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Day of the Dead

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Personally relate to Eiji

Diretor de efeitos especiais Eiji Tsuburaya faria aniversário neste 7 de julho. Criado em 06/07/15 23h25 e atualizado em 07/07/15 09h50 Por Portal EBC O 114º aniversário do diretor de efeitos especiais Eiji Tsuburaya recebeu nesta terça-feira (7) uma homenagem do Doodle, destaque da busca do Google para celebração de datas comemorativas.

Diretor de efeitos especiais Eiji Tsuburaya faria aniversário neste 7 de julho

Tsuburaya, ou Elichi Tsumuraya (outra redação possível para o seu nome), nasceu em Sukagawa, Japão, e foi responsável pelos efeitos especiais de diversos filmes de ciência-ficção. Foi co-criador da série Godzilla e o criador principal de Ultraman. Seu interesse na sétima arte se iniciou quando, aos dez anos, Tsuburaya adquiriu um projetor de segunda mão e o manejou com relativa facilidade, segundo o site especializado em cinema IMDB. Ele começou a trabalhar como cinema em Kioto, aos 18 anos, se destacando na década de 20 por ser detalhista. Pan de Muerto ¿De donde vino, Quien lo inventó? - viajaBonito. El pan de muerto es un pan muy especial en México, no se consume todos los días, se acostumbra como parte de la celebración de los días de muertos, el 1 y 2 de Noviembre.

Pan de Muerto ¿De donde vino, Quien lo inventó? - viajaBonito

Se dice que el pan de muerto se originó en la época de la Conquista, y fue inspirado por los rituales prehispánicos; el gusto por la elaboración de un pan especial para el caso se remonta a la época de los sacrificios humanos y a la llegada de los españoles a la entonces Nueva España ahora México, en 1519. Cuentan que era un ritual en el México de antes de la conquista que una princesa fuera ofrecida a los dioses, su corazón aun latiendo se introducía en una olla con amaranto y después quien encabezaba el rito mordía el corazón en señal de agradecimiento a un dios.

Recipe for Garlic Rice - Life's Ambrosia Life's Ambrosia. This past weekend I had the opportunity to eat at a Peruvian restaurant for a friend’s birthday dinner (Happy Birthday Shannon!).

Recipe for Garlic Rice - Life's Ambrosia Life's Ambrosia

I had never eaten at a Peruvian restaurant before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. As I perused the menu, my eyes came across a few words that determined my meal right then and there: Served with garlic rice. Eureka! I ordered right away and I waited patiently. About as patiently as a kid who gets up at 4am on Christmas morning patiently waits to open presents. I am not quite sure why I never thought to make garlic rice before. This rice makes the perfect side dish to serve along side the Adobo-Lime Chicken that I shared yesterday. File:Water drop impact on a water-surface - (1).jpg. Skullfiurine. Candle pic. PapelPicadoBanners. Mexican Papel Picado (Hand cut out paper & plastic fiesta banners) Traditionally crafted of tissue paper (and still preferred by villagers), today plastic and mylar are also used.


These banners are used as temporary decoration for fiestas, christenings, birthdays, holidays, weddings, altars and special occasions. Visit our gallery and ask to see our ever-changing selection of sizes, styles and materials. We have Day of the Dead (dia de los Muertos), Birthday, Wedding, Valentines Day, Floral and Garden, Frida Kahlo, Virgin de Guadalupe, Heart and Valentines day papel picados and many others! Prices vary from around $5.50 to over $20 per strand, depending on whether paper or plastic, size and especially detail. Many papel picado are made especially for the Mexican festivals of the Days of the Dead (dia de los Muertos) and include skeletal figures engaged in the everyday activities of the living. Many different sizes, colors and shapes are created. Making Simple Papel Picado. LTTP: Tamales. So I've lived in Arizona for about 9 years.

LTTP: Tamales

Moved here from just north of Boston. Everyone here in AZ loves Mexican food. I've always had a weird aversion to it until recently. Yeah, I don't know why either. Maybe it's me just growing up on Italian food? A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest in an acquaintances home, and his dad offered us some fresh tamales while we waited around. But no. It was one of the best "simple" foods I've ever had. Have you ever had a weird aversion to a food, tried it, and been proved wrong? Giant Cutout Sugar Skulls. The Flowers Avenue. The marigold flower was discovered in Central America by the Portuguese in the 16th century.

The Flowers Avenue

Marigolds are some hardy, annual flowers that will make your garden colorful. There are two types of marigolds: Tagetes (African Marigolds and French Marigolds) and Celandula (Pot Marigolds). The marigold flower is part of the kingdom plantae, division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Asterales, family Asteraceae, genus Tagetes and Calendula. This beautiful flower has a variety palette of colors but the most common colors are yellow and orange. Marigolds are used in cosmetic treatments because of their strong scent. The marigold flower effective for skin problems is the Calendula Marigold.

Bright yellow and orange marigolds are used in South Asia for making garlands to decorate their religious statues and also their buildings. The pigment from the marigold flower is often extracted and used in food coloring and livestock.