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This Summer's Best Shoes: Best of Competitor Wear-Test Awards. By, Published Jul. 21, 2015, Updated Jan. 18, 2016 at 12:31 PM UTC Need new running shoes?

This Summer's Best Shoes: Best of Competitor Wear-Test Awards

Here are eight great new models to consider. We put more than 40 new road and trail running shoes through a rigorous wear-testing process this spring and here are our eight award-winners. Hoka One One Clifton 2, $130Believe it or not, Hoka discovered how to make its award-winning Clifton lightweight trainer even better. The second edition remains super light and amazingly cushioned, but—thanks to a slightly revised upper with a few more structural overlays and a padded tongue—it offers more of a locked-down feeling to the chassis under your foot. Under Armour Charged Bandit, $110Developing a training shoe with a more traditional design is a vast departure for Under Armour, but the innovative Charged Bandit doesn’t veer entirely from its cutting-edge ways. ASICS GEL-Fuji Attack 4, $110Despite being billed as a neutral shoe, the Gel-FujiAttack 4 feels stable and supportive. Training. Why analysing race performance is key. If you visit any running, cycling or triathlon forums on the Internet, you’ll notice the popularity of race reports.

Why analysing race performance is key

We all seem to love the storytelling that goes with our adventures, especially in longer races — where so many things happen, the toughest part is remembering them all for the report! Many athletes enjoy writing the report and talking about the funny instances, the pain and discomfort (at times) and the lows and extreme highs of their performance. However, most are missing a quality opportunity to assess their race, performance, strategy, nutrition, pace and even confidence or motivation in some cases. IRONMAN 101: Don't Fear the Full. If you've ever trained for and completed an IRONMAN 70.3, at some point during yet another three-hour ride or 90-minute run, a familiar question probably fluttered across your mind: "Could I ever do an IRONMAN?

IRONMAN 101: Don't Fear the Full

" Among all the other questions ("should I wear a one-piece tri suit? " "How long should my brick run be? ") that one tends to speak the loudest, as we wonder whether we have the physical ability and time to be able to complete one. As a coach myself, I'm asked this question frequently by athletes involved in half-distance triathlons. When they ask me if it's possible, my answer is always the same: Absolutely! Become A Fat-Burning Machine. Your key to getting leaner and racing better may be metabolic efficiency training.

Become A Fat-Burning Machine

Written by: Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS Now is the time of the year when thoughts of dropping weight and body fat become extremely popular among runners. But what about planning your race-day nutrition to eliminate the demon of GI distress that rears its ugly head during your races? Attaining metabolic efficiency will have a significant impact on your body composition and GI comfort during races and will also reduce your need for simple sugars when racing. “Efficiency” is a term that is typically associated with sport. Metabolic Efficiency Training Metabolic Efficiency Training (MET) comprises specific nutrition and physical training techniques that manipulate cellular processes in ways that improve the body’s ability to utilize macronutrients. Aerobic training induces cellular changes that improve the body’s efficiency in using macronutrients, specifically fats. The Crossover Concept 1. 2.

How To Increase Lean Body Mass. Lean body mass is a critical component in determining overall fitness.

How To Increase Lean Body Mass

Although exercise represents the cornerstone for increasing lean body mass – which is primarily muscle protein other factors play an important role. Building muscle protein is a dynamic process. At any given moment, our metabolic machinery is involved in manufacturing and repairing new muscle protein while at the same time breaking down existing protein. Understanding this core principle enables you to implement some simple measures to increase lean body mass.


Training plans. Nutrition. Bike. Swim. Triathlon strength. The 4-Hour Body Tools. Below are all the “Tools and Tricks” resources from The 4-Hour Body.

The 4-Hour Body Tools

Click on any chapter below to go directly to related resources, or just scroll down two pages to see all the goodies. FUNDAMENTALS—FIRST AND FOREMOSTRules That Change Rules: Everything Popular Is WrongGROUND ZERO—GETTING STARTED AND SWARAJThe Harajuku Moment: The Decision to Become a Complete HumanElusive Bodyfat: Where Are You Really? Rules That Change The Rules: Everything Popular Is Wrong Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger ( This is one of the best books on mental models, how to use them, and how not to make a fool of yourself.

I was introduced to this manual for critical thinking by Derek Sivers, who sold his company CD Baby for $22 million. Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T.


A triathlon club in Dubai - Blog - Training zones. *** many thanks to Neil Rooney for this blog post *** Triathletes can be forgiven for getting confused by all the jargon relating to training zones.

a triathlon club in Dubai - Blog - Training zones

Easy, hard, lactate threshold, aerobic training, VO2 max etc etc. There are hundreds of ways of setting training zones, but I like a standard 5 zone breakdown.