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Not all sleep apnea patients are obese. Contrary to popular opinion, not all people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are obese.

Not all sleep apnea patients are obese

However, a new study from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) and the Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH) highlights that normal-to-overweight patients with OSA likely require a different approach to treatment, which presents a challenge to clinicians. Obstructive sleep apnoea, a common condition that affects more than one million Australians, occurs when the throat closes off many times throughout the night – up to 100 times per hour of sleep – which limits breathing during the night.

Obesity can cause an anatomical obstruction of the upper airway and is a well-established risk factor for sleep apnea. Joe Wicks: Try these simple exercises in 15 minutes at home. JOE Wicks’ exercise plan will get you burning fat, and that is a promise.

Joe Wicks: Try these simple exercises in 15 minutes at home

It’s all based around HIIT – high intensity interval training. The idea is that you work harder, for less time. Joe says: “HIIT might sound daunting to a novice but it is relative to each person. As long as you push yourself, your heart rate will rise, you’ll sweat and burn fat.” Four to five times a week you will complete one of Joe’s training sessions. For 30 seconds he will put you through a heart-racing fitness move. You then rest for 30 seconds before ramping up your heart rate again with another 30-second energy blast. Get lean in 2016 with Joe Wicks, the Body Coach Lean in 15 – LEAN IN 15!

Lean in 15: Chicken Massaman curry Each session is just 15 minutes and then you’re done. Back Pain – The 10 Do’s and Don’ts to Solve It - Pickwickian Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, and Complications. Giulia Enders: The surprisingly charming science of your gut. 10 Piriformis Stretches To Help You Get Rid Of Sciatica, Hip And Lower Back Pain. A comprehensive guide to the new science of treating lower back pain. Cathryn Jakobson Ramin’s back pain started when she was 16, on the day she flew off her horse and landed on her right hip.

A comprehensive guide to the new science of treating lower back pain

For the next four decades, Ramin says her back pain was like a small rodent nibbling at the base of her spine. The aching left her bedridden on some days and made it difficult to work, run a household, and raise her two boys. By 2008, after Ramin had exhausted what seemed like all her options, she elected to have a “minimally invasive” nerve decompression procedure. But the $8,000 operation didn’t fix her back, either. Do baby boxes really save lives? Image copyright Alamy It's been claimed that Finland's baby boxes, given to every newborn in the country, help reduce cot deaths.

Do baby boxes really save lives?

But what evidence is there that they lower infant mortality rates, asks Elizabeth Cassin. In June 2013, the BBC News website published an article entitled Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes. It's been viewed over 13 million times and sparked global interest in the idea. The article explained Finland's 75-year-old policy of giving every pregnant mother a cardboard box filled with baby products, such as clothes, sleeping bag, nappies, bedding and a mattress, and how the box itself could be used as a bed. One reason it attracted such attention is that Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world - two deaths per 1,000 live births, compared with a global rate of 32 in 1,000, according to the UN. The Guardian - Jaha Dukureh is a survivor of female... Autism's Gut-Brain Connection. Stress can send your stomach into a painful tailspin, causing cramps, spasms and grumbling.

Autism's Gut-Brain Connection

But trouble in the gut can also affect the brain. This two-way relationship may be an unlikely key to solving one of medicine’s most pressing — and perplexing — mysteries: autism. Nearly 60 years after the disorder was first identified, the number of cases has surged, and the United Nations estimates that up to 70 million people worldwide fall on the autism spectrum. Yet there is no known cause or cure. The gut bacteria in individuals with autism aren’t just different… they may actually contribute to the disorder. What happens during a heart attack? - Krishna Sudhir.

For more information on heart attacks, visit the American Heart Association, and take a look at some of their references.

What happens during a heart attack? - Krishna Sudhir

There are several ways to manage your lifestyle to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Start now! This article has some great ideas on how to get moving, and eating healthier: Guidelines on Lifestyle Management to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk. How are heart attacks treated? Five Years: Helpless to Empowered. < back Five Years: Helpless to Empowered Posted on February 16, 2017 by A MyFibroTeam User by Kacie Fleming Five years ago this month, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (and a bit later, unofficially with chronic fatigue syndrome).

Five Years: Helpless to Empowered

My health crisis had begun a few months before, the fall after I graduated college, and continued to worsen. Elephant journal. Someone to dream with—to plan and scheme and then celebrate with.

elephant journal

Someone to win with, and someone to lose with. Someone to care for and protect—and to let go of and watch fly. Someone to stare at in wonder, and to think, “That heart loves mine.” Someone to talk long with under stars on frosty nights. Home. This Girl Can: Award-winning exercise-participation campaign returns - BBC Sport. Running: How to make gravity your friend. “Sitting is the new smoking,” is a catchphrase designed to strike fear into the hearts of office workers everywhere – and with good reason.

Running: How to make gravity your friend

Accumulating research shows that sitting in front of computers or television screens or hours on end can raise the risk of developing conditions, such as type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Little wonder, then, that ever increasing numbers of people in Ireland, the UK and elsewhere are taking up running as a means of combating the negative consequences of their sedentary lifestyles. Yet studies suggest that between 30 and 80 per cent of runners in the developed world incur running-related injuries each year.

5 Stretches You Should Never Do. All those toe-grabbing stretches you were taught as a youngster?

5 Stretches You Should Never Do

If you're a runner, they may be hurting your performance. Those sorts of "static stretches" may decrease your running economy—that is, your ability to stride with minimal effort, finds a recent study of Behm's appearing in the European Journal of Applied Physiology. Static stretching also limits your jumping ability, his study shows. 13 Standing Core Exercises Better Than Crunches : Stand Up for Stand-Out Abs.

