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Untitled. Par, avec et - 09/04/2015 D'après le DG de Electricity development corporation, qui a effectué une visite sur le site, les travaux sont déjà exécutés à plus de 70% La première mise en eau du barrage de Lom Pangar se dessine.


Le directeur général de Electricity Development corporation Cameroon (EDC), Dr Théodore Nsangou, a effectué une descente sur le chantier de ce barrage, situé dans la région de l'Est, le 27 mars 2015, pour évaluer l’état d’avancement des travaux et galvaniser les acteurs du terrain. Le premier constat est "satisfaisant. Le niveau des travaux garantit une première mise en eau en septembre 2015", assure-t-on à EDC, société à capitaux publics chargée de la gestion, pour le compte de l’Etat, du patrimoine public dans le secteur de l’électricité. Cameroon, Congo define terms for construction of Chollet dam.

Business News of Thursday, 9 April 2015.

Cameroon, Congo define terms for construction of Chollet dam

Renewables II

Govt partners Chinese Huawey on solar project at 53bn CFA. Business News of Monday, 30 March 2015 Source: APA Government and the Chinese company Huawey Technologies & Co.

Govt partners Chinese Huawey on solar project at 53bn CFA

Limited signed a credit agreement, amounting to 53 billion CFA Francs for the financing of the first phase of the electrification of 350 locations in the country by solar system, APA learned from official source on Saturday. For an 18-month turnaround time, this phase relates to 166 locations scattered throughout the national territory. A pilot phase has already been done in Soa, on the outskirts of the capital Yaoundé and Sangmélima (South), at the birthplace of the head of State Paul Biya. In a comprehensive manner, this project aims at the increase of coverage of rural electrification rate, currently estimated at 20%, the empowerment of energy supply as well as the creation of income generating activities in affected areas.

AfDB to back 72MW PV project. Victoria Oil & Gas subsidiary Gaz du Cameroun to double gas production - Natural Gas Daily - Interfax Global Energy. Business News 2015-03-23. Business News of Monday, 23 March 2015 Source: Trenchless International Victoria Oil & Gas has announced the completion of a 1.4 km pipeline in Douala, Cameroon, which utilised horizontal directional drilling during installation.

Business News 2015-03-23

The 400 mm diameter pipeline, completed by Victoria Oil & Gas subsidiary Gaz du Cameroun, required horizontal directional drilling for a 100 m section of the installation. The remaining 1.3 km was installed via open trench methods. 7 companies shortlisted for Lom Pangar dam construction. Business News of Thursday, 12 March 2015 Source: Ecofin Agency The list of seven companies who have pre-qualified for the market of 'the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the plant at the Lom Pangar dam and its spillway post', energy infrastructure construction in the region of the East of the country has been released.

7 companies shortlisted for Lom Pangar dam construction

The companies shortlisted, include the french giant Cegelec, which leads a consortium, as well as Indian society Angelique International, also in consortium with another company. Next comes the companies in Cameroon like the Espagnoles Cobra instalaciones y servicios SA et Elecnor SA; the Ethiopic CRBC Addis Engineering plc; the German Voith Hydro Gmbh and the company China Camc Engineering Co.

According to the Government release five Chinese companies have applied for this market, but four of them have been eliminated for inconsistencies and other shortcomings in their application folders. Annexe14.PDF. Energyvoice. Le groupe Eranove veut construire une centrale thermique de 315 MW à Limbe. Le groupe Eranove, anciennement connu sous l’appellation de Finagestion, envisage de construire dans la ville de Limbé, dans la région du Sud-Ouest du Cameroun, une centrale thermique d’une capacité de production de 315 MW.

le groupe Eranove veut construire une centrale thermique de 315 MW à Limbe

C’est ce que révèle un appel à manifestation d’intérêt lancé le 5 mars 2015 par l’entreprise, en vue du recrutement d’un bureau d’étude et d’ingénierie chargé de faire une évaluation du projet. La consistance des travaux objet de l’appel à manifestation d’intérêt se résume à la réalisation d’une «étude d’avant-projet détaillé, une étude d’impact environnemental et social, un business plan».

37 sites to produce 37 MW of biomass energy found. Business News of Thursday, 5 March 2015 Source: Investir au Cameroun The rural electrification Agency (EIA) with the assistance of the European Union (EU) conducted a study of Cameroonian territory, to identify sites that can accommodate projects of rural electrification, on the one hand, and development of renewable energy, on the other hand.

