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The Venus Project

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Roxanne Meadows

Roxanne Meadows attended Moore College of Art and received a B.F.A. from Maryland Institute of Art. She studied technical and architectural rendering and model making under Jacque Fresco for 4 years. Today, she is an accomplished and well-known technical and architectural illustrator and model maker. Ms. Meadows is a competent scientific and medical illustrator. Since 1985, Ms. A few of the many clients of Architectural Arts Inc. are: Disney Development Corp. - Orlando, FL Westinghouse Communities - Naples, FL The Lutgert Companies - Naples, FL Bonita Bay Properties - Bonita Springs, FL Atlantic Gulf Communities – Miami, FL CRSA Inc. - Memphis, Tennessee Krystal Key Development Corp.- Ft. She taught technical and fine arts at the Sebring and Lake Placid Art Center and has worked as a computer animator for Ken Sneeden and Associates. From 1975 to the present, she has worked with renowned futurist Jacque Fresco to develop and promote The Venus Project.

She, along with Mr. About TVP. The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization.

About TVP

It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life. F.A.Q. Aims & Proposals. It is common in our mass-media to read and to hear commentators talk about the number of social problems that face us today, such as global warming, destruction of Earth's environment, unemployment, crime, violence, poverty, hunger, and the population explosion.

Aims & Proposals

Yet, how often do we hear of workable plans for alleviating many of these social problems? It is relatively simple for people to criticize society, however it's much more difficult to identify and implement plans to resolve the problems. Resource Based Economy. The term and meaning of a Resource Based Economy was originated by Jacque Fresco.

Resource Based Economy

It is a holistic socio-economic system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few. The premise upon which this system is based is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resource; our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival. Modern society has access to highly advanced technology and can make available food, clothing, housing and medical care; update our educational system; and develop a limitless supply of renewable, non-contaminating energy.

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