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Whitney Sews. My Tutorials. The story behind the stitches. Exploring the world of couture sewing. Couture et Tricot, tany sews and knits, sewing tips, sewing tutorials, dicas de costura, passo-a-passo costura, tutoriel couture, paso a paso coser. Sewing clothes and other cute things. Blog couture d'une petite parisienne. Pendrell Sew-Along #14: Attaching Bias Binding to the Neckline. Hello Sew-Alongers!

Pendrell Sew-Along #14: Attaching Bias Binding to the Neckline

Today, we’re going to attach bias binding to the neckline. Sounds tricky, doesn’t it? This method of binding the neckline is the easiest method I’ve used, and it gives a nice, clean finish without fiddly edges to hem. Don’t fear the neck binding! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it all comes together. Need to get caught up on Sew-Along posts? You’ll need your neck binding piece (6) and the front-back-sleeve unit we finished up in the last post. How to add bias binding to our neckline: Take the neck binding piece, and fold it in half, right sides together. Now, sew the pinned seam, taking a 5/8″ (1.5cm) seam allowance. Trim seam allowances to 1/4″ and press the seam open.

(Yes, that’s my Cupcake Goddess seam roll! Next, take the loop of binding, and fold it in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Pin the loop edges together, matching notches and keeping the edges lined up. Now, we’re going to baste the raw edges together. Make sense? Rags to Couture. So I had this weird shapeless top/dress/long tank top(?)

Rags to Couture

In my closet. The only thing I liked about it was the color. I decided it was time for a remake! Not a fun top! I measured how long I wanted the remade top to be, I went for the cropped style, and cut off the bottom half. This is how it looked chopped off. Wearable, but still pretty boring. I took the bottom half and cut it up to make the fringes. Sew Over it blog. Hey welcome to the blog.

Sew Over it blog

Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network. The WSBN are a crafty group of fabulous ladies who live in (or near) Wellington, NZ and who love to sew and blog about it.

Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network

We are strictly a group of bloggers-who-sew because we think it makes us different to other sewing groups. We “know” each other better through our blogs and our in-real-life meets. Blogroll – Favorite places. S is for Sewing Sharing my love for sewing, fabric and handmade thrifts.

Blogroll – Favorite places

Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog. This year has been a whirlwind of plane rides and delightful trips.

Fluffyland Craft & Sewing Blog

I always feel bad leaving Lemontree at home alone, but there’s just so much world out there to be explored! I had been looking forward to this particular trip for what felt like forever. Marie, my incredibly talented blogging, sewing, knitting, and baking friend, scored an internship with BMW in Munich from March through August. When she first shared the news, she said, “if you happen to come to Germany this summer, you should come visit me in Munich.” Sew News. We love the Grainline Studio Portside Travel Set.

Sew News

And, Rhonda as usual does a stunning interpretation of it. You will see our cover here with the beautiful set. The set that she is making just for this sew along is equally gorgeous. The Grainline Studio Portside Travel Set is fun to make and one of those projects that will give the sewist a tremendous sense of accomplishment. As we talked about in our last post, fabric choices are almost limitless. Rather than jump right into the duffle bag, let’s start with the easiest project in the set, the pouch. Unless you are using a heavier weight material, I suggest interfacing the pattern pieces for the pouch. Goodbye Valentino. The subtle ombre effect of Julie’s skirt is achieved by 4 tonal shades in the same color family, or you may prefer to use contrasting colors, or even one shade for the entire skirt.

Goodbye Valentino

For a young girl’s skirt, polka dot or other patterned ribbon would be adorable. It’s your project… personalize it as you like!” 1. Your favorite straight skirt pattern (Julie used McCalls 3830) 2. 1 yard good quality pre washed cotton fabric for your skirt base (Julie recommends Kona cotton) 3. 4. 1 9” invisible zipper in a color to coordinate with your ribbon 5. 1 hook and eye 6. 1 package double fold seam binding for seam finishing, if desired 7. 1 ½” wide grosgrain ribbon. Julie’s skirt which is a finished length of 19” has 14 rows, not including the waistband. 12 Sewing Blogs that inspire me to sew + a few – Drama Queen Seams. Hey everyone, today I have a list of 12 sewing blogs that inspire me to sew more… This is so I can sew pretty things that make me or my home feel and look beautiful.

