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Russian jets intercept US spy planes approaching Russian border with transponders off – MoD. US spy planes have twice tried to approach the Russian border over the Black Sea with their transponders off, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding that SU-27 fighter jets were scrambled in response.

Russian jets intercept US spy planes approaching Russian border with transponders off – MoD

“On September 7, the US P-8 Poseidon surveillance airplanes tried to approach the Russian border twice… with their transponders off,” Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. The SU-27 fighter jets that intercepted the US aircraft were acting “in strict accordance with international flight rules,” the statement reads. Two unnamed US defense officials earlier accused Russian jets of carrying out an “unsafe and unprofessional” intercept of the US spy aircraft, which was on a “regular patrol” over the Black Sea. The officials were speaking of the incident with Reuters. They said the Russian SU-27 came within about 3 meters of the US plane, and the standoff lasted for about 19 minutes. Beijing talks ‘revitalized’ trade & financial ties with Philippines as Duterte spews vitriol on US. China and the Philippines, traditionally the US’ closest ally in Southeast Asia, have reportedly discussed “revitalizing” bilateral ties in such key areas as tourism and customs, amid President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent harsh rhetoric for US officials.

Beijing talks ‘revitalized’ trade & financial ties with Philippines as Duterte spews vitriol on US

The Philippines’ finance secretary, Carlos G. Dominguez III, and Chinese ambassador Zhao Jianhua have agreed to boost cooperation in agricultural trade, currency swap procedures, customs, project financing, and tourism, according to the Manila Bulletin newspaper. Read more China’s ambassador also said Beijing would like to invest in a number of infrastructure projects that have been launched by President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration, the newspaper reported on Monday, citing Philippines Finance Undersecretary Maria Editha Tan. Manila’s accession to the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), whose assets are said to amount to about half of the World Bank’s, was also reportedly discussed during the talks. Without Israeli occupation, Palestinian economy would double – UN report. In a damning report, the UN development body (UNCTAD) described the ways Israeli occupation of Gaza and West Bank has been preventing the Palestinian economy from recovery and getting twice as big as it is now.

Without Israeli occupation, Palestinian economy would double – UN report

The document detailing the “staggering economic cost” of Israeli occupation was released on Tuesday by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). “The Palestinian economy would be at least twice as large without Israeli occupation,” the findings reveal. Among the key reasons for the high unemployment and staggering poverty the agency cites “confiscation of Palestinian land, water and other natural resources.” It adds that “restrictions on the movement of people and goods; destruction of assets and the productive base;” also played a major role here. According to the latest estimations by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics nearly 27 percent of people of the autonomy are currently without job. Read more. Philippines leader calls Obama ‘son of a b****,’ rejects lecturing from US on human rights — RT America.

In an acid comment, Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte called Barack Obama a “son of a b****,” warning the US president against lecturing him over the Philippines’ human rights record in its brutal war on drugs at a global summit in Laos, where the two are set to meet.

Philippines leader calls Obama ‘son of a b****,’ rejects lecturing from US on human rights — RT America

Read more “Son of a b****, I will curse you in that forum," the acid-tongued Duterte said before departing for Laos, where the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is hosting a meeting of global leaders, including the US and Russia. The statement came in reaction to the information President Obama was to address the alleged extrajudicial killings during the anti-drug campaign in the Philippines that has already claimed 2,400 lives.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, Duterte insisted he was “a president of a sovereign state” and that his country has “long ceased to be a colony of the United States. " The Philippines president was set to meet with Barack Obama on Tuesday, but the talks have now been canceled. Saudi FM to meet British MPs, make case for continued arms exports despite war crime claims. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir will meet with British MPs on Wednesday in a bid to convince them not to ban UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia over concerns the Gulf kingdom is committing war crimes in Yemen.