Foam-rollers-essential-runners-guide. 3 Yoga Poses That Will Make You Smarter. Stress literally makes us dumber. When you’re under chronic stress, your body taps into the area of your brain that’s responsible for your fight-or-flight response rather than your rational thinking. 5 Keys to Healthy Knees & Avoiding Surgery. As an orthopedic surgeon, I spend a majority of my time dealing with knees—with everyone from teenagers to 90-year-olds, from professional athletes to weekend warriors and to people who just want to walk in comfort. For many of us, pain and knees go together—34 percent of Americans over the age of 54 said they suffer from chronic knee or leg pain—and seven million Americans (about 1.5 percent) have had a knee replacement.

But as a surgeon, I actually try my best to help my patients avoid surgery. As I tell my patients, if you’re willing to make some basic lifestyle changes and stick to them, you may be able to keep your knees happy and relatively painless—not only postponing knee surgery but perhaps not needing surgery at all. These are not complicated methods–they’re designed with my patients in mind.

Here are five key steps for healthy, happy knees: 5-Move Full-Body TRX Workout. Deep Healing Chick Pea & Kale Soup. {Vegan Recipe} One challenge in cooking without dairy or meat is developing depth of flavor. For this soup get your hands on a bulb of elephant garlic. You will know which one it is at the market because it is three times the size of a regular bulb.

Elephant garlic is milder in flavor than regular garlic so it is a great choice for this recipe. How to Enter Any Room Like a Goddess. Scene: I am in the hall outside the seventh grade lunch room. I can hear the voices of my peers shrieking with laughter, smell the unique combination of pheromones, tator tots, bleach and erasers which is exclusive to middle schools. I retrieve the brown paper bag containing my lunch from under my sweaty gym uniform in the bottom of my locker, sniff it, sigh and balance it on top of the stack of books in my arms. Now Trending: CRISPR. Nearly everyone has heard references to the “genetic code,” a metaphor for the series of nucleotide bases that makes each of us unique. Many diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and sickle-cell anemia, are caused by point mutations, single digit errors in a series of roughly three billion. 10 Things you need to stop doing today to be happier.

Being Too Nice Can Contribute to Depression. Why Sensitive Souls Need Rituals. ~ Kathryn Nulf. Via Kathryn Nulf on Feb 9, 2014. 5 Silent Signs That You Might Have Clogged Arteries. Having clogged arteries, also known as atherosclerosis, is a serious condition where arteries become blocked by fatty substances known as plaques. Body Shop: Strong in the Knees.

Dr. Even Nicotine-Free E-Cig Vapor Damages Lung Cells. 3 Reasons NOT to Ignore Your Core. Ways to Burn Belly Fat: Burn Belly Fat. Trying to lose weight by doing hundreds of crunches is a common method that a lot of people use. Body Shop: Strong in the Knees. Dr. Mmon Uses of Surgical Spirit. A Nutrition Myth that Keeps us Fat, Sick & Tired. Prevent or Cure most Chronic Disease by Normalizing this One Hormone. Strengthen your core - 10 Ways to Have Great Posture as You Age - Health Mobile. 10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners. 17 Surprising Reasons You're Stressed Out. A Liver Attack Leads to a Simpler Life. Cold & Flu Ginger Turmeric Tonic. I Drank Warm Honey Lemon Water Every Morning for a Year (Here’s What Happened). 4 Exercises to Strengthen Ankles. 7 Exercises for Fitter Feet. 6 Exercises to Put Your Body Back in Balance.

How to Keep Your Hips in Balance. The Best Exercise to Relieve Your Tight Back. How to Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a Few Days. Regency Clinc in Cheltenham Healthcare Specialists. 8 Natural Tips for Coping with Anxiety. When My Indian Mom Divorced My Dad, She Became an Outcast. It Also Saved Her Life.  L’Oréal Paris waves goodbye to Excell 10 but not to worry, we’ve still got you covered! The Yoga Pose that Healed my Lower Back Injuries. Exercises. How to Lose the Woman You Love For Good. An Apology and Clarification  Tobacco Body. Using An Exercise Ball to Rehab Your Back.

It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Exercise If You Also Do This. It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Exercise If You Also Do This. Back Exercise Videos. Using An Exercise Ball to Rehab Your Back. Tobacco 'kills two in three smokers' Tips from Dyslexic Students for Dyslexic Students. Yeast: A Common but often Unrecognized Problem. The Truth About Neck Adjustments. 10 Killer Ab Workouts That Aren’t Crunches. The Best Exercise to Relieve Your Tight Back. Why I’m Glad I Was Bullied. 10 Hip Opening Poses to Awaken Your Root and Sacral Chakras. ~ Kristen Coyle.

Spring Into Yin: A Sequence to Stimulate Lymphatic Flow & Target the Spleen M... What Is Restless Leg Syndrome? Visual Yoga Blog: The Best Back Stretch in the World. 11 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat. 8 Yoga Poses to Target Tight Hip Flexors. Being Woman. I'm slim so why am I at risk of diabetes? How I Developed a Healthy Body Image - Motto.

The Medical Medium—and What’s Potentially at the Root of Medical Mysteries. I Blamed my Anxiety on Being an Empath, but Here’s the Not so Pretty Truth.