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This Afghanistan Veteran Now Hunts Poachers In Africa [8 Photos] - The Roosevelts. 5 unfortunate accidents involving selfies - Singapore More Singapore Stories News. Selfies, a social phenomenon that involves the taking of self-portrait photographs, are usually done in the name of good fun.

5 unfortunate accidents involving selfies - Singapore More Singapore Stories News

However, they do not always end up well. On Aug 8, a Polish couple fell to their death while attempting to take a selfie with their children at the cliffs at Cabo da Roca along Portugal's western coast . The family were on holiday at the cliffs when the tragedy happened. The children, aged five and six, are now in the care of Polish diplomats. Downhill & Freeride Tribute (pte.1º) #2y3t. ‘CIA fingerprints’ all over Kiev massacre – Oliver Stone. Published time: January 01, 2015 12:11 Edited time: January 02, 2015 05:09 US film director Oliver Stone.

‘CIA fingerprints’ all over Kiev massacre – Oliver Stone

(AFP Photo / Rafa Rivas) The armed coup in Kiev is painfully similar to CIA operations to oust unwanted foreign leaders in Iran, Chile and Venezuela, said US filmmaker Oliver Stone after interviewing Ukraine’s ousted president for a documentary. Stone spent four hours in Moscow talking to Viktor Yanukovich, who was deposed from power during the February 2014 coup, the filmmaker wrote on his Facebook page. “Details to follow in the documentary, but it seems clear that the so-called ‘shooters’ who killed 14 police men, wounded some 85, and killed 45 protesting civilians, were outside third party agitators,” he said. There's No Threat This Foxhound Can't Intercept. Tile. » Selfie from NASA Mars Rover Shows Wide Context Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Jeans at work? You might want to rethink that. Excerpted from Leading with Intention: Every Moment is a Choice by Mindy Hall, PhD.

Jeans at work? You might want to rethink that

Copyright 2014 by Mindy Hall, PhD. Reprinted with permission of Copper Bay Press. My first job after college was running a nonprofit crisis center. I was on call 24/7. Feds ban news website on public employees' computers. Blacklock's Reporter is an online news website that covers the inner-workings of Parliament.

Feds ban news website on public employees' computers

The publication is a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery and is the only reporter-owned website in Ottawa. The site recently obtained documents revealing that the federal department responsible for overseeing IT duties has banned public servants from accessing the small, independently owned online publication. Named after a former president of the Ottawa Press Gallery, Blacklock's has a subscription-based model and costs users around $157 a year. In July, Blacklock's took Finance Canada to court for alleged copyright infringement when the federal agency circulated subscription-based articles to its staff.

ManualsLib - Makes it easy to find manuals online! bedtime calculator. Print Friendly & PDF. ManualsLib - Makes it easy to find manuals online! Pope Francis says it is OK to smack children if their ‘dignity is maintained’ Pope Francis told parents it is OK to spank their children to discipline them – as long as their dignity is maintained.

Pope Francis says it is OK to smack children if their ‘dignity is maintained’

Francis made the remarks this week during his weekly general audience, which was devoted to the role of fathers in the family. Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK-"We Come to Warn you About your Race and your Planet" Most Expensive Home For Sale Beverly Hills. Marc Angeles for Coldwell BankerWelcome to the Palazzo di Amore.

Most Expensive Home For Sale Beverly Hills

There is no shortage of over-the-top mansions around the country. But the Beverly Hills estate of real estate mogul Jeff Greene, which just hit the market with a price tag of $195 million — making it the new most expensive home for sale in the US — is in a league of its own. Want to See the State of the Union? Gaze Up at the Tower Where Billionaires Get Tax Abatements. How PepsiCo reinvented its soda fountain.

Want to See the State of the Union? Gaze Up at the Tower Where Billionaires Get Tax Abatements

In restaurants and movie theaters around the country, a reinvention of a device that dates to the 19th century is harnessing the latest technology and design innovations to provide instant gratification, seemingly endless choices, and an entirely new customer experience. We’re talking, of course, about the soda fountain.

Last May, at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, PepsiCo began to roll out its futuristic Spire soda fountains, which draw design inspiration from touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets, and the growing empowerment trend that allows consumers to personalize and customize everything from music lists to their favorite ice cream and yogurt dishes. A to Z Dice Games. Potato planting guidelines - West Coast Seeds. Whether you intend to plant potatoes in a garden trench, in containers, or even in your unused parking lot stall at work, your key to success is an understanding of how potato plants grow.