Saudi FM to meet British MPs, make case for continued arms exports despite war crime claims

Al-Jubeir’s decision to take the unusual step of briefing MPs in person comes days after Prime Minister Theresa May discussed human rights concerns with Saudi diplomats at the G20 summit in China. The briefing will take place hours before the Select Committee on the Control of Arms Exports meets to debate whether to call for a ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia. NSA leaks show US spooks use UK base to launch ‘kill-capture’ missions. Leaks by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have revealed how his former employer used the US spy base at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire to conduct ‘kill or capture’ missions in its global shadow war.

NSA leaks show US spooks use UK base to launch ‘kill-capture’ missions

The new files published by the Intercept partly lay to rest speculation by journalists and campaigners over what really goes on at the US base. They show that secretive NSA kill-capture operations in the Middle East have been developed and initiated from inside the base’s heavily guarded perimeter wire. The programs, which carry names like GHOSTWOLF and GHOSTHUNTER, have been used to support conventional operations in war zones such as Afghanistan and Yemen – with which neither Britain nor the US is officially at war. The leaks also call into question claims about UK complicity in deadly drones strikes carried out using the intelligence base. Read more.

Up to 40% of asylum seekers in Switzerland ‘disappear’– report. Netanyahu considering offer of talks with Palestinian president in Moscow. What does Alternative for Germany (AfD) want? The right-wing nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) has pushed Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling conservatives into third place in a regional election.

What does Alternative for Germany (AfD) want?

The AfD was founded in 2013 as an anti-euro party but has turned its focus to immigration and Islam. Cell Block. Cracks Appear in the US-Turkish Coalition in Northern Syria. Russo-Turkish rapprochement has put Washington under a lot of pressure, forcing the Obama administration to re-consider the US' military strategy in Syria, Salman Rafi Sheikh, political analyst and expert on Pakistan's foreign affairs, writes.

Cracks Appear in the US-Turkish Coalition in Northern Syria

"Many in the US policy making circles believe that the US does strongly need to boost its military operation in Syria against Assad," Sheikh notes in his article for New Eastern Outlook, stressing that the reason for this is "the possible enhanced military co-operation between Russia and Turkey. " The analyst puts the spotlight on the Russo-Syrian decision to turn Hmeymim Air Base into a permanent fully-operational Russian military base. The agreement was ratified following the Russo-Turkish rapprochement this year, despite the fact it was signed in August 2015 by Moscow and Damascus, he stresses. Ankara regards the Kurdish expansion in northern Syria as a direct threat to Turkey's national security. US National Debt Reaches Record High, But No One Knows How to Handle it. Business Get short URL Earlier this week, the US national debt hit $19.5 trillion, for the first time ever.

US National Debt Reaches Record High, But No One Knows How to Handle it

Since January 2016, it has increased by $500 billion, according to the US Treasury. In 2009 when Barack Obama became president the debt was $10.63 billion. Currently, the debt ceiling has been suspended until mid-March which means the debt will rise further. "The total national debt when Obama leaves office in January is expected to approach $20 trillion by then," an article on Washington Examiner read. In August, the Congressional Budget Office reported that by the end of the fiscal year (September 2016), the debt-to-GDP ratio will increase by three percentage points, to 77 percent. The debt is the sum total of annual budget deficits, plus interest. Dotcom to RT's Keiser: We'll expose ‘trail of US government abuse’ via extradition appeal livestream. ‘Democratization’ attempts lead to state system destruction & terrorism – Putin. Germany says Armenia genocide resolution ‘non-binding’ after reports Berlin keen to ‘satisfy’ Turkey.

Marine Le Pen Promises EU Membership Referendum If Elected French President. US Needs to Stop Playing 'Chicken' With Beijing in South China Sea. Politics Get short URL.

US Needs to Stop Playing 'Chicken' With Beijing in South China Sea

Mass incarceration: 71% of Israeli prisoners aren’t Jewish, majority are Palestinian. More than double the proportion of Israel’s general prison population comprise of Palestinian and other non-Jewish inmates, a freedom of information request has revealed. The Israeli Prisons Service (IPS) stated that out of 20,568 inmates, just 5,659 are Jewish and 12,397 are Arabs. Another 2,512 prisoners are classified as “other,” which includes asylum seekers being held in detention camps and other non-Israelis who are not of Jewish or Arab backgrounds.