37 sites to produce 37 MW of biomass energy found

At the end of this survey which lasted 3 years, 37 sites have been identified in 9 regions out of 10 in Cameroon. On these various sites, it was noted that 37 MW of energy can be produced through biomass. Biomass refers to the energy produced by chemical transformation or combustion of organic material of vegetable or animal origin. In this country, it is more common for agro-food industries such as the Sosucam, which produces the energy to run its plants through the burning of sugar cane waste. Le Barrage de Memve’ele déjà réalisé à 60% Liquefied Petroleum Gas production increases. Business News of Thursday, 19 February 2015 Source: Cameroon Tribune The filling capacity of its depot has increased from 60,000 tonnes to 90,000 tonnes annually.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas production increases

Talk of liquefied petroleum gas or what is fondly called domestic gas being scarce is no longer news to Cameroonians. On the contrary, its availability throughout the year, especially during end-of-year feasts, arouses concern. Meanwhile, at the Cameroon Petroleum Depot, (Société Camerounaise des Dépots Pétroliere, SCDP), there is no more talk of gas scarcity. In its Yaounde depot in the Nsam neighbourhood now exists a 500-tonne storage facility, while the Douala depot hosts facilities of 150 tonnes, “always filled with gas.” Officials of the structure say gas scarcity was common when the company used analogue equipment to refill cylinders. SA firms will work on $2.2bn photovoltaic park in Cameroon.

Business News of Tuesday, 10 February 2015 Source: GSC Energy will start work on a 500MW solar photovoltaic park costing about $2.2bn in Cameroon in the second half of this year, founder and chairman Steven Moti said on Monday.

SA firms will work on $2.2bn photovoltaic park in Cameroon

GSC Energy heads a consortium that includes Austria’s Sun Value, and two other South African firms, Tricom Structures and Conco, a subsidiary of the JSE-listed Consolidated Infrastructure Group. The project would create 3,000-4,000 direct and indirect jobs in SA and Cameroon, Mr Moti said. Some of the materials would be sourced from China and some from SA. Renewable energy projects around Africa have been gaining momentum in the past few years, partly because they attract more developmental financing than coal-fired energy projects. Cameroun – Energie hydro électrique : un autre barrage sur la Sanaga – 26/01/2015. Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa to support 72 MW solar PV power plant in Cameroon. | Jan. 24, 2015, 9:08 a.m.

Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa to support 72 MW solar PV power plant in Cameroon

Image: By BiztechAfrica Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa to support 72 MW solar PV power plant in Cameroon The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) approved at the end of 2014 a USD 777,000 preparation grant for JCM Greenquest Solar Corporation to support the development of a 72 MW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power plant as the first renewable energy Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Cameroon. Eneo to turn thermal power plants to gas. Business News of Wednesday, 21 January 2015 Source: Investir au Cameroun Energy of Cameroon (Eneo), the concessionaire of the public service of electricity in Cameroon, will soon turn, its thermal power plants in Bassa and Logbaba, localities in Douala (economic capital) to gas to enable it to reduce the operating costs of these units. The information was not given by the company itself, but was deduced by Ecofin Agency, following an announcement made on 19th January 2015 by Victoria Oil & Gas, mining junior British majority shareholder of gas in Cameroon (GDC).

In this announcement, VOG explains to investors in the London Stock Exchange where it is listed, that it has completed the connection of sites concerned ahead of time. Les études détaillées démarrent en février pour le Barrage de Song Dong. Gov't to construct Song Dong power plant at 375 billion. Business News of Tuesday, 20 January 2015 Source: Minister Basile Atangana Kouna and Zhang Nianmu of Hydrochina International signed a commercial contract on Monday, January 19, 2015 in Yaoundé.

The agreement was signed towards an installation of a 270 MW capacity hydroelectric power in Song Dong. This will be built on the Sanaga River in the Littoral region and will have an annual output of 1.800 Gwh. Nearly 375 billion CFA francs is needed to implement this project. Government intends to seek assistance from the Chinese EXIM Bank with regard to financing. The maximum height on bottom of excavation is 51 Mr. operating minimum level is 103 m. side of normal restraint measure 104 Mr. the coast of crete is 106.5 m high. YAKE Solar 'Light for All' Video Haute Energy Systems (HES) Mbonge-Cameroon.

From cities to villages, solar lamps are in. (Business in Cameroon) - Virtual salvation from the repeated electrical power outages and problems and fires caused by storm lamps and candles, solar lamps have made a blazing debut in Cameroonian households Long considered to be the energy source of the wealthy, solar energy is quickly spreading among everyday Cameroonian people. The oil company Total is among the first companies in the sector to sell its “Awango” solar lamps in various service stations (unit cost: 7,000 FCFA). Cameroon’s demand for solar lamps, which are easily rechargeable and safer, pushed other companies such as GN Solaire France to embark on this adventure. Today, the solar lamp is doing well. In Yaoundé and in Douala, the country’s two major cities, they can be found in virtually all hardware stores.

