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Video: Obama Thinks US Sovereignty Overrated, Should Cede Freedoms to UN » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

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Reddit ordered to preserve alleged posts from Clinton’s server techie (PICTURES) — RT America. The House Oversight Committee has ordered Reddit to store posts allegedly written and deleted by an IT technician they suspect was behind Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

Reddit ordered to preserve alleged posts from Clinton’s server techie (PICTURES) — RT America

The committee issued the preservation order as part of their investigation into whether an employee of the tech firm hired by Clinton to manage her email server posted questions on the forum about how to digitally alter the address lines of emails, The Hill reports. READ MORE: Clinton ‘bleached’ her private server to permanently wipe emails, says House Oversight member On July 24, 2014, user “stonetear” wrote that he “may be facing a very interesting situation where I need to strip out a VIP’s (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived email.” “Basically, they don’t want the VIP’s email address exposed to anyone, and want to be able to either strip out or replace the email address in the to/from fields in all of the emails we want to send out,” reads the post. Geneva activists protest EU-US trade deals. Greenpeace activists have staged a protest in front of the US mission in the Swiss city of Geneva against the controversial European Union deals with Washington.

Geneva activists protest EU-US trade deals

Greenpeace Switzerland’s trade campaigner Matthias Wuthriech said the protesters want an end to the “dangerous” talks on the so called Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) being discussed by Brussels and Washington. He said the deal “would pave the way for global deregulation and liberalization of everything, from financial markets to public services. TISA would undermine effective climate action and environmental protection, health care and education, labor rights and data protection.”

The demonstrators are skeptical of the benefits of the TISA and the TTIP. They also slammed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which is in the works between the EU and Canada. French blogger lashes out at YouTube for trying to ‘censor’ her interview with Juncker. A French video blogger who interviewed European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker has exposed a video in which a YouTube representative tries to censor her “super tough” questions.

French blogger lashes out at YouTube for trying to ‘censor’ her interview with Juncker

The embarrassing scene was caught on hidden camera. “You don’t want to get on the wrong side of YouTube and the European Commission, or of the people who trust you. Except if you don’t care about having a long career on YouTube,” a YouTube employee tells Birbes, adding that he would have to discuss potential “red-flag” questions with Juncker’s spokesperson, Natasha Bertaud. “At the beginning, I realized that YouTube was trying to gently influence me,” Birbes said in her video statement on Facebook.

“Then eventually it got more serious, and at some point I felt threatened.” YouTube wanted the conversation with Juncker to be a politics-free chat, nothing to write home about. One in four French Muslims in 'revolt' against secular laws. Paris (AFP) - Around one in four French Muslims, mostly young people, support an ultra-conservative form of Islam, including the wearing of the full-face veil, but the vast majority accept France's strict secular laws, a study showed Sunday.

One in four French Muslims in 'revolt' against secular laws

The Ifop survey carried out for a major study of French Muslims by Institut Montaigne, a liberal think-tank, showed that the vast majority of people who identify as Muslim accept curbs on religion in public. But 60 percent considered girls should nonetheless be allowed to wear the headscarf in school, 12 years after it and other religious symbols were banished from the classroom, the survey published in Le Journal du Dimanche weekly showed.

And around one in four -- 24 percent -- supported the wearing of the burqa and niqab, the full-face veils that were banned in public places in 2010. Those in the secular category, which made up 46 percent of the total, did not reject Islam but demonstrated their religious feeling mainly by eating halal meat. ‘US seeks to use Snowden example to discourage whistleblowers’ – Amnesty Intl — RT Op-Edge. Charges against Edward Snowden are very much politically motivated; the US authorities want to make an example out of the ex-NSA contractor and prevent him from having a fair trial, Tanya O’Carroll of Amnesty International told RT.

‘US seeks to use Snowden example to discourage whistleblowers’ – Amnesty Intl — RT Op-Edge

Three major human-rights groups launched a public campaign in order to persuade US President Barack Obama to pardon whistleblower Edward Snowden. Earlier, Snowden said he does not regret the decisions he made. US lawmakers refuse, however, to pardon Snowden. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday that the Obama administration believes that the ex-CIA contractor should return to the US to face charges. Thousands defy rain to join anti-TTIP and anti-CETA rallies in Germany. Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in Germany on Saturday to raise their voices against pending free trade deals the EU wants to seal with the US and Canada.

