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Oliver Starr

Chief Evangelist for Pearltrees! @owstarr on twitter


COVID19. Wolf Land. COVID19. Binding Manuals. Dama Financial - How It Works. Lost and Stranded: Expert Advice on How to Survive Being Alone in the Wilderness - Sprinkle Timothy - Google Books. Dispensary Supplies. URGENT: Stop the Sportsmen's Act. 0. Rapamycin. Canna Law Blog™ Oregon is a great state for cannabis entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Canna Law Blog™

Oregon’s cannabis programs are largely built out with welcoming parameters, although the treacle of administrative rules continues, mostly in response to legislative action from earlier this year. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all of the changes, even for our contacts in the administrative agencies themselves. Generally speaking, when a bill becomes law, an agency is tasked with making rules and administering the law. Agencies cannot make rules that contradict legislative actions, but they are often required to interpret a law through rulemaking, and they are allowed to fill in gaps where the legislature has been silent.

In many cases, an agency will issue temporary rules to cover a bridge period, and then adopt those rules as permanent (possibly with changes) at a later date. The rules for medical marijuana patients, growers, processors and dispensaries are permanent, and have been since March.

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Photo courtesy Rob Mrowka. “Overgrazing is much too weak a term. Most of the public lands in the West, and especially in the Southwest, are what you might call “cowburnt.” Almost anywhere and everywhere you go in the American West you find hordes of these ugly, clumsy, stupid, bawling, stinking, fly-covered, shit-smeared, disease-spreading brutes. They are a pest and a plague. “I… suggest that we open a hunting season on range cattle. (From “Free Speech: The Cowboy and His Cow,” 1985.) Like this:

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  1. ebbead May 22 2014
    hi oliver. ebbead here. i haven't spoke with you in some time. just wanted to let you know how much i love pts2. it's so user friendly. i love the drag and drop. i have been spending my time cleaning up my site and trying to make it more useful to others. oh yeah, in the past i have not been too involved in teams and that is changing. i really do not understand the whole team thing. i have read the faq about and i still feel unsure about teams. so, this is awkward, but how do i post sites to the teams that i am a member? i understand what the process is when i am the founder of a team, but i do not grok what to do as a member of others' teams. do i do the "duplicate in" thing from my site to the team? what is the most efficient way to get it done? thanks.
  2. electronics Mar 13 2014
    Oh yeah, I also link my other social media to pearltrees, because I think people like to browse and look around at the subject of interest and to get broader details about my collection :) People I discuss things seem to use all sorts of platforms from PC to iPad to possibly mobile-telephones. This is because they live in different countries also I suspect.
  3. electronics Mar 13 2014
    Thanks for the invite for "working on some important changes product." I spend my time working with teams, answering questions, translating different languages, updating out-of-date pearls and pearltrees, often reading the notifications, taking a peek at what other people are doing ocasionally "new pearls in my network" and ocasionally somthing I have been wanting collect is found and I add it to the collection.
  4. electronics Mar 24 2013
    BTW, nice pearltree you have on Wolves, thanks for making that pearltree :D
  5. timepeaces Feb 6 2013
    Hi a Quick question I get an email that says someone wants to team up. Current within 4 hrs. Then when I click on the team up button . Pearltrees opens in a new tab and I get the msg that the request has expired. What does that mean exactally. Has someone added them to my team or has the request just expired. Thx L8trs
  6. boyanboyanov Sep 18 2012
    Hi Oliver ;) You have new mail.....Regards ;)
  7. predrax Oct 10 2011
    Halo Ostarr... Thought I'd Grab Your Pearl For The Mega DB I'm Working On... #LulZ... Great Idea Pearltrees... Search Privalages Are Top Grade KLinks On The Internet Search Engines... We're Going Global... #Teh... I Must Get The Hang Of The Messages Part, I Keep Leaving People Waiting Thinking They Are Just Pearling A Pearl But A Girlie Got Left Hanging On The Line For Hours... O_oPZ... -o)< I Reckon She CO_oL Though... @PearlTrees 4 Eva... -o)> We Hope! xD
  8. timepeaces Sep 6 2011
    hi ostarr I found a browser that is blazing fast loads prealtrees great even will accept the google chrome pearltrees addon. It's srware Iron it's free open source. Does not nag me with adverts like chrome dose. Here is the url if you want to try it. L8trs 6 september