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Modern Mongolian Music - "Sandy Desert" The White Birch ~ Breathe. Lilium - sleep inside. Drink the Water - Justin Cross. Bart & Baker Istanbul (not Constantinople) The Drapers - Puttin' On The Ritz. The Drapers - Yakety Yak (official video) Chrissie Lam on Instagram: “Charlotte Lafont (23) and Nicolas Chatain (23) are best friends from #paris #france living in #jerusalem #israel. #loveis very simple.…” La Moustache - Trailer. Midnight Juggernauts - Systematic. Vanessa Paradis - Love Song. Vanessa Paradis - La Chanson Des Vieux Cons. Habitat - Sven Fennema - Fine Art Photography. „Die Erinnerung ist das einzige Paradies, aus dem wir nicht vertrieben werden können.“ Jean Paul […] Anwesen, die wie in einem tiefen Schlaf darauf warten, dass man sie entdeckt und ihre Geschichte erzählt.

Habitat - Sven Fennema - Fine Art Photography

Wertvolle Denkmäler der Vergangenheit, voller Sehnsucht auf ein neues Leben. […] (Auszug aus „Tales of Yesteryear“) Carl Sagan. Carl Edward Sagan (/ˈseɪɡən/; November 9, 1934 – December 20, 1996) was an American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, science popularizer, and science communicator in astronomy and other natural sciences.

Carl Sagan

He is best known for his work as a science popularizer and communicator. His best known scientific contribution is research on extraterrestrial life, including experimental demonstration of the production of amino acids from basic chemicals by radiation. Sagan assembled the first physical messages sent into space: the Pioneer plaque and the Voyager Golden Record, universal messages that could potentially be understood by any extraterrestrial intelligence that might find them. Sagan argued the now accepted hypothesis that the high surface temperatures of Venus can be attributed to and calculated using the greenhouse effect.[1] Early life[edit] My parents were not scientists. 1939 World's Fair[edit] World War II[edit] Inquisitiveness about nature[edit] Non-Euclidean geometry. R’lyeh by the artist Mr.

non-Euclidean geometry

Loach. H.P. The Call of Cthulhu - Wikipedia. "The Call of Cthulhu" is a short story by American writer H.

The Call of Cthulhu - Wikipedia

P. Lovecraft. Written in the summer of 1926, it was first published in the pulp magazine Weird Tales in February 1928.[2] Inspiration[edit] The first seed of the story's first chapter The Horror in Clay came from one of Lovecraft's own dreams he had in 1919,[3] which he described briefly in two different letters sent to his friend Rheinhart Kleiner on May 21 and December 14, 1920. "Why do you say that this thing is new? This can be compared to what the character of Henry Anthony Wilcox tells the main character's uncle while showing him his sculpted bas-relief for help in reading hieroglyphs on it which came through Wilcox's own fantastical dreams: Benjamin Biolay - Roma (amoR) ft. Illya Kuryaki And The Valderramas. Lurpak Cook's Range - Adventure Awaits.

Wu-Tang Clan - Back In The Game (Phoniks Remix) Benjamin Biolay - La Superbe (clip officiel) iCodis - Best Mini Projectors / Portable Pico Projectors. Her - Five Minutes. N u a g e s - Dreams. N u a g e s - closer. OBESØN - Drugs. Massive Attack - Karmacoma. Massive Attack - Sly. Exotica - Une Miss s'immisce. Camille _ Music Hole _ Home is where it hurts. Hooverphonic - Anger Never Dies. Imany - You Will Never Know [Official Video HD] Discodeine - Aydin. SLOVE - DO WE NEED. NORTH KOREAN SURFER CHICKS - North Korea Day 6. Hypnolove - Winter In The Sun (Pilooski Edit) (Official Censored Video) Dusty Kid & Boris Brejcha - Psika (LSD) Tµmmetott - Hokus Pokus. Fazerdaze - Jennifer. Roosevelt - Montreal.

Flight Facilities - I Didn't Believe feat. Elizabeth Rose. Anna of the North - Baby. Puro Instinct - Silky Eyes. Hypnolove - Beyond Paradise. Les Joies de L'Archi. Images Silhouettes - Figurines et Ombres chinoises. ◼ Feed Me - Lonely Mountain / The Hype Machine. Tribu Tulum - Purnamadah. Architecture, Typography and Greetings posters. Falko Ohlmer — Graphics, drawings and other stuff. Hangar - Version Originale (clip officiel) Sézane. Marguerite’s candidness which we find in each brushstroke and the unique character in her quirky pieces, is what we love about G.Kero.


Wearing these pieces is a real pleasure, one can really feel the positive energy from the artist and the initial inspiration from her pieces. Because the art is what is most important here. Each piece is available as limited edition and each design is numbered. What’s more, Marguerite never set out to create a clothing brand. She has been painting since she was little, and from the age of three has reproduced photos taken by her mother in great quantities. Projects - Duggan Morris Architects. Wildernesse Estate is a contemporary extra-care housing scheme designed as part of a holistic retirement community in the grounds of Wildernesse House in Sevenoaks.