The figures, which were obtained by +972 Mag’s Noam Rotem, emphasizes the high rates of Palestinians being held in Israeli prisons. Pentagon cloaks ignorance in calling Russia’s killing of top ISIS leader ‘joke’– Russian Defense Min. Alberta tourist alarmed by ambulance response time in B.C. An Alberta woman is raising alarms about emergency response times in northern British Columbia after her traveling companion suffered a stroke and wasn't able to receive the care she needed for nearly 24 hours. Tammy Kaleta was traveling with her friend, Patricia Capewell, on a "bucket-list" trip along B.C.'s Alaska Highway to Dawson City. On August 21, the pair were stopped for the night at the Double G Service Motel, approximately three hours outside of Fort Nelson. Kaleta says she awoke early in the morning to the sounds of Capewell having a stroke and tried to call 911, but there was no service.

"I realized I needed to get to a pay phone, and I needed to get some help," Kaleta said. Kaleta got in her truck and followed the ambulance to Fort Nelson. ‘Rampant sexism, money-grabbing & cover-ups’ rife among UK police, says former chief constable. Cop pepper-sprayed by protester during Puerto Rico austerity conference (VIDEO) — RT Viral. Protesters in Puerto Rico scored a small victory after decades of abuse and harassment by police when they pepper-sprayed a cop during a demonstration outside a controversial conference about the US commonwealth’s future. Video of the officer dealing with the painful aftermath of being pepper-sprayed emerged online and shows him being treated with water as his eyes fight the inflammatory agent. He’s now experienced what thousands of protesters before him have endured at the hands of aggressive cops. Officials blame a protester who was outside the first meeting between the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) committee and Puerto Rico’s Chamber of Commerce at the Condado Plaza Hilton in San Juan.

READ MORE: Senate passes Puerto Rico financial rescue bill to Obama for signature A heavy police presence was on site and local media reported that a police vehicle was damaged in addition to the pepper spray incident. National debt hits $19.5 trillion. Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff Shows ‘Washington is Behind Coup in Brazil’

Latin America Get short URL “What amazes me most always is that this so called progressive media do hardly mention the long and bloody hand of Washington in this coup. Just about a year ago international lawyers were very clear about baselessness of impeachment of Rousseff," Koenig said. He further said, "They also mentioned the illegality of launching such a procedure because there was really nothing that could be reproached against Dilma Rousseff except that she may have manipulated the government’s accounts, not stealing but just to make the accounts look better.

Exactly what Europe is doing all the time, what the US is doing as well,” Koenig said. “Nevertheless the neo-nazi oligarchy succeeded with the help of the US of course.” The analyst further spoke about how for some reason Michel Timer, who allegedly has high corruption crime charges, in excess of $40 million, is likely to escape criminal prosecution. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff ousted from office as Senate votes to impeach her over fraud allegations. BRASILIA, Brazil — Brazil’s Senate on Wednesday voted to remove President Dilma Rousseff from office, the culmination of a yearlong fight that paralyzed Latin America’s largest nation and exposed deep rifts among its people on everything from race relations to social spending.

While Rousseff’s ouster was widely expected, the decision was a key chapter in a colossal political struggle that is far from over. Rousseff was Brazil’s first female president, with a storied career that includes a stint as a Marxist guerrilla jailed and tortured in the 1970s during the country’s dictatorship. She was accused of breaking fiscal laws in her management of the federal budget. Opposition lawmakers, who made clear early on the only solution was getting her out of office, argued that the manoeuvres masked yawning deficits from high spending and ultimately exacerbated the recession in a nation that had long enjoyed darling status among emerging economies. Why Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment Won’t Save Brazil. João Augusto de Castro Neves is the Latin American director at Eurasia Group. Saudi Arabia continues to burn through foreign reserves — RT Business.

