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Sweet Recipes

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Chinese custard tarts.


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Desserts. Deep-fried. Recipes. Recipes: Cake - Frostings & fillings. The Cake Merchant. Cake, Cupcake, and Cookie Recipes. Recipes. BraveTart's Recipe Box While I haven't typed up all of the recipes I use at the restaurant, I have covered a good number of them and continue to add more weekly; if you'd like to know when a new recipe is added, subscribe here.


Beginners will find some fun projects and I try to explain everything in a low-key, conversational style. But because I developed these recipes in a restaurant, many more rely on an intermediate skill level, a well equipped kitchen and fully stocked pantry. I use weight measurements exclusively, even for liquids. Recipes marked "GF" are either naturally gluten free, like ice cream, or include simple substitutions for making a conversion. Recipe Index. Cupcakesfluffan. Recipe Index. Visual Recipes - Free Recipes with Step-by-Step Pictures. Oh My! Sugar High — Baking Blog and Sweet Dessert Recipes. Pastry Q&A: Pastry and Bakery Questions Answered. The Many Faces of Buttercream At it's most simple definition, buttercream is an icing with fat and sugar.

Pastry Q&A: Pastry and Bakery Questions Answered

Some recipes for buttercream contain eggs, such as those based with a meringue or a pâte á bombe (cooked yolks with sugar). Some contain nothing more than butter and/or shortening and powdered sugar. Most recipes in these cases will call for powdered sugar rather than granulated or superfine granulated; not only is it finer and will dissolve completely, but it can act as an emulsifier as well for the butter or shortening.

Just about any buttercream recipe may be flavored with other ingredients to change the color/texture/flavor to suit your needs. Of the many different variations and recipes one can find, typically they all can be classified in one of the following different kinds of buttercreams below. Others may organize them differently, but I classify buttercreams this way: Meringue Based: Italian Buttercream: A cooked meringue made with a hot sugar syrup. My favorite? The Repressed Pastry Chef. 50 Tips for Baking Better Cakes. Happy American Thanksgiving!

I was sitting here planning a bunch of upcoming baking posts, when I realized that we’ve never really chatted about some of the basic steps that make for consistent baking and caking. I thought that it may be helpful to post these tips now, before we get too hot and heavy into more cake recipes. This collection of tips and tricks is made up of suggestions that happen to work for me, that I have either learned from the pros, read in books, or figured out along the way (and am still learning). I can say that implementing these steps completely changed my life as a baker, and I thought it would be fun to share. I hope that even one of these tips will help you along too. {print} Recipe Ingredients: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1 large egg white = 37 grams, 1 large egg yolk = 20 grams. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.