12 Sewing Blogs that inspire me to sew + a few – Drama Queen Seams

If you like to sew or want to learn how to sew these 12 blogs can help. Hope you take the time to look around. Kelly from Sewing in No Man’s land is simply amazing! Her sewing is so beautiful and her photography… Well, breathtaking! Karen over at Sew Many Ways has the most amazing craft and sewing room ever… Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom is always coming up with these super fabulous yet simple sewing projects. The Beginner’s Guide: Easy Skirt Patterns. As it’s “Skirts” month for our CSC Season of Separates monthly challenges, it seemed apropos to share some fast and easy beginner friendly skirt patterns.

The Beginner’s Guide: Easy Skirt Patterns

Best of the best: Sewing Bloggers! Sewing your own clothes isn’t just a fun and rewarding hobby. It helps to develop consciousness of the labour that goes into the things we wear and encourages us to appreciate quality rather than transient trendiness. It can also be good for the environment, especially if you’re careful with your fabric selection and make clothes to last. Many of us have experienced the pangs of longing that lifestyle blogs tend to inspire. The tousle-haired children! The green smoothies! For the curious wannabe, seasoned stitcher, or simple DIY voyeur, here are some of Otter’s favourite sewing blogs for you to peruse and enjoy.

Top 50 Blogs For Sewing Students. The need for people to connect with their ancestral roots, the need to work on something physical rather than virtual, and the currently down economic climate have all converged into a sort of “perfect storm” for the crafting arts. If you’re talking about making something that’s practical and wearable (not like this) then the grande dame of all the homemaking arts is sewing.

8 Amazing Sewing Blogs You Should Read - Sky Turtle. A podcast for the sewing, fashion and textile obsessed. Best sewing blogs 2015 - Madalynne - A Sewing Blog. In 2014, I hosted the first Sewing Blogs Awards as a way to highlight the incredible sewists who put so much time and effort into sharing what they make, and to provide a resource/list of current sewing blogs, bloggers and companies according to skill, personality and category all in one place. Even though we are all winners, these sewists get extra recognition.

Fashion Sewing Blogs: A Collection of the Best! View All Articles » Fashion sewing blogs are a great way to keep up with new releases from independent pattern companies, find inspiration, read pattern reviews, and learn new skills and tricks for such techniques as patternmaking and garment construction. Many bloggers also host sew-alongs, which are a great way to stay motivated to finish a project and get to know other bloggers and sewists. DIXIE DIY: Dixie is a sewist in Austin, Texas. She shares her recent creations from commercial and independent patterns. Dixie also frequently shares sewing tips; she did a series on Sewing with Knits. COLETTERIE: Written by the owner and designer of Colette Patterns, Sarai Mitnick, Coletterie is a treasure trove of information.

My Top Ten Sewing Blogs. The other night I was reading through my bloglovin' list...which had gotten quite full...and I found these two posts by Madalynne, Best Sewing Blogs 2014 - Part One and Part Two. It's an interesting list but what caught my attention was that she typed into Google the simplest key words for finding a sewing blog, "best sewing blogs. " From that exercise, Madalynne went on to email every blogger on her blog roll (over a hundred) to gather their lists of "the best of" categories she created. If you click on the links above you can see the final list.I went to bed that night but that list kept coming back to me because it's a wonderful list full of talented, young sewists.

It's the perfect list for the new sewist, the young and hip sewist, or the returning to sewing sewist but what if you are a more advanced sewist? Finished Quilted Skirt. Fabric Corner Bookmarks. Some friends living in South Korea tipped me off to a trend they’ve seen in stores: the corner bookmark. These slide-on bookmarks can be made from fabric or paper, and I’ve written a tutorial for the fabric version you see here. Back to School Easy Bookmark DIY - The Sewing Loft. DIY Fabric Bookmark {EASY} - Whitney Sews. Fabric Bookmark - How to sew a simple fabric bookmark. Fabric&Felt&Sewing. Sewing 101: Make bookmarks with fabric scraps - Craftaholic. Today I will try to convince you to take your sewing machine out of the box and try a very easy project. Sewing Bag, purses....Sacs, pochettes, trousses... on Pinterest.