Riyadh’s foreign reserves dropped to $555 billion, down $6 billion in July, as low oil prices continue to eat up the country's assets abroad. US agency did no antitrust analysis of internet giveaway to private company - org — RT America. The handover of internet oversight to a non-profit group was announced this month, yet the US agency currently in charge of the internet domain name system did not consider the antitrust issues of the transition, according to a public records request. On October 1, the US is going to surrender its oversight of the internet to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a multi-stakeholder body and longtime contractor that has worked with National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) to conduct oversight of the Internet domain name system (DNS) and distribute global IP addresses.

‘Maintaining influence’: US, India sign major military pact amid Chinese concerns. 'Euphrates Shield': Turkish Operation to Reshape Balance of Power in Syria. Turkey's involvement in Syria may dramatically change the course of the war, analysts and media pundits claim. "The Turkish military launched a cross-border operation on Wednesday named "Euphrates Shield" along with the US-led coalition in Syria's northern border city of Jarablus to clear the area from the Daesh [ISIS/ISIL] terror organization," Turkish media outlet Daily Sabah reported Wednesday, adding that "the move comes after a series of mortar bombs landed in the town of Karkamıs facing Jarablus along the Syrian border beginning Tuesday morning.

" However, according to the Guardian, Ankara's recent move as well as previous diplomatic maneuvers shows that Turkey's priority is "to curtail the territorial ambitions of Kurdish combatants. " Two Birds With One Stone: US 'Sacrifices' Its Kurdish Allies in Syria. Politics Get short URL Washington's Kurdish allies in Syria have become the US' bargaining chip in negotiations with Ankara, according to Jean Perier, an independent researcher and expert on Middle Eastern affairs.

Dangerous Crossroads: U.S. Invades Syria, And Warns Russia… On Monday, August 22nd, the United States government — which demands the overthrow of the internationally-recognized-as-legal government of Syria — officially announced that America’s military forces in Syria will continue to occupy Syrian land, no matter what the Syrian government says, and will shoot down any Syrian planes that fly over U.S. forces there. Venezuela Isn't Just in Crisis, But Faces "Total Societal Collapse" This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The Anti-Media.

World War 3 Coming?"Turkey’s Unprecedented Military Incursion Into Syria" This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at the Economic Collapse blog. US budget deficit approaches $600bn, public debt to reach 77% of GDP — RT Business. Slower revenue growth and large spending will expand the US budget deficit to $590 billion in the fiscal year ending September 30, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). 45 yrs ago this week, a memo launched the corporate takeover of the US govt — RT America.

Guns sold, guns lost: What Pentagon sent to Iraq & Afghanistan after 9/11 — RT America. Since September 2001, the Pentagon has listed $40 billion worth of contracts for small arms intended for Afghanistan and Iraq, supplying 1.45 million guns to both countries while only accounting for 3 percent of them, says a new report by a British NGO. The London-based nonprofit Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) pored over 14 years’ worth of contracts issued by the US Department of Defense, documenting the purchases of small arms – defined as anything under 30mm in caliber – ammunition and attachments, such as sniper scopes or tripods. They found a massive amount of weapons supplied by the US to the primary theaters of the “War on Terror,” and remarkably little accounting of whose hands they ended up in. Home Office backed secret drug trials on ‘irritable & restless’ children.

Baltimore Police use of Stingray technology illegal and discriminatory – FCC complaint — RT America. Father & 7yo daughter held at gunpoint by ‘insane & violent’ police officer — RT America. ‘Survival of fittest’: Children sexually assaulted at EU’s official refugee camps. ‘We are popular, not populist’ says head of Iceland’s Pirate Party as public support soars. Insanity once more: The Hillary Clinton economic plan. Businessinsider. America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group. UN must promptly update its list of terror groups – Lavrov. Russia poses ‘existential threat’ to US national security, Air Force secretary says — RT America. George Kennan on NATO Expansion – Russia Observer. Russia Creating Coalition in the Gulf to Resolve Syrian Crisis. US offers Argentina declassified docs on own role in military dictatorship in 1970s-80s.

