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Biting at Preschool - When Your Child's the Chomper. Understanding and Responding to Children Who Bite. Biting is a typical behavior often seen in infants, toddlers, and 2-year olds. As children mature, gain self-control, and develop problem-solving skills, they usually outgrow this behavior. While not uncommon, biting can be an upsetting and potentially harmful behavior. It’s best to discourage it from the very first episode. This article will help you to understand the reasons young children bite and give you some ideas and strategies for responding appropriately.

Why do young children bite? Some children bite instinctively, because they have not developed self-control. A child might bite to Relieve pain from teething. What can families do to prevent biting? There are a variety of things that families can do to prevent biting. Have age-appropriate expectations for your child’s behavior based on his or her current skills and abilities. How should I respond when my child bites? While every situation is different, here are some general guidelines for responding when a child bites.

Stop Children From Biting: Strategies and Tips for Parents. How to Stop Your Child From Biting You're enjoying a sunny afternoon on the playground when suddenly you spot your toddler with teeth embedded in a playmate's arm. Horrified, you rush to discipline your pint-sized vampire -- but what's the best way to handle the situation? Biting is a normal part of childhood development. Young children bite for many different reasons, from teething to seeing what reaction it will provoke. Still, biting is something you want to discourage. Video What Is Free Range Parenting? Watch now Why Children Bite Kids bite for a number of reasons -- and most of them aren't intentionally malicious. They're in pain. 5 Keys to Preschool Classroom Management.

Preschool teachers know that when you’re faced with a room full of three- and four-year-olds, clear expectations and routines are vital if teaching and learning are going to happen. Implementing classroom management techniques can be a challenge, however, when you’re dealing with 30 high-energy kiddos. Recently, WeAreTeachers founder Sandy Fivecoat sat down with Vicki Gibson, educational consultant and the author of the new “We Can” early literacy curriculum. [Watch the full interview.] Here’s what Gibson says are the keys to classroom management in an early childhood setting: Divide and conquer.

Get more tips from Dr. Developing Communication Skills in Preschool. 20 Brain Break Clips: Movin' and Groovin'! - Image Courtesy of VDRG DANSSCHOOL Hello all! Seeing that my post 20 Brain Break Clips: Fight the Fidgeting! Got so much love via Twitter and Pinterest, I decided to compile another list of excellent brain break clips for the classroom. These videos are great to pop on in between lessons and can also be used on a rainy day for indoor recess. I recently discovered that they can keep my nieces and nephews entertained for hours also. So parents, these videos can serve as a much deserved brain break for you, too. Tip: Be sure to pull up privately before broadcasting to avoid any questionable ads. 1) Kidz Bop ‘Say Hey’ Video 2) VINCI ‘The Hokey Pokey’ Video 3) They Might Be Giants ‘Clap Your Hands’ Video 4) ‘Move to Learn’ Fitness Break Video 5) ‘Everybody Dance Now’ Slug Video 6) Kidz Bop ‘Shuffle’ Video 7) Yogabbagabba’s ‘I Like To Dance’ Video 8) Kidz Bop ‘Chicken Noodle’ Soup Video 9) Eric Herman’s ‘Ants in Your Pants’ Video 10) Just Dance ‘Roar’ Video 11) Just Dance Kids ‘Kids in America’ Video.

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