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Fipronil Improving Farming, Improving Life. Great Opportunity For Eco Black Potassium Humate Fertilizer. Agro Products Manufacturer - Peptech Biosciences Ltd. Most important nutrition for your crop. Zinc Oxide 39.5% SC. Liquid Boron Fertilizer To Enhance Crop Production : Peptech biosciences. LIQUID BORON 11% w/w S.C. (15% w/v) Boron 11% is a liquid micronutrient fertilizer for the crops that has requirement for additional boron.

Liquid Boron Fertilizer To Enhance Crop Production : Peptech biosciences

Boron 11% is water soluble which gets easily assimilated & absorbed by crops by the foliar application. Foliar application of boron is useful to enhance the vine growth, number of fruits, fruit size and yield of many cucurbitaceous crops (vegetable crops). Its application stimulates the growth of cambium tissues and apical meristems, promotes the mobility of calcium and production of pollen and fertilization. Multiple Types Of Soil Bacteria. Bacteria are some of the smallest and most abundant microbes in the soil.

Multiple Types Of Soil Bacteria

In a single gram of soil, there can be billions of bacteria. There are an estimated 60,000 different bacteria species, most which have yet to be even named, and each has its own particular roles and capabilities. Soluble Sulphur with Calcium For Crops- Peptech Biosciences Ltd. Soluble Sulphur with Calcium is clear liquid with 6% Calcium and 10% Sulphur soluble.

Soluble Sulphur with Calcium For Crops- Peptech Biosciences Ltd.

It shows significant result in Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Soya & Maize. It can be applied by pin drip, spray, sprinkler, flood irrigation, surface broadcast, banded or watered in. It can be used as Liquid Gypsum to improve Calcium and Sulphur deficiencies. It reduces ammonia from urea. It is used as a fertilizer for the correction of calcium and sulphur deficiency as well as a soil amendment.

*This formulation is recognized by the American Association of Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO) as a nitrogen stabilizer. Calcium. Potassium Humate Powder For Your Crops. Enhances Wetting, Spreading and Penetration of Nutrients/ Agriculture Products. AgroChemical Manufacturer In India: Peptech Biosciences ltd. Zinc Oxide Organic Crop Nutritional Micronutrient & PGR. Soluble Silica With Potassium Download Technical Data.

Soluble Silica With Potassium (Potassium Salt of Silicic acid) is a source of highly soluble potassium and silicon ions.

Soluble Silica With Potassium Download Technical Data

Available in 100% Water Soluble Powder & Liquid form. 1% Soluble Silica with Potassium is more effective in potato, rice & sugarcane, every week during crop cycle and improve the impressive yield by 20-25%. Silica controls the diseases in Rice, Soyabean, and Sorghum by reducing the brown spot presence & also by managing rust disease. MYCORRHIZA, GRANULES Manufacturer & Supplier. MyCO PEP is an environment-friendly Phosphate solubilizing and nutrient mobilizing fungal product containing Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) named Ecto & Endo-Mycorrhizae.

MYCORRHIZA, GRANULES Manufacturer & Supplier

It defines the mutually beneficial relationship between the plant and root fungus. It also provides protection to the plants from disease causing organisms to the roots. Pseudomonas fluorescens. PRODUCT PROPERTIESActive Ingredient: Pseudomonas fluorescensFinished Product: Talcum based powdered formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescensCFU Count: NLT 1 x 108 cfu/gmFunctional Uses: Bio-fungicide Pseudomonas fluorescens protect crops from a number of soil borne / seed borne plant pathogens.It is specific to the plant pathogens and eco-friendly in nature.It induces resistance in crop plants also.It helps in controlling pathogenic nematodes present in the soil.It promotes plant growth by PGR activity.

Pseudomonas fluorescens

TARGET CROPS: Vegetable crops, Oilseeds, Cotton, Paddy, Maize, Rice, Pulses, Sugarcane, Ornamental crops Fruit crops. TARGET DISEASES: Highly effective to the plant pathogens like Fusarium spp, Verticillium spp., Phytopthora spp, Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Botrytis spp, Sclerotium spp., and Sclerotinia sp., Xanthomons sp.etc. Seed Treatment: Mix 20-25 gm formulation in 1 litre of water and applied specially tuber crops like Potato, Sweet potato etc. Assure Continous Supply of Liquid Boron for Your Crops by Peptech Biosciences. LIQUID BORON Manufacturer & Supplier. Exclusive Range Of Agro products like Trichoderma Harzianum for Root Development. Trichoderma Harzianum 1.0% w.p.

Exclusive Range Of Agro products like Trichoderma Harzianum for Root Development

(Tricho Pep-H) Trichoderma Harzianum CFU Count: 2 x 106 cfu / gramsBio Fungicide 1 Kg Box Packing Target Crops It has a wide range of activity and used in paddy, maize, rice, pulses, vegetable crops, oil seeds, cotton, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, tea, coffee and fruits crop etc. Mycorrhiza, Granules For All Crops : Peptech Biosciences. Best Plant fertilizer By Peptech Biosciences. Azotobacter Is Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria. Active Ingredient: AzotobacterFinished Product – Talcum based powdered formulation of Azotobacter.CFU Count – NLT 2 x 108 cfu/gmFunctional Uses – Bio-FertilizerSTD PACKING – 1.00 Kg Azotobacter is nitrogen fixing (20- 40 kg N/ha) bioinoculant suitable for all crops except legumes.Apart from nitrogen fixation, Azotobacter synthesize considerable amount of biologically active substances.

