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500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. Take online courses from the world's top universities for free. Below, you will find 1,500 online courses from universities like Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Oxford and more. You can use this collection of online courses to learn everything you want--from history, philosophy and literature, to physics, biology, psychology, and computer science. Note: This page includes a lot of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

If you want to enroll in a free version of a MOOC, please select the "Full Course, No Certificate" (edX) or "Audit" (Coursera) option. If you opt to take the course for a certificate/credential, you will be charged a fee, and we will receive a commission from our affiliate partners--Coursera, FutureLearn and edX. Humanities & Social Sciences Art & Art History Courses Italian Renaissance - Free Online Course - Dr. Classics Courses Communication Courses Economics & Finance Courses Bookmark our collection of free online courses in Economics. Education Courses Film Courses Food Courses. Free Online Courses at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford and More. I love taking classes. Love.

It. But some of the fees for courses are ridiculous. And sometimes you just want to take something for “fun”. Recently Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have become a growing trend in online education. What are MOOCs? MOOCs are designed like college courses but are available to anyone – any location – and the best part is that it is at NO COST. Check out these sites for more information: Coursera is one of the most well-known sites for online education. EdX is another non-profit course site created by founding partners Harvard and MIT and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT has their own open courseware site and most of the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT’s subjects are available on the Web, free of charge. Stanford also has online and open courses. European institutions also offer courses through Germany-based Iversity.

For those looking to learn a language Duolingo offers some free language education courses. Complete Listing. Here's a list of 15 EU edtech startups you should memorise. From free e-learning platforms that democratize higher education to online homework help communities, edtech startups of all stripes are popping up across the Europe and pushing the ecosystem to the next level. Even the European Commission has noticed developments in this area and is keen on tapping into the movement. In March this year, it announced intentions on creating a network of MOOC providers to promote web and app skill-learning in the region. ALSO READ: MOOCing history: Trinity College Dublin joins growing number of European institutions offering Massive Open Online Courses With entrepreneurial activity picking up in this space, we thought it’d be a good time to shine light on 15 European startups aiming to change the future of education (in no particular order): Headquarters: Galway, Ireland Gist: Founded in 2007 by serial entrepreneur Mike Feerick, ALISON (Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online) calls itself “The Original MOOC”. 2) FutureLearn Headquarters: London, UK.

Complete Guide to educational and special needs apps, complete list at One Place for Special Needs. Complete guide to educational and special needs apps With over 300,000 apps it's easy to become overwhelmed by the number of app choices. It's also easy to spend a small fortune on a lot of useless apps. As a special needs parent I wanted to get right to the "good stuff" and figured you did too. Check out our guide that breaks down the best of the apps by skill set so you can easily find and buy apps that most benefit your child.

Great for kids with autism, ADHD, apraxia, learning disability, sensory issues and more. Included are apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and some Android apps. Get started right now by clicking on a category. By Dawn Villarreal, One Place for Special Needs Android apps (all) Android does not have the nice interface of iTunes for viewing apps on the Internet as opposed to your device. Aphasia appsApps specific to those with aphasia Apraxia appsApps specific to those with Childhood Apraxia of Speech Articulation appsApps that focus on articulation. Other resources. How OpenCourseWare Has Changed Education. OpenCourseWare (OCW) has freed many educators and students from a commitment to traditional textbooks that are, for some subjects, obsolete moments after they appear on the shelves and are very expensive.

OCW materials are distributed via the Internet to whomever who wants to use them, supporting students and lifelong learners alike. Because they are electronic publications, it is easy to update them whenever there is a need and they are easy to share. The infographic below provides a short history of the movement and what’s happening within it today. One of the organizations cited on the infographic, MERLOT (the Mulitimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching), has a site that I recommend highly. I peer review for that site and can say that it offers many high-quality resources for teachers. Check it out and I’m sure you’ll agree. In fact, check them all out and I am sure you will find a plethora of resources to use in your classroom. Via: Online College Courses Blog. Where to Get the Best Free Education Online.

Home - Learning Center - University of Missouri. M.I.T. Expands Free Online Courses, Offering Certificates. Open Yale Courses. 500 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. Arizona State University. Online Learning. FREE Perspective Drawing eGuide - Download on Craftsy Today! What's included in this PDF eGuide? Category: Drawing Skill Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate About this eGuide How to Draw with Perspective is a free PDF eGuide available exclusively on Craftsy, featuring 24 pages packed with tutorials, tips and tricks from expert Paul Heaston. Download it instantly for free now (you can even print it easily if you'd like) and enjoy it forever in the comfort of your home or even on the go. About the Author Expert artist Paul Heaston is perpetual illustrator, rarely ever caught without his sketchbook.

What You'll Learn Advance your drawing skills for stunning results you'll be proud to show off! This FREE eGuide is brimming with step-by-step drawing perspective tutorials to help you master drawing space and dimension. Special offer! Raving Reviews How to Draw with Perspective by Susan Thanks! By Carmen Thanks Craftsy, perspective is one of my biggest challenges. Free video lectures,Free Animations, Free Lecture Notes, Free Online Tests, Free Lecture Presentations. Khan Academy. Open Yale Courses. Cours de contentieux international privé. Le droit du , c'est l'ensemble des normes de fond et de procédure qui gouvernent le règlement juridictionnel de différends opposant des su-jets de droit .

Cette définition met en exergue à la fois des critères matériels et un critère organique que nous nous attacherons à analyser dans cette introduction générale. Introduction Premier Partie Le contentieux privé international devant les tribunaux étatiques TITRE 1 Le droit commun Chapitre 1 La compétence internationale des tribunaux français Section 1 Les règles de compétence internationale I. A. 1. 2. B. II. A. 1. 2. A. ces dispositions déterminent une compétence générale. b. le caractère facultatif que la jurisprudence a reconnu aux arts 14&15 B. 1. A. B. C. 2. C. Section 2 Les immunités de juridiction et d’exécution I. A. B. C. II. A. B. Chapitre 2 L’effet en France des jugements étrangers Section 1 Les conditions de l’efficacité internationale des jugements I. A. 1. 2. 3. B. II. A. C. 3ème tempérament : la théorie de l’équivalence III. A. B.