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Soil Moisture Sensor. Having healthy, thriving plants is rewarding, but caring for them can be tricky.

Soil Moisture Sensor

If your plants could speak up when they needed water, that would be ideal. With PlantLink, now your plants have a voice. Using “links” that you place in the soil, this system monitors the precise moisture and can tell you exactly when to water. Simply choose the kind of plant and the soil, and now your plant has a bona fide personality. It will alert you—with a bit of humor, even—when it’s thirsty. For avid green thumbs, this soil moisture sensor can really streamline your gardening. The base station comes with one link, but can handle up to 64 more. Plant Link: Listen to your plants by Oso Technologies. The First Big Company to Say It’s Serving the Legal Marijuana Trade? Microsoft.

Photo As state after state has legalized marijuana in one way or another, big names in corporate America have stayed away entirely.

The First Big Company to Say It’s Serving the Legal Marijuana Trade? Microsoft.

Marijuana, after all, is still illegal, according to the federal government. But is breaking the corporate taboo on pot this week by announcing a partnership to begin offering software that tracks marijuana plants from “seed to sale,” as the pot industry puts it. The software — a new product in Microsoft’s cloud computing business — is meant to help states that have legalized the medical or recreational use of marijuana keep tabs on sales and commerce, ensuring that they remain in the daylight of legality. But until now, even that boring part of the pot world was too controversial for mainstream companies. So far, only a handful of smaller banks are willing to offer accounts to companies that grow or sell marijuana, and Microsoft will not be touching that part of the business.

Microsoft will not be getting anywhere near these kiosks or the actual plants. Mr. Microsoft is Working On Software For The Legal Marijuana Industry - Slashdot. An anonymous reader writes from a report via The Verge: Microsoft has announced today that it will partner with Los Angeles-based startup Kind on a system for tracking the legal growing and sale of marijuana.

Microsoft is Working On Software For The Legal Marijuana Industry - Slashdot

Microsoft will work with the startup on software services for governments tracking legal weed, with Microsoft powering the software through its Azure cloud computing service. "The goal of this relationship is to leverage each company's resources to provide State, County, and Municipalities with purpose built solutions for track and trace ('seed to sale' in the cannabis industry) technology," Kind said in a statement.

As reported in The New York Times, this is a pretty significant venture for a corporation publicly journeying into the controversial industry. Growing and selling marijuana is still illegal under the federal government. Marijuana Strain Info & Review App for iPhone & Android. Marijuana Growers Need Software, Too (Video) The apps are coming, the apps are coming! - Indoor Ag-Con. Flowhub - Seed-to-sale Software for the Legal Cannabis Industry. Flowhub - Seed-to-sale Software for the Legal Cannabis Industry. Open Agriculture Initiative. OpenAg Initiative — Farming for the Future. MJ Freeway Business Solutions. Home - GrowBuddy. Free Cannabis Growing Software. FREE Download BillyBudd Marijuana Growing Software BillyBudd Cannabis Growing Toolkit (FREE SOFTWARE): Budget Master Planning Capacity Planning Schedule Nutrient Calculator Yield Calculator Links to the most informative sites Health Canada Medical Marijuana Access Division Section for Canadians: Complete MMAD documents for Canadians applying for a medical marijuana license.

Free Cannabis Growing Software

Includes plant count calculator. All forms required by Health Canada for Designated Growers This BillyBudd Marijuana Growing Toolkit software is free and anonymous (no e-mail address required). Suggestions for improvements can be made at the e-mail address below. You may give this software away to your friends. This software is currently under development and not all features will work at this time. BioTrackTHC: The Leading Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Solution. Cannabis Cultivation, Inventory & POS Management. Cultivation Operations Cultivation facilities have a lot of moving parts, BioTrackTHC™’s Cultivation Operations system simplifies the process by streamlining work flows and providing key data points necessary to maximize yields and profits.

Cannabis Cultivation, Inventory & POS Management

Use the system as a digital representation of your physical site with custom rooms and tables, or take advantage of the Strain Notes to maintain consistent light and water schedules. Focus on growing, knowing the system is predicated on enforcing transparency, accountability, and compliance. Custom Harvest/Cure Settings – Weigh Wet? Trim Dry? Cannabis Cultivation, Inventory & POS Management.