Azotobacter Is Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

These help the crop in better germination, early emergence and better root development.Stimulates growth and imparts stay green character to plants/crop, is a characteristic of a healthy plant/crop.

Peptech Biosciences Manufacturer And Exporter Of Agroproducts.

Amino Acid Supplements Manufacturing Company In India. Liquid Boron to control the insufficiency and deficiency of boron in the crops. Peptech Biosciences Ltd Leading Agro Chemical Like chlorpyriphos 20%e.c. Peptech Biosciences Ltd. PMFAI facilitated pioneer organization. Aminofert HN Best Biostimulants : Peptech Biosciences. Aminofert HN is a water soluble powder which is produced enzymatically from Non-GMO natural sources of protein.

Aminofert HN Best Biostimulants : Peptech Biosciences

A minimum of 13% nitrogen & carbohydrates & 80% of amino acid content are present in formulation. The entire package not only does easily assimilates but is very ideal for nitrogen deficient crops. It is slow releasing but completely soluble in water. Aminofert HN is a non-toxic, non-polluting, and natural nutrient. Recommended for organic agriculture use and as a chemical-free fertilizer perfect for environmental friendly practices.

Peptech Biosciences Ltd. Gibberellic Acid : Peptech Biosciences Ltd. GIBBERELLIC ACID (CIB & RC Approved ) Gibberellic Acid is a hormone extracted from plants and fungi being widely used as a plant growth regulator.

Gibberellic Acid : Peptech Biosciences Ltd

Gibberellic acid is a tetracyclic di-terpenoid hormone that regulates plant growth. Even though it is present in plants, it is produced at a very low rate. Plants with growth hormone deficiency have a slow or flat rate of growth. Overcoming Dormancy: Treatment of seeds/tubers before sowing with Gibberellic acid is effective in overcoming dormancy and causing rapid germination of seed. METHOD OF APPLICATION: Spray uniformly to plants/crop so as to cover crop canopy fully.

Peptech Biosciences Ltd Flagship Product Fungicides. Soluble Sulphur with Calcium Manufacturer & Supplier. Biopesticides in Hyderabad : Peptech Biosciences Ltd. Potassium humate liquid Plant Growth Promoter. Mycorrhiza Powder Manufactring Company : Peptech Biosciences. Potassium Humate (Eco Black) Benefits for Plants. Agricultural experts are touting the benefits of potassium humate Flacks (Eco Black) for growing plants to aide in increase in our food sources.

Many third world countries use this organic fertilizer compound to promote root growth and improve the surrounding soil of the crop structure. It is a highly dissolvable ingredient in its various forms such as a powder, granular, or crystal. Plants which are fed through the elements in the soil containing prescribed levels of humic acid with potassium are healthier, stronger, and produce a more abundant yield. Yielded crops from humate with a potassium content are free from crop diseases which in turn deters insects from destroying them. This natural compound can restore balance in weak soil areas wherever seedlings are planted. The chemical compound of these ingredients serves as a molecular exchange to increase the minerals and nutrients in any acidic soil environment. Bio-Fertilizers Manufacturer Peptech Biosciences. Peptech Biosciences Ltd. PMFAI facilitated pioneer organization.

Peptech Biosciences Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of plant growth regulators. Best Basmati Rice Cultivation Fertilizer By Peptechbio. Selection of Land/Farm: Smooth lands with good water retention capacity and 6.5 to 8.0 pH suitable for paddy cultivation. Paddy cultivation can also be successfully done on a light loam land with adequate irrigation.Selection of land for Nursery: – To prepare the nursery, the empty field after harvest of sugarcane or berseem will be an ideal choice. The land should be selected with suitable means of drainage, away from shade and adequate arrangement of irrigation. Weeds should be destroyed completely by running harrows and cultivator.Area and nutrients for the nursery: – For 1000 square meters, use 1000 kg of compost with 0.5 kg Trichoderma viride and 0.5 kg Pseudomonas fluorescens; or use 2-3 kg Zinc Sulphate for 1000 square meters. Apply 5 kg urea on the 10th day of the sowing.Farm preparation: – Prepare the farm by ploughing twice or thrice after the summer ploughing.

The surface of the farm should be equal. . * For Organic Treatment. Trichoderma Harzianum By Peptech Bioscience. Trichoderma Harzianum 1.0% w.p. (Tricho Pep-H) Trichoderma Harzianum CFU Count: 2 x 106 cfu / gramsBio Fungicide 1 Kg Box Packing Target Crops It has a wide range of activity and used in paddy, maize, rice, pulses, vegetable crops, oil seeds, cotton, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, tea, coffee and fruits crop etc. Target Pathogen It is highly effective to control the Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Fusarium spp., Sclerotinia spp.

Macrophomina, Cephalosporium sp., Sclerotium Rolfsii, Phytophthora sp, and Meloidogyne sp (root knotnematodes) Storage condition Store in a cool and dry place. Paclobutrazol Use For Mango Plants.