Projects - Duggan Morris Architects

During the 19th century a conservatory sat amongst a kitchen garden to the north-east corner of the now Grade II listed mansion. The new restaurant aims to reinstate this pavilion typology, creating an exquisite dining space with the transparency of a traditional glasshouse - a focal point within the Wildernesse estate that responds to both the existing buildings and the surrounding landscape. The semi-precious nature of the outer metallic skin alludes to the delicacy of a traditional glasshouse, contrasting with the solid masonry plinth that ties the building back to the existing house. Internally, timber vaults sit atop a grid of columns, a rhythm of arches define large glazed openings, and a central elevated lantern houses the open kitchen - creating a permeable space filled with light and expansive views across the estate.

Alvvays - Archie, Marry Me. Länsisatamankatu 23 · Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Arkkitehdit/Architects. Good Morning - Warned You. Modèle Mécanique - Dark of the Moon. Tropic Harbour - New Life. Cina Polada - Gloom. Dizzee Rascal - I Don't Need A Reason [PARENTAL ADVISORY] Lana Del Rey - God Knows I Tried. Jacques Auberger. Les chemins de la confiance. Woodkid feat. Son Lux - Central Park - Live at Montreux 15.07.2016. Son Lux - "Easy" with Woodkid - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2016. TOP 10 New MEDIEVAL Games 2017/ 2018. ASUS G553VD-DM745T (G553VD-DM745T) New 3D facade material. Prefabricated House with Fibre Cement Board Cladding. Homeli Design Blog: Architecture - Design - Art - Interiors - Furniture. College - Teenage Color. Radio Edition Somebody To Love Me by Mark Ronson feat Boy George. Dua Lipa and Troye Sivan perform a cover of Mark Ronson’s “Somebody To Love Me” London Grammar Wicked Game. London Grammar - Rooting For You. Kate Tempest - Europe Is Lost.

Google-Ergebnis für. MeshMixer. Create Low Poly Art From 3D Models: 9 Steps. The first step is to choose the 3D geometry you wish to make into low poly art!

Create Low Poly Art From 3D Models: 9 Steps

There are several options for the source of your 3D model. 1) Create your own The most fun method is to simply create your own 3D model! If you're not experienced with CAD or computer graphics, there are still some great options. Easy to learn tools like Tinkercad, 123D Design, or SketchUpare all great options for someone learned to 3D model. 2) Find a 3D model online There are plenty of resources online for sharing and downloading 3D models. 3) 3D scan it While you may not have an expensive 3D scanner available to you, the 123D Catch app uses your smartphone or tablet to create 3D scans.

To create the low poly aesthetic, we will be utilizing Meshmixer. The image above shows the starting menu in Meshmixer. GEO A DAY. Low Poly Illustration, What's the Secret? Low Poly was a technique originally used for making 3D models and scenes for videogames, due to its render speed, which was achieved thanks to low polygonal resolution.

Low Poly Illustration, What's the Secret?

We recently published a post about the “Geo a Day” project, which uses this precise technique. To produce this kind of illustration, you can use basically any 3D software, but Cinema 4D is widely used because of its versatility and simplicity when it comes to modelling, lighting and visual effects, whereas other tools such as Maya or 3ds Max present a much steeper learning curve. Cinema 4D for absolute beginners Actually, this kind of scene is very easy to create compared with architectural visualization, photorealistic renders or any animation techniques.

You don't need a lot of experience modelling or understanding cameras and materials. Turnislefthome. SUMMER CAMP - Round The Moon (French Version) JORDAN F - Sobe (Flashworx Remix) Electric Youth - Innocence. French 79 - HUSH HUSH. Polo & Pan La foret de Sharegood+Wishery Pogo xvid. Men's Union Jack Mid Monty - Men - Gloverall Classics.

Made in England 80% wool, 20% polyamide Two external pockets Union Jack body lining Fixed throat tab Pancake hood with stud adjustments Wooden toggles and jute rope fastenings Reimagining the classic Monty duffle, this coat playfully pays homage to its roots.

Men's Union Jack Mid Monty - Men - Gloverall Classics

It features the signature wooden toggles and jute rope fastenings, and the interior is partially lined with a Union Jack pattern. Crafted from an Italian wool-blend cloth, the duffle is warm enough to withstand wind chill. We provide free delivery to all destinations in the UK. Delivery within the UK typically takes 2 working days from dispatch. Shipping Charges as follows: *For overseas NON-EU orders, customers are responsible for any duties, tax and associated clearance costs to be paid. Made to Last: Duffle Coat. Knowing its history makes anything so much more fascinating and valuable to me.

Made to Last: Duffle Coat

Where it started, why they made it and how they did it….. I’m curious. This is where I spread my curiosities and share some stories. The traditional English coat, “Duffle coat” is one of my favourite styles for outerwear and I’ve got one that’s originally made in England by Gloverall. Those two words, duffle and Gloverall refer to pretty much the same thing now. The word “Duffle” originally referred to a heavy, coarse, woollen weatherproof cloth closely woven for warmth and was first produced in the Belgian Town of Duffel.

Duffle bags were originally made from the same material. JHANE BARNES Brown Long Sleeve Full Zip Front Suede Leather Jacket Sz 46 #3096. eBay: My eBay for Guests. Jhane Barnes Sweater. Roo Panes - Lullaby Love. Hooverphonic - Mad About You. ELECTRIC YOUTH - Tomorrow. Mazzy Star - Fade Into You. LP - Forever For Now. Kid Francescoli - The Player - Session (Marsatac 2017) Kid Francescoli - "Moon" Pomme - Même robe qu'hier. Léa Paci - Pour aller où? (Clip Officiel)