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DIY Easter Egg Word Family Game. For a young child who is just starting to recognize that letters make sounds, that sounds form words, and that words have meaning, the English language can seem overwhelming and confusing.

DIY Easter Egg Word Family Game

As a kindergarten teacher, one of the first things I taught my early-readers was to look for Word families, or “chunks,” within larger words to help them with their emerging decoding skills. Word families help young children quickly recognize phonemic patterns within words, allowing the child to read more fluently. In fact, once a child is familiar with the 37 most common word families, he or she can decode more than 500 words in the English language. There are lots of ways to help children to learn and recognize word families, namely through rhyming games. Reading Adventure Packs for Families. Parents who read to their children everyday and talk about what they are reading together promote a joy of reading and literacy achievement.

Reading Adventure Packs for Families

How can teachers encourage reading at home and support the role of parents as educators? 25 Ways to Teach Sight Words! I'm going to share with you some fun and engaging ways to teach sight words.

25 Ways to Teach Sight Words!

I mentioned in this post, that I LOVE teaching sight words!! Phonograms Made Easy – Maitri Learning. So, you've done tons of sound games and you're starting into the sandpaper letters with one of your 3-year-olds.

Phonograms Made Easy – Maitri Learning

It's your first lesson so you choose two pink letters and one blue letter all with letters that are really visually and phonetically distinct (like s, m, and i). You get to the second period and the child is interested. Muriel Dwyer – notes on how to implement it. In our language, I became really frustrated at the amout of work with the Montessori Pink/Blue/Green series.

Muriel Dwyer – notes on how to implement it

In researching, the PBG series is not an AMI way of teaching language. I then worked out that a little, cheap booklet was available, that many AMI Montessori schools implement or use a variation of it, called “A Path for the Exploration of Any Language Leading to Writing and Reading”, written by Muriel Dwyer. To purchase this book, especially if you are outside the USA, like myself, please phone NAMTA and ask them to invoice and post you the book, or you might fall over at having to pay $200 for postage! Dwyer Reading Folders. The Montessori reading method is wonderful.

Dwyer Reading Folders

God's Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum - Learning With Mom. So many of you want to start homeschooling preschool, but have no idea where to start.

God's Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum - Learning With Mom

You are desperately looking for a Preschool Curriculum. I know. I was like you. As a trained teacher, I am used to piecing together my own curriculum. I had already started with Toddler Lessons (sign up to get yours here!) Then… life happened. 1+1+1=1...Preschool Printables. Here you will find free printables to help your preschooler explore letters, sounds, and beginning reading.

1+1+1=1...Preschool Printables

Happy Learning! <font style="" face="Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" class="size12 Tahoma12"><a target="_blank" href=" | <a target="_self" href="/index.html">Home</a> | <a target="_self" href="/ForTots.html">For Tots</a> | <a target="_blank" href=" Printables</a> | <a target="_self" href="/Store.html">1+1+1=1 Store</a> | <a target="_blank" href=" Preschool Letter G – In My World. May 5, 2014 Posted on May 5, 2014 in Blog, Preschool | 15 comments.

Preschool Letter G – In My World

Musical Feelings Game. We played this fun and silly Musical Feelings game today using the cards from our Feelings Lapbook.

Musical Feelings Game

(These printables are available for free.) It was perfect for getting some wiggles out, working on listening skills, and reviewing what we covered this past week. Here's how you play: We took the flip book pages out of our Feelings Lapbook and laid them on the floor in a circle. This would probably be more fun done outdoors, but it was far too windy to do that when we played.

Put on some music and let your child walk, run, hop, jump, or dance from card to card. Stop the music and have your child FREEZE!

Media, audio and video

Clever Classroom: Never Ending Sight Words! I am so excited to share with you that I have finally gotten around to putting all my sight word resources into one HUMONGOUS file! Well this is exciting stuff because not only does it included every sight word bundle I have made but, any sight word resources that I make from now on, will be added to this file. This means that once it's yours, you can log back in a re-download the file and grab what ever I have added FOR FREE. It's kind of like a lifetime membership to all things sight words by Clever Classroom! I love creating literacy resources and I especially adore making sight word activities that are a bit different and also hands-on. Here's what's included in this HUGE, NEVER ENDING bundle. By clicking on the images in the Quick Find Menu (within the file), you will be taken to that file, within the huge file.

Clever Classroom: Vowel Sounds. We all know learning to read and write is tricky for young learners. Learning vowel sounds is also super tricky for our students. I noticed that when I was listening to students read that they didn't always know or weren't able to recall the letter-sound relationships and specifically what sounds that vowels can make. By second grade, these become particularly vital as students are expected to be reading independently. It is vital that a strong foundation of vowel and letter-combinations is laid. We know that reading skills inform writing skills, so one inherently affects the other. If students aren't able to make the connection between the sounds that particular letters make, then students' writing potential will not be realized.

Preschool Language Development Activities. Get more ideas for your toddlers and preschoolers! Tips and hands-on activities delivered FREE to your inbox each week! Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Clever Classroom: Whimsy Workshop Teaching & Clever Classroom Newsletters. Clever Classroom: I can Read! One of my favorite things to teach when I taught Kindergarten was reading, followed by writing. Our reading program started by the third week of school after the students were mostly settled into the routines, transitions and everything Kindergarten. Over the years, I tried a few different ways, small groups, half groups, as well as one on one. In the end I found a mix of these helped. We all know that students need modelled, guided and independent lessons.

The best way to teach emergent readers to read and write, in my experience is with basic sentence structures. At my school, we called them 'level 0' because often level 1 (or level A depending on where you're from) was too difficult. Mrs. Karle's Sight and Sound Reading -Learn to read free!