Potato planting guidelines - West Coast Seeds

The little spud that you plant (called a seed potato) is a tuber – part of the plant’s roots in which it stores energy for growth the following year. If you’ve ever left a potato out on your kitchen counter, you’ll know what eventually happens… The “eyes” of each potato sprout little growths called stolons. When these sprout below the soil, they grow vertically upward, and once they reach the surface they become the stem and leafy upper portion of the plant.

Potatoes: Planting, Growing and Harvesting Potato Plants. Tomato companion plants corn beans carrots lettuce peppers. First and Last Frost Dates Calculator for Nanaimo, BC. Shaun Verreault (Wide Mouth Mason) performing "Sugarcane" Live and Acoustic. 100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier. Want to learn some quick and easy life hacks that are easy to do, low cost and saves you time?

100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Surveillancesaver - A Screen Saver displaying Live Surveillance Cameras. Man Behind Nazi Art Trove Refuses to Give Up Works. 35 Pictures That Prove The World Isn’t Such A Bad Place. » Video: California Democrat Becomes Internet Joke After Anti-Gun Press Conference Alex Jones. Admitted: Lasers Used To Control Weather Feds Are Shutting Down The U.S.

» Video: California Democrat Becomes Internet Joke After Anti-Gun Press Conference Alex Jones

Food Supply Why The System Wants You Poor: Sharecropping Secret Sexist Cop Attacks Young Female Students. ‘Homo Georgicus’: Georgia skull may prove early humans were single species. Sinead O'Connor's Open Letter to Miley Cyrus: "You Are Being Pimped by the Music Business" 8 essential facebook photo privacy tips. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then Facebook is an encyclopedia about all of us. You never know when a Facebook photo of you will come back to haunt you in a job search, a first date, a college application, or just embarrass you. Lock down your photos and limit your risks with these 8 tips. To start, log into Facebook, click on the gear icon in the upper-right of the screen, and click on “Privacy Settings.”

On the privacy settings page, click “Timeline and Tagging” on the left. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. List of countries by Failed States Index. Failed States according to the "Failed States Index 2013" of Foreign Policy.[1] Alert Warning Stable Sustainable This is a list of countries by order of appearance in the Failed States Index of the United States think-tank Fund for Peace.

This is the current list for 2013.[5] Change in rank and score from 2012 is shown in parentheses and the three table headings correspond to those used by the Fund for Peace and Foreign Policy magazine. The report uses 12 factors to determine the rating for each nation including security threats, economic implosion, human rights violations and refugee flows.[6] Indicators of a failed state[edit] Science news at the speed of thought. Providing the latest breakthroughs from leading research institutions, delivered daily. Amazing Rubber Band Shotgun. How the Sinaloa cartel won Mexico’s drug war. Flightwise free flight tracker - flight tracking, planning, maps, aeronautical and aviation information. Listen to Live ATC (Air Traffic Control) Communications. Allodial title.

Most property ownership in common law jurisdictions is fee simple. In the United States, land is subject to eminent domain by federal, state and local government, and subject to the imposition of taxes by state and/or local governments, and there is thus no true allodial land. Some states within the US (notably, Nevada and Texas) have provisions for considering land allodial under state law and the term may be used in other circumstances.[2] Land is "held of the Crown" in England and Wales and other jurisdictions in the Commonwealth realms. Some realms (such as Australia and Canada) recognize aboriginal title, a form of allodial title that does not originate from a Crown grant.

Some land in the Orkney and Shetland Islands, known as udal land, is held in a manner akin to allodial land in that these titles are not subject to the ultimate ownership of the Crown. The Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths. Portraits of Soldiers Before, During, and After War. Private Chris MacGregor, 24. Bill Burr - No Reason To Hit A Woman. The Founding Fathers’ Guide to the Constitution. By Clyde Wilson, The federal constitution ratified by the people of the States provided for a limited government to handle specified joint affairs of the States. The document describes itself not as “the U.S. Constitution” or the “Constitution of the United States,” but as a “Constitution FOR the United States of America.”

The Book That Can't Be Read. » Globalist Funded Think Tank Says Poverty Will Save Planet Alex Jones. NYPD Police Officer: "I Fried Another Ni**er" Charles Manson Epic Answer (Full Answer) Pidgin, the universal chat client. Behind The Scenes On Star Wars. iKeep Secure. Creative - Pool Artwork Painted Using A Skateboard And A Spray Can.

Europe is one big family. Find any altitude. - Find the elevation of any place. PRY: North Korea EMP attack could destroy U.S. — now. North Korea now has an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of delivering a nuclear weapon to the United States, as demonstrated by their successful launch and orbiting of a satellite on Dec. 12. Certain poorly informed pundits among the chattering classes reassure us that North Korea is still years away from being able to miniaturize warheads for missile delivery, and from developing sufficiently accurate missiles to pose a serious nuclear threat to the United States. Philip