The most popular item is the solar lamp equipped with a USB charger for cellular phones. When Cameroon turns sunlight into energy. (Business in Cameroon) - It is a known fact: Cameroon has the 2nd highest hydroelectric potential in Africa behind the Democratic Republic of Congo. But Cameroon is also a very sunny country and therefore has equally impressive potential in solar energy, particularly in the northern region of the country.

Indeed, according to the Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency’s (ARSEL) data, average insolation in the North is 5.8 KWh/m2/day compared to 4 KWh/m2/day in the South. “Therefore, Cameroon’s average insolation is 4.9KWh/m2,” ARSEL estimates. In light of this, over the last few years, the Cameroonian government has been promoting the country’s solar potential. At the international forums attended by the Ministry of Energy, the search for partners interested in investing in this sector has become the order of the day. On this quest for solar energy, importers, businessmen and even government authorities have not been left behind. Cameroun: 37 milliards pour réhabiliter les centrales hydroélectriques de Songloulou, Edéa et Lagdo.

Victoria Oil & Gas sign major gas sales agreement with ENEO Cameroon. Major gas sales agreement signed with ENEO Gas to be supplied to Logbaba(30MW) and Bassa (20MW) power stations under a two year contract at a fixed price of US$9/mmbtu Gas consumption to generate 50MW is 10.1mmscf/d of which minimum take or pay component is 90% in dry season and 30% in wet season ENEO's schedule requires 50MW of power to be online by end Q1 2015 · Total GDC gas production for 2015 expected to average 10.4 mmscf/d Victoria Oil & Gas Plc, today announces that it's wholly owned subsidiary Gaz du Cameroun S.A.

("GDC") has signed a legally binding term sheet with ENEO Cameroon S.A ("ENEO"), Cameroon's integrated utility Company, to supply gas to two power stations located in the city of Douala ("The Agreement").GDC has also signed a legally binding term sheet with ENEO and Altaaqa Alternative Solutions Projects DWC-LLC ("Altaaqa") a United Arab Emirates equipment supply company. By entering into the Agreement, GDC has become a part of the Cameroon national energy strategy.

Deal Signed for Africa's First FLNG. BY MarEx 2014-12-25 18:09:50 Golar LNG has signed an agreement with Societe Nationale de Hydrocarbures (SNH) and Perenco Cameroon for the development of a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility. The agreement is premised on the allocation of 500 bcf of natural gas reserves from offshore Kribi fields which will be exported to global markets via the GoFLNG facility Golar Hilli, now under construction at the Keppel Shipyard in Singapore. The project will be located 20km off the coast of Cameroon. Golar will provide the liquefaction facilities and services under a tolling agreement to SNH and Perenco as owners of the upstream joint venture who also intend to produce LPG for the local market in association with the project.

It is anticipated that the allocated reserves will be produced at the rate of some 1.2 million tons of LNG per annum over an approximate eight year period. Cameroun : les panneaux solaires de mauvaise qualité dictent leur loi. Ils ne respectent pas la puissance qui leur est attribuée. Hysacam launches 2nd biogas catchment and treatment plant in Cameroon. Hysacam inaugurates 2nd biogas plant in Cmr. Cameroon makes deal for 330-MW Nachtigal Falls hydropower project - HydroWorld. Cameroun: Le chantier du barrage de Lom Pangar passe à la phase opérationnelle.

DBI - Cameroon. Although it has several thermal power plants scattered across its territory, Cameroon has always relied on hydropower for its industrial activity. Yet, although experts unanimously award Cameroon second place in hydroelectric potential in Africa (the Democratic Republic of Congo taking gold), the country currently has only three hydroelectric dams, located on two of its major rivers.

These include the Lagdo hydroelectric dam on the Benue river (a tributary of the Niger), and the Songloulou and Edea dams, both on the Sanaga river. Locals say that the crocodiles know better than to get near them. With an installed capacity of 72 MW, the Lagdo dam feeds Cameroon’s dry northern provinces. Both the Edea and Songlouglou dams – they are just a few kilometers apart – are far larger, with respectively 263 and 384 MW of capacity.

