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Dexter.stanford. The Simulation Toolkit, part of the Simbios project. ASPP2016 [introductory_material] API & Docs. Untitled. Predictive analytics enables more effective monitoring and greater cost-efficiency for a healthier world.


The human side of big data. Predixion is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to apply our game changing Predictive Intelligence platform to provide solutions for the challenges in the healthcare industry. Our solutions help providers better understand and manage risk to their patients’ health while simultaneously improving the bottom-line for institutions and insurers alike. Healthcare Providers Whether your organization is taking steps to adopt an accountable care model or simply looking to satisfy CMS requirements and avoid reimbursement penalties, Predixion can help.

Healthcare Plans New government regulations are dramatically increasing the number of members participating in health plans. Predictive analytics infuse insight at the point-of-care to improve patient outcomes and overall population health management. ResearchKit. Addfor/tutorials. Touchware - Medical Division. Connecting things with intelligence. Fractal Mapper v8.0. "Powerful Mapping Made Easy!

Fractal Mapper v8.0

" With Fractal Mapper, creating worlds has never been so easy! Fractal Mapper is a high-powered mapping system that lets gamers create a wide variety of of maps - dungeons, continents, cities, and more! With it's easy to use interface, powerful features, and unique capabilities, making high quality maps with Fractal Mapper is a breeze! Also included is a free add-on program called Fractal World Explorer. With this program you can create and edit stunning 3d shaded relief maps. Key Features: Galaxy Charts. We are a growing, employee-owned, consulting firm specializing in data analysis and visualization, cost analysis, systems engineering, operations research, policy analysis, and training.

Galaxy Charts

We are engineers, economists, mathematicians and statisticians who strive to facilitate informed decision making and to ensure client success by providing trusted expertise, effective tools and realistic, defensible analyses. Our corporate environment is devoted to integrity, trust, teamwork, innovation and fun.

Convinced that there is a story in the data and “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we constantly experiment with improved forms of data visualization. One exciting and ground breaking outcome of these experiments is Galaxy Charts. Google. Illustrative NMR examples » SpinDynamica. Creating a 3D Image from a DepthMap. Introduction When we come to 3D images/videos we must know that a simple 3D image is created by two images from an object, but from different angles, one per eye.

Creating a 3D Image from a DepthMap

Then brain can use this difference and create a depth map for itself. This will give it an idea of the outer world, how objects are near or how they are far. But in this article, we don’t have two images. We only have one. Images are under copyright of And with this class, you can generate a 3D stereoscopic image from these two images. Samples There are two samples in the source code. But do not forget the Copyright. Using the code Using this class is simple. First you need to create a new instance of this class: _3DImageGenerator.c_3DGenerator gen = new _3DImageGenerator.c_3DGenerator(); Dim gen as New _3DImageGenerator.c_3DGenerator() Generate a stereoscopic picture and check if this process was completed successfully: bool success = gen.GenerateStereoscopic((Bitmap)i_image, (Bitmap)i_depth); Use the image or save it: How this works.

GeoCMS_Modulo_OpenData.pdf. SMART Platforms. 10 open source projects that are leading innovation. Think most tech innovation is driven by proprietary development?

10 open source projects that are leading innovation

Think again. Technology depends upon Innovation. Without boundary-pushing ideas, technology (and those who depend upon it) would get nowhere. Innovation also drives businesses and society. Many people assume that most innovation is derived from closed source software and developers. There are thousands upon thousands of open source projects that bring about innovation. 1: OpenNebula OpenNebula has a goal: to offer standards-compliant, virtualized enterprise data centers. 2: Ubuntu Unity Ubuntu Unity may not be everyone's desktop of choice, but there's no denying that it has seriously challenged the way users think about and use the desktop interface. 3: OpenClinica OpenClinica is the world's first open source clinical trial software for electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical data management (CDM).

MyWebsite, la prova della piattaforma per creare siti aziendali. Prezzo da 9,90 euro al mese iva esclusa Piattaforma: web app.

MyWebsite, la prova della piattaforma per creare siti aziendali

Nike+ Kinect Training per Xbox 360 più fitness che gaming. Londra - L’aeroporto di Linate non è proprio il posto dove vorresti essere alle sei e trenta di un freddo mattino di fine ottobre.

Nike+ Kinect Training per Xbox 360 più fitness che gaming

Cerco di confondermi, un po’ assonnato, tra i professionisti del volo quotidiano, gente che indossa giacca e cravatta come fosse una seconda pelle, mi metto in fila per il controllo e ostento indifferenza giochicchiando con il telefono. Sui social, gli insonni cronici si sono appena addormentati e gli altri ancora devono svegliarsi. Non trovo nessuno con cui condividere il disagio. Poco male, penso, tra un paio d’ore sarò a Londra dove mi aspetta la presentazione di Nike+ Kinect Training per Xbox 360. Detta così sembra un programma impegnativo, ed è probabile che lo sia. Devo dire la verità, non sono un grande appassionato di gaming, ma una buona parte del mio tempo libero la dedico al fitness: un po’ di palestra, qualche ora di nuoto e poi la corsa, la mia vera passione. GroupTie - Group Relational Management. Thoughts.


NextMags, la piattaforma per creare magazine. Five portable security apps you should carry on your USB drive. Open Data in Italia: che dati pubblici abbiamo in giro? Sequence Tree. Medical imaging. Programming.