Thousands defy rain to join anti-TTIP and anti-CETA rallies in Germany

The demonstrations in seven major German cities attracted at least 100,000 protesters, Deutsche Welle reported, citing the German police. 40,000 people braved heavy rain to march through the streets of the German capital. In Hamburg, 30,000 showed up for the protest, while Cologne saw 18,000 demonstrators.

Rallies also took place in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich, and Stuttgart. The protest was organized by various groups who see the two major free trade deals, which the European Union is expected to sign with the US and Canada, as a threat. “The problem we see is that this is not a fair deal and it is not transparent. “Many people are concerned that it will be the race to the bottom when the lower standards will be [applied] to everyone,” another protester said.

‘Paris ignoring violent protests, ramming through labor reform without parliament vote' — RT Op-Edge. The fact that the French government is willing to accept violence shows that Paris has an agenda to fulfill for the EU, Nikola Mirkovic, independent political analyst, told RT.

‘Paris ignoring violent protests, ramming through labor reform without parliament vote' — RT Op-Edge

Activist George Bardas also provided his thoughts. A large number of French unions held protest against labor reforms in Paris on Thursday. Demonstrators had clashes with riot police throwing fire bombs and setting rubbish ablaze. Officers in turn, unleashed tear gas on the activists. Opponents of the reform say it is skewed in favor of employers, while the government says it will boost jobs. Tensions Rising in Germany. 2 cops shot, suspect and bystander killed in West Philly rampage. A gunman ambushed a Philadelphia police sergeant late Friday night in West Philadelphia, firing more than a dozen rounds before taking off, and then shot four civilians and a University of Pennsylvania police officer during his flight before he was finally cornered and killed by police.

2 cops shot, suspect and bystander killed in West Philly rampage

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross identified the gunman Saturday as 25-year-old Nicholas Glenn, of West Philadelphia. The shooting rampage started about 11:18 p.m. when Glenn walked up to a marked police cruiser at 52nd and Sansom Streets and just began firing, police said. Sgt. Sylvia Young, 46, who was sitting inside the car, was shot several times after Glenn fired off 18 shots, Ross said at a Saturday afternoon news conference.

‘Confused and contradictory US policy on Syria reaching point of bizarre’ — RT Op-Edge. Tens of thousands protest in Europe against Atlantic free trade deals. By Michael Nienaber BERLIN (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of people protested in European cities on Saturday against planned free trade deals with the United States and Canada they say would undermine democracy and lower food safety, environmental and labor standards.

Tens of thousands protest in Europe against Atlantic free trade deals

Organizers -- an alliance of environmental groups, labor unions and opposition parties -- said 320,000 people took part in rallies in seven German cities, including Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt. Police put the figure at around 180,000. Smaller protests were also planned in other European cities, including Vienna and Salzburg in Austria and Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden. ‘Copyright not divine right’: Indian court defends photocopying of university textbooks. The High Court of Delhi has made education easier for students by granting Delhi University the right to photocopy entire textbooks from major publishers, stating that copyright is not a “divine, or natural right.” At the heart of this is the principle that libraries on campus already allow for slow and tedious photocopying of pages when a student is in need of a few lines for particular assignments or the week’s required reading.

So why shouldn’t the process be made more convenient? On Friday, therefore, the Indian court upheld the decision to allow campus photocopy shops, along with the Delhi University library, to photocopy entire books. The Chief Justice held that this is permissible under Section of 52 of the Copyright Act. This was outlined in a 94-page document, the Times of India reports. Read more. ‘Copyright not divine right’: Indian court defends photocopying of university textbooks. News — RT. Huge rally expected in Germany against TTIP. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in protest rallies across Germany to oppose a huge transatlantic trade deal between the US and the European Union (EU), amid a push by Washington to have the deal concluded by next January. “We hope that more than 250,000 participants will join in the march nationwide” on Saturday, said Roland Suess of the anti-globalization group Attac.

The protest action is scheduled to take place in seven German cities, including the country’s capital, Berlin, and its economic hub, Frankfurt. The US and the EU started discussions on the so-called Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in 2013, intent on establishing the world’s largest free trade market of some 850 million consumers. A new round of talks is due to begin in October as US President Barack Obama wants to have the pact finalized before he leaves office in January.

European governments are also divided over the planned trade deal. Inflation nation: Healthcare, housing costs on the rise as anticipated Fed interest rate hike nears — RT America. If August felt like a tough month, you’re not alone. Rapid inflation marked a 32-year high in healthcare costs, as well as an uptick in rent prices. The Federal Reserve has the option to increase interest rates, but will it help consumers? In the US, the cost of living often correlates with gas prices. Typically, when gas prices are low, it’s cheaper to ship products, and the prices of those products should reflect the decreased shipping costs.