The coming years may belie this, since three hydroelectric dams are currently under construction in different parts of the country. Gaz du Cameroun to supply Bonabéri industrial zone. (Business in Cameroon) - Gaz du Cameroun (GDC), subsidiary of the fledgling British oil and gas company, Victoria Oil and Gas, stated on October 29 that it has finished building a pipeline under the Wouri River which runs through the economic capital, Douala. Thanks to this achievement, the company can now supply the Bonabéri industrial zone where there is a high concentration of factories. Les travaux de construction du barrage de la Menchum se précisent. TIC Mag - Le Cameroun se dote d'une cartographie des énergies renouvelables. More Sharing ServicesPlus. Barrages hydroélectriques: Le point sur les grands projets.

Cameroon: FCFA 65 Billion Needed to Extend Kribi Gas Fired Plant. Vers la construction d’une usine de production de « charbon écologique » au Cameroun. Appel à pré-qualification pour la construction d ‘ une usine de production d’électricité - Un projet d''énergie solaire sur 250 localités donne ses premiers résultats en 2013. Eau et énergie : de grands projets pour l’émergence. Projet Memve’ele : Vers le premier mégawatt. La production de la centrale à gaz de Kribi monte en puissance, mais n’atteint pas encore le seuil promis. Victoria Oil & Gas Brings More Electricity Units Online In Cameroon. US$200m for solar development in Cameroon - Cameroon’s gas production explodes, going from 93.4 to 4.343 billion cubic feet over a year. Victoria Oil & Gas Connects Electricity Units In Cameroon. Le Barrage de Lom Pangar réalisé à 50% Cameroun: Energie solaire, 100 MW en vue pour Ngaoundéré.

Deux entreprises camerounaises envisagent d’alimenter les voitures au gaz naturel. Gaz du Cameroun increases production. Cameroon: The Natchigal hydro-electric plant to open in 2019. Cameroon: Poised to increase its gas production. Nouvelles directives pour l’extension de la centrale à gaz de Kribi. Les travaux de construction du centre emplisseur de gaz domestique de Bertoua réalisés à plus de 80% South African-led group aims for $2.2bn Cameroon solar plan - Africa. GSC Energy projette une centrale solaire de 500 MW dans la région septentrionale du Cameroun. Cameroon map of Map of Cameroon: Geothermal Energy Resource Sites by Region by Département.

Cameroon Wants to Regulate Biogas Production. Le Cameroun va se doter de centrales solaires dans 1000 localités. Solar, Wind Energy Plant to Open in Soa. Cameroon's Biya Authorizes Joule Africa to Build Key Electricity Plant - Official. Le groupe britannique Joule Africa obtient le feu vert pour la construction du barrage de la Menchum. Les générateurs du barrage de Mekin installés. Cameroon looks to Sanaga basin hydropower potential.

Info-centrales-elec.jpg (JPEG Image, 852 × 1200 pixels) Cameroun : mettre les voisins sous tension. Solar power brings light to villagers. Cameroun : la centrale à gaz de Kribi enfin fonctionnelle. Le barrage de Noun-Wouri : déjà un important client. Cameroon: Investors Seek to Boost Biofuel Production (Page 2 of 3) Construction of Photovoltaic Power Plants to begin by March 2013. Over 1.8 Million New Customers Subscribed To MTN Cameroon In 2012. La centrale à gaz de Kribi va combler le déficit d’électricité jusqu’en 2015. Le Cameroun va construire 250 centrales solaires pour renforcer l’offre énergétique du pays. Cameroun : les centrales du Programme thermique d’urgence reprennent du service. Cameroun : la consommation du gaz domestique atteindra 200 000 tonnes métriques d’ici à 2022.

Cameroun : Tradex sécurise les approvisionnements en gaz domestique. Cameroon: Memve'ele Dam Turbines Under Fabrication in China. Alternative Energy Africa. Le conseil d’administration de KPDC accepte l’extension de la centrale à gaz de Kribi. Cameroun : le barrage de Mekin sera livré en 2014. Government and an international company, Joule Afr. Cameroun : African Energy Company suggère 10 turbines de 250 MW chacune pour Noun-Wouri. Cameroun : Tradex va se lancer dans la distribution du gaz domestique. Hydromine Inc. va construire deux centrales hydroélectriques au Cameroun. 280 MW à prendre à Song Dong. 10,3 milliards de FCFA à rechercher pour l’énergie solaire dans 150 villages. Le barrage de Noun-Wouri : déjà un important client. 13,3 milliards de FCFA nécessaires à la construction de mini centrales hydroélectriques.

Hydroélectricité, gaz, solaire, éolien : un potentiel énergétique à valoriser. CIDC veut construire des centrales solaires. Denizens of the Adamawa in Cameroon’s northern par.