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Atelier Bow-Wow. STUDIO — MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY. MARC FORNES, registered and practicing Architect DPLG, leads THEVERYMANY, a New York-based studio specializing in large-scale, site-specific structures that unify skin, support, form, and experience into a single system.


Over the last ten years, Marc has designed and built a number of organic, thin-shell constructions that push the limits of form, structure, and space. This body of work is situated between the fields of art and architecture, with particular focus in the realm of public art. Each public artwork aims to provide a unique spatial experience for its visitors, while also contributing to the visual identity of a place and catalyzing community engagement. This practice is propelled by Marc’s expertise in computational design. THEVERYMANY represents a body of research that continues to advance new parametric outcomes and implement complex techniques in architecture and beyond. - Home. Tecnología en Madera. Germina Badalona. Projects – Stoss. Interface Studio – Projects.

Big Cities, Small Towns, Downtowns, Riverfronts, Neighborhoods, Streets, Temporary Installations...

Interface Studio – Projects

Interface Studio started with a desire to create innovative plans grounded in the needs of every place in which we work. Our early projects in different cities, some suffering from years of disinvestment and decline, challenged us to develop new design tools to connect with local residents and tell the stories of their cities and neighborhoods – past, present, and future. Invention has become habit, and the result is a practice that is constantly evolving. City planning and urban design are our focus, but our portfolio speaks to our unique abilities to also engage the public, create a distinct brand for cities and communities, analyze and communicate data, and move plans immediately into implementation. Our collective experience has positioned us as strong advocates for issues facing cities across the country.

Ghost Parking Lot. Ghost Parking Lot - National Shopping Centers parking lot - Hamden, CT - USA - 1977 - Buick car enclosed by the asphalt parking surface Twenty automobiles are buried under asphalt at various graduated levels, from full exposure of the body contours to complete envelopment by the paving.

Ghost Parking Lot

Contrary to the prevalent use of “object art” as a decorative accessory to buildings and public spaces, this fusion of typically mobile artifacts with their environment takes advantage of people’s subliminal connections with the rituals of shopping center merchandising and the fetishism of American car culture. Also, unlike public art conceived from a private art perspective, this project cannot be removed or exhibited apart from its context without a total loss of meaning.

The Ironic Loss of the Postmodern BEST Store Facades - Failed Architecture. In the mid 1970s, the Lewis Family (the owners and operators of catalogue company BEST Products) hired Sculpture In The Environment (SITE) to create a series of facades for nine showrooms across the US.

The Ironic Loss of the Postmodern BEST Store Facades - Failed Architecture

Regardless of the project’s relative financial benefits, the clients gave SITE the one thing all designers crave and fear: full creative reign. Thus begat the BEST Products Showrooms, an incredible series of architectural commentaries on consumerism that were so in tune with material culture they can easily be simplified as the apex of American Postmodernism. Intrinsically, opinions on whether or not the stores were even “good” range wildly depending on the audience and the speaker, even now, 40 years on. The ‘Indeterminate Facade’ of the BEST Store in Houston. The showrooms are still either praised as meaningful societal criticism or vilified for ignoring a humanist discourse in favor of rhetorical games.

Büro North : Creating a better future through design. Superjacent — 4th and Main. In a near future Los Angeles.... ....the lines between urban and ecological challenges have become a blur.

superjacent — 4th and Main

In the landscape of the Anthropocene everything we do, want, eat or dream requires careful consideration, as our individual actions have global impacts. Strong will and an adventurous spirit will be required to tackle the urban and environmental challenges of the future, resulting in new lifestyle paradigms to emerge that are rooted in an expression of the individual yet interconnected across society. The cultural landscape of Los Angeles is rich in both history and context, yet often appears ostentatious and wasteful - a landscape predicated on auto-centric suburban urbanism and an unsustainable thirst for water. Suburbia is a unique vestige of cultural landscapes long entrenched in the history of private gardens. In the wake of chronic drought, a new landscape vernacular has emerged that moves away from lawn to low water solutions of gravel and native plants. Home - Barozzi Veiga. PROYECTOS. Recuperación de un antiguo molino en Lanjarón, Granada Lofts Espacio de cultura contemporánea, Sevilla Ilusiones urbanas Granada Barranco del Abogado, Granada Otura, Granada Ampliación del cementerio de Casabermeja, Málaga Castril, Granada Alojamientos turísticos temporales entre invernaderos Huertos frutales con casas.


Aires Mateus. JR - Artist. JR - Artist. Architecture & design. Cristina y Efrén. People Architecture. Interface Studio – News. MIXED USE — ISA. Prosjekter - a-lab. Rob Paulus Architects. Shuhei Endo. Home. Security Check Required. ความเรียบง่ายคืออะไรแท้ๆ เราไม่รู้... - Bbdap : Bangkok Brain Design Architects Partnership.

ASSEMBLAGE. Junnarchitect. Studiomake - À propos. Honouring the world’s best interiors - Frame Awards. The platform for Architecture & Design. People – Studiomake. Studiomake is an interdisciplinary design studio led by David Schafer and Im Sarasalin Schafer with a team of architects, designers, and fabricators.

People – Studiomake