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Lifestyle Wellness Club - Coaching for Nutrition, Lifestyle & Exercise. 10 Lessons We've Learned from 2020. We love a good 2020 meme as much as the next person, but as we end a year where the running joke continues to be ‘the worst year ever’, we can’t help but reflect on what 2020 has taught us.

10 Lessons We've Learned from 2020

What if, instead of being the year we all want to forget, 2020 becomes the year we made some crucial realizations that stick with us as (fingers-crossed) things start to slowly get back better? Hand up if you’re battling anxiety and depression this year. Even if you had a way to cope with them before, this really was the year we all got to learn how fragile our mental state can be. And although that was a painful lesson to learn, it also forced us to take the steps we may have been avoiding before with busy schedules or band aid solutions.

Our hope is that anyone struggling right now has been able to seek help if need be and find the routine and tools that help move you forward. : An unexpected error has occurred. : An unexpected error has occurred. 22 Ways to Overclock Your Brain. “I just found out that the brain is like a computer.

22 Ways to Overclock Your Brain

If that’s true, then there really aren’t any stupid people. Just people running DOS.” - Anonymous The brain is a three-pound supercomputer. It is the command and control center running your life.

Self Care

Tom Brady's Diet And Workout Plan Changed My Life. Broken Toe 101 - Symptoms & Treatments. A broken toe, also known as a toe fracture, is a very common injury, especially in athletes and those with active lifestyles.

Broken Toe 101 - Symptoms & Treatments

Out of the five toes (also known as digits of the feet) the pinky toe is the most commonly broken toe with the fracture often occurring at the base of the toe. Your toes make up a portion of your foot referred to as the forefoot. Four of your toes are comprised of 3 bones called phalanges, and two joints. The big toe, however, is made up of only two bones and one joint.

The three smaller bones, or phalanges, of the toes are the: Proximal – bone closest to the footMiddleDistal – the end of the toe The big toe only has the proximal and distal phalanx bones. Types of toe fractures There are several ways to categorize your toe fractures: With the numerous small bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your toes it can be hard to identify what type of injury you are suffering from.

Blood Tests

Wireless wake-up call. Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database. Nearly 50 hand sanitizers have been recalled by Health Canada. •Defend Gel Hand Sanitizer by Corporate Facility Supply, Inc.

Nearly 50 hand sanitizers have been recalled by Health Canada

(containing ethyl acetate) •Dermogen by Inter Cosmetiques Inc. Why Your Muscles Need Most of Your Potassium. Medial Websites. Healthy Gut, Healthy You. Gut bacteria and weight loss: Mayo Clinic Radio. 5 tips to keep your gut microbiome healthy.


COVID19 Immune Support EBook. Teeth health. Audio Affirmations. Exercise. 4 Ways to Reduce Pain from Standing All Day. Gut Health - Ben Warren's top 10 tips for a healthy gut. Medications. 8 Signs Your Body Is Begging for Vitamin D. Casually Explained: Being Healthy. Holistic Health. Knee problems. 7 Benefits of a Bone Broth Fast: Stronger Gut, Skin + More. By now you might be familiar with bone broth and all this time-honored, traditional food has to offer — collagen, amino acids and numerous trace minerals, just for starters.

7 Benefits of a Bone Broth Fast: Stronger Gut, Skin + More

Maybe you’re now looking to take things to the next level and try a bone broth fast but aren’t quite sure how to safely go about this. As you’ll learn, bone broth is one of the most nutrient-dense, healing foods for the digestive system and therefore a great way to kick off a healthier way of eating or help resolve symptoms related to poor digestion and other health concerns.

Fasting vs. Eating Less: What's the Difference? (Science of Fasting) 8 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water.

Cancer Prevention

Diabetes. Self help. Diets. Ispiration. Natural Cures. Meditation. Psychology. Binge Eating. Spray This Non-Toxic Oil Mixture To Get Rid of Black Mold For Good! Health Websites. Pesticides. Can pesticides be detected in your home? A Cornell University study found that every single home they studied in different areas of upstate New York had detectable pesticide residues in the homes. Every single one of the 132 rural homes. Pesticides are colorless and odorless, but they still may be in your home from applications in the home or around the home from long ago. Pesticides can also be tracked in by your shoes or bare feet, on fur and clothing, or come in on the air (drift from pesticides being applied nearby), even off-gassing from soil.

They stay in the dust in homes, and are absorbed by soft materials (such as rugs and upholstery, and even stuffed toys). The researchers pointed out that Americans use over 1 billion pounds of pesticides each year. While the pesticide residue samples in this study were taken in 2001 to 2002, the findings should apply today because pesticide use has risen tremendously since then - both on farms and elsewhere. Reading Books Linked To Living Longer – Lacto Bacto.