No third-party candidates invited to first presidential debate — RT America. Russian bloggers slam Bellingcat MH17 investigation for ‘falsified evidence’ A team of Russian citizen-journalists blasted the Bellingcat investigation into the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash over Ukraine in 2014, saying that their Western colleagues took a pro-Kiev stance from the start and relied on fake and falsified evidence. A group of anonymous Russian bloggers, who call themselves the ‘Anti-Fake’ citizen journalists group, have issued a 44-page report in an attempt to establish the truth about the tragedy and avoid the spread of disinformation with regards to the MH17 investigation. The document was released two weeks before a Dutch-led criminal investigation into the into the issue is set to publish its findings.

The Russian bloggers criticize the “supposedly unbiased” Bellingcat inquiry by British citizen-journalists, which was based on open sources found on the internet and the already published results of the official Dutch investigation. Britain to keep Russia sanctions … despite own defense committee finding them ineffective. Britain is determined to push on with sanctions against Russia despite a Defence Committee report finding the measures mostly affect civilians and have no impact on the country’s military infrastructure. The government response to the ‘Russia: Implications for UK defence and security’ report was published on Thursday. The UK said it is keen to see the current sanctions “roll over” into the next year. While the committee agreed the sanctions should continue, it found “their effects are felt most keenly by the Russian public and they have not reduced Russian military investment and expansion.”

Shock Video Shows CNN, MSNBC Embracing Role as "Surrogates" of Clinton Campaign » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! If this isn’t a brazen and shocking example of how controlled the media is in the United States, then I don’t know what is. Is Hillary alive? How much does it matter? An American writer and political analyst says if Hillary Clinton gets elected president of the United States, she will be a sock puppet of the global ruling elite.

Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV on Tuesday that the Democratic presidential nominee does not need to be a very healthy person in order to do the bidding of her handlers. Hunger drives US teens to swap sex for food, commit crimes – research — RT America. Tent Cities Full Of Homeless People Are Booming In Cities All Over America As Poverty Spikes. Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, Just like during the last economic crisis, homeless encampments are popping up all over the nation as poverty grows at a very alarming rate.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than half a million people are homeless in America right now, but that figure is increasing by the day. Roberts: Democrats Whispering Clinton Might Step Aside from Race. Congress Can Save the Internet. SPUTNIK EXCLUSIVE: Research Proves Google Manipulates Millions to Favor Clinton. Ps using artificial intelligence to stop crimes BEFORE they happen, researchers warn. ‘I could talk to foreign leaders bypassing State Dept’: Powell to Clinton on private email use — RT America. Colin Powell advised Hillary Clinton, his successor as US Secretary of State, to use a private email “without going through State Department servers” and avoid basic security rules he described as “nonsense,” their seven-year-old exchange reveals. The complete email exchange between Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton – full of stunning details – was released late Wednesday by Elijah Cummings, top Democrat of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Twittersphere rushes to 'help' AP, which 'lost rights' to Clinton fainting video — RT Viral. ‘Keep working, brothers’: Dagestan cop defies militants seconds before execution (VIDEO) Hillary Fainting Episode Vindicates Matt Drudge. Hillary Clinton’s fainting episode at a 9/11 memorial Sunday morning was preceded by months of Matt Drudge, the proprietor of the Drudge Report, claiming that Hillary’s health is worse than she lets on to the public. Video of the incident shows Clinton going limp before being carried into a van by Secret Service agents. Arrest warrant for Democracy Now! journalist Amy Goodman over North Dakota pipeline protest — RT America. Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign. I Am A Syrian Living in Syria: “It was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists are sent by your Government” EU risks trade impotency as critics target deal with Canada.

Ontario needs a new government. New dirty war: Native Argentines fight fracking by global corporations. #BasketOfDeplorables-gate: Angry backlash after Hillary calls half of Trump supporters bigots — RT America. ‘It’s been 15 years. Not even simplest questions answered’ – 9/11 survivor to RT — RT America. Snowden ‘uncomfortable’ with film portrayal, calls UK ‘authoritarian’ in new interview — RT America. 15yo girl dragged by hair and thrown ‘like a doll’ in brutal arrest - lawsuit — RT America. ‘Incarcerated Workers’ stage nationwide prison labor strike 45 years after 1971 Attica riot — RT America.