Athens seeks southern alliance against EU austerity policy — RT Business. Stash of US-made heavy weapons found in terrorist-held Aleppo district (VIDEO) North Korean missile narrowly misses Japan, landing just over 200 kilometres away. Harper's former communications director reveals how to manipulate media. Syrian Army Repulses Terrorists' Offensives in Aleppo, Kills over 800 Militants in Last 24 Hours. Turkey's Erdogan accuses West of 'supporting terror, coup plotters' - Times of India. Tax Dollars at Work: US “Accidentally” Killing Entire Families in Northern Syria AnonHQ.

BOOM! Justice Department Smacks Obama Down Over This Action. ISIS Declares Jihad on Russia. Pentagon’s Sloppy Bookkeeping Means $6.5 Trillion Can’t Pass an Audit. 'Hard' for France to guarantee freedom of Islam if Muslims don't help country – Valls. Brexit vs Reality: How implications of voting 'leave' changed before & after referendum — RT Op-Edge. President Erdogan can now issue direct orders to Turkish military commanders. Russia Defeats Terrorism… While America Hails a Freak Show. ‘Not Our Friends’: Erdogan Stokes Anti-US, Anti-NATO Fervor in Turkey. World order in 2035: US could lose ability for global dominance, DoD paper says.

World order in 2035: US could lose ability for global dominance, DoD paper says. Chicago cops involved in fatal shooting ‘relieved of police powers’ — RT America. Leaked emails, rigged elections, media blackout: Welcome to democracy, American-style — RT Op-Edge. IMF and World Bank Who are the people really running the IMF and World Bank? 6 state employees criminally charged in connection with Flint water crisis — RT America. 'We Can Do Better Than Spain:' Barcelona Calls for Catalan Independence.

Chinese & Russian navies to hold drills in South China Sea in September. Pentagon fury as fresh delays hit $13bn aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford. Turkey orders shutdown of over 130 media outlets, dismisses 1,600 military personnel – broadcaster. 'Unprecedented': European govts sold $1.3bn in arms to Middle East, some ended up with ISIS - report. Conspiracy theories flourish after Turkey's failed coup. ‘Significant Fraud’: $239 Million in Desperately Needed Syrian Aid Frozen. Kerry Tries to Quell Tensions in South China Sea Before War Erupts. European Commission wants to suspend funding Spain & Portugal — RT Business.

Russia announces tender for system to monitor potential US violations of missile treaty — RT Russian politics.  'It’s so crazy it seems unreal': Florida enviro regulators to vote on weakened water standards — RT America. Turkey No Longer an Obstacle to the US-Russian Cooperation in Syria. Russia Tests Hydrogen-Powered Drones in Syria - Senior Military Source. Ankara Again Eager to Build Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline With Moscow. US Air Force plan for 'Space Mission Force' to protect America using killer satellites. Judge allowed CIA to destroy secret ‘black site’ before defense lawyers gathered evidence – report — RT America. Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan’ – Turkish daily. ‘Torture, arbitrary detention won’t be tolerated’: Amnesty to RT on Turkey’s post-coup crackdown. EU approves imports of genetically modified Monsanto soybeans. EU considers migration ‘emergency brake’ for UK for up to seven years. How Ukraine's financial elite plundered the nation - Politics - CBC News.

Obama vetoes bill capping expenses of former presidents at $200k a year — RT America. BOMBSHELL: 28 Pages Prove US Ignored Saudi 9/11 Ties Because They Are US Ally AnonHQ. New Poll: Majority of Americans Want Criminal Charges Against Hillary Clinton for Using Private Email AnonHQ. Local Residents In Northern Syria Confirm US-Led Airstrikes Have Killed More Than 200 Civilians In Past Two Months AnonHQ. Understanding Why Natural Gas, Not Oil, May Fuel WW3 AnonHQ. Top CDC Official Resigns after Caught Helping Coca Cola to Influence WHO on Sugar Matters AnonHQ.

New Hillary leak: Wikileaks releases 20K DNC emails — RT America. ‘Unlimited xenophobia’ or fighting terrorism? Hungary launches controversial anti-migrant campaign.