App. Download PDF Reader, Install PDF Reader, PDF Reader for iPhone, iPad. Viewing, browsing and editing PDFs is simpler with options like zoom in / zoom out, book content search, highlighted searched text, etc.

Download PDF Reader, Install PDF Reader, PDF Reader for iPhone, iPad

PDFPro also provides a phenomenal feature of personalizing a PDF by adding signature. PDFPro enables us to import/export PDFs from local disk and/or from Dropbox account. Its handy toolbar offers a host of editing tools such as pencil, shapes, highlight, eraser, bookmark, and more which provide flexible options while editing. It is also possible to save a PDF with the added/edited notes and share the same file via email. Additional options like Wi-Fi transfer and Wi-Fi print are available that offer more flexibility.

Organize PDFs accurately in place under specific categories for easy browsing through PDFPro. Left Coast Logic. Each of our SmartApps manages tasks in different ways.

Left Coast Logic

Check out the comparison list of key features, below. For more detail, check out the individual product pages, check out the videos, or visit our Forum to see what others are saying. SmartCal is an intelligent calendar and planner for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Plan and organize in three handy views: Calendar View integrates tasks directly into the free space between your appointments and has a handy pull-down “mini month” for easy planning; Task View shows which tasks fit into each day for the entire week, with easy filters and drag/drop prioritizing; Projects View shows your tasks by project category.

Official Mind Mapping software by Tony Buzan. OmniGraffle for Mac. Owen Mathews - iTakeNotice Quick Start. Preliminaries Thank you for downloading iTakeNotice!

Owen Mathews - iTakeNotice Quick Start

At first launch, iTakeNotice will ask you to choose how you'll use the app. There are a few templates to choose from; don't worry if none of them seem to apply to you, since the differences are only in nomenclature. Below is a table that shows how your choice affects your use of the program: For the rest of this Quick Start document, I'll be referring to them with the default names of Person, Context and Event, but remember that they simply correspond to the icons you see above, and so you might have to think "Student" or "Athlete" when you read "Person. " Once you've made your selection, you'll start out at the Context screen: Contexts are an integral part of iTakeNotice. Click the + button to add a context. MySportsApp. iPad.

KaDonk iPad Products For the first time, you can now open and view Microsoft Project files on your mobile device.


KaDonk has developed iLiveProject Viewer and iLiveProject Team for the iPad platforms. Both are fully integrated solutions that allows you to open project files from e-mail or document management applications like DropBox. iLiveProject Viewer HD iLiveProject lets you browse tasks and resources with the familiar color coding that made LiveProject so popular. iLiveProject Team HD iLiveProject Team differs from iLiveProject Viewer in that it also allows access to shared documents stored on existing LiveProject accounts. Welcome to Ginger Labs. HomeMark It! These step-by-step instructions show you how to add a bookmark that uses the current page in Safari for a new bookmark in HomeMarks.

HomeMark It!

Tap the add button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, then select Add Bookmark. Take note of the name and bookmarks folder and then tap Save. Tap the Bookmarks button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Navigate through your bookmarks until you locate HomeMark It! In the list. Type on PDF iOS app demo.

iPad 2 - Je familie en vrienden zien terwijl je met ze praat. Evernote Corporation. MotionX-GPS HD Videos. iPocket Draw. MotionX News » MotionX-GPS. Eva Twardokens, MotionX-GPS Spokesperson and Olympic Skier, Inducted into U.S.

MotionX News » MotionX-GPS

Ski and Snowboarding Hall of Fame SANTA CRUZ, CA–(Marketwire – Nov 15, 2011) – MotionX® is excited to announced and congratulate its spokesperson and Olympic skier Eva Twardokens as she is inducted into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. The U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Hall of Fame inducted eight skiing greats to its Class of 2011 Hall of Fame — headlined by 1985 World Championship bronze medalist Eva Twardokens and 2002 Olympic silver medalist Joe Pack. GPS Kit & GPS Kit HD: The ultimate apps for getting outdoors.

Top-of-the-line GPS system for adventurers and professionals in the great outdoors!

GPS Kit & GPS Kit HD: The ultimate apps for getting outdoors

GPS Kit is a full-featured GPS system for the iPhone that combines all the functionality of expensive handheld units with the power of wireless technology. Using advanced technology optimized for the iPhone, GPS Kit offers a superbly easy-to-use system that puts data from a wide range of sensors at your fingertips. Designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, camping, skiing, cycling, geocaching, mountain biking, motorcycling, off-roading, fishing, and other romping in or out of the backcountry--anywhere in the world.

"This absolutely crushes every other GPS app on the market. " Air Sketch for the iPad by qrayon. Features: View more Air Sketch Tips and Tricks, and also check out the FAQs.

Air Sketch for the iPad by qrayon

People Love Air Sketch We work hard to build 5-star Apps, and are very grateful for all our 5 star reviews. Just a few: ★★★★★ Single Most Useful iPad App. ★★★★★ Perfect for the Modern Professor. ★★★★★ Wow. Read more reviews in iTunes. Stickyboard 2 for the iPad by qrayon. Stickyboard for the iPad by qrayon. CarbonFin - Outliner for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. iPad Notes by MagicalPad – Freeform iPad Notes, Outlines and Checklists. Notability - Unleash Your Note Taking Ability. Sugarsync. Home - Elevenworks. Home Page. UPAD - writing. YouTube. Puffin webbrowser flash. Collect ideas.