15 years after 9/11: Emergency responders and civilians turning up with record rates of cancer — RT America. ‘Let the dolphin games begin’: Gruesome Japanese cove hunt spills first blood. Montage: 18 Times Obama Trashed America in Asia. Bill Clinton Could Serve Unconstitutional Third Term If Hillary Sick in Office » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! No politics please! (Unless it’s anti-Russian politics) — RT Op-Edge. US police shame drug users with shocking photo of them passed out with child in backseat — RT America. Anonymous hacker faces 16 years in prison, while Steubenville rapists walk free — RT America.

12yo Irish boy takes on social media bullies – and 500k viewers now have his back (VIDEO) — RT Viral. Was Hillary Wearing an Earpiece During Last Night's Presidential Forum? » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Obama Executive Order 13603 Authorizes Slavery In The US « InvestmentWatch.

Obama dodges Dakota pipeline question, fails to back Native American protesters — RT America. Guardian calls Belarus flag protest at Paralympics ‘mutiny,’ elicits scorn from Moscow. Missouri releases first glimpse of 2016 test scores. How the CIA Used LSD to Destroy the New Left. EmailGate and the Mystery of the Missing GAMMA. Second Execution-Style Killing of Prominent Ferguson Activist Raises Suspicions. 'Migrant with chainsaw' attacks truck in Calais. Why a 4-day work week is NOT good for your health.

Recent suicides across Canada highlight need for national strategy. Brock Turner's mom blocks cameras as her son signs sex registry. ‘Jungle’ camp must close to stop mass attacks by migrants – Calais mayor to RT. A cashless society? Some retailers turn noses up at currency. Young Blacks Voice Skepticism on Hillary Clinton, Worrying Democrats. News from The Associated Press. Cut-equalization-payments-to-provinces-that-refuse-pipelines-psac-head-1. Keep Right, Let Others Pass Law is Now Official on BC Highways. Gone to pot: Weed smoking rises among US middle aged, seniors as teen use declines — RT Viral. Hillary lets children ask her questions - for $2,700 apiece! - The American MirrorThe American Mirror.

McCarthyism of the left? Clinton supporters use anti-Russia rhetoric to bash opponents — RT America. Clinton email scandal: ‘Whole world should know about her crimes & what she’d like to do’ — RT Op-Edge. Hillary in 2006: Let’s Build a Wall, Deport Illegals » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! ‘By 2050 half the forms of life we know will be gone’ – conservation biologist — RT Op-Edge. US exceptionalism: How dare the EU demand US companies pay more tax! — RT Op-Edge. Top 7 ways America has alienated Vladimir Putin (and vice-versa) — RT Op-Edge. Cop pepper-sprayed by protester during Puerto Rico austerity conference (VIDEO) — RT Viral. Leaked: UK-made military spy gear on offer to US police — RT America. Clint Eastwood: Trump Challenging Obama’s ‘Pussy Generation’ » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Black Teen Assaults 5-Year-Old Girl, School Defends it as Normal Behavior » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! ‘I served for his right to protest’: Veterans take over Twitter with support for NFL’s Kaepernick — RT America. Gun sale bans for medical marijuana users constitutional, US appeals court rules — RT America. ‘Time to pull secret trade deal TTIP out of the shadows’ — RT Op-Edge. Journalist Dismissed After Post About Hillary Clinton's Health - 'Chilling' ACLU sues after Christian woman forced to remove headscarf for driver's license photo — RT America. Children found living in Seattle-area sewer — RT America. Teacher plays slavery game in class with one black student.

IS Gaining Foothold in Yemen. Judge Throws Cancer Patient in “Modern-Day Debtors’ Prison” Over Unpaid Bills. Globalism Is A Barbaric Relic - Voluntary Tribalism Is The Future. Manafort Scandal Shows US Media's Fascination With Non-Existent 'Russian Trace' Sarkozy announces bid for French presidency. Saudi jets strike Yemen’s capital during 100,000 strong rally in support of Houthis (VIDEO) Clinton Foundation to stop taking foreign, corporate money – but only if Hillary’s elected — RT America. Pro-fracking insider appointed by Clinton to head presidential transition team — RT America. School ignored complaints about sex offender teacher for 15 years, report finds. Civil War II? Trump fans in Texas eye secession if Clinton wins — RT America. Team USA wins gold but cheapens Olympics with Cold War-style behavior — RT Op-Edge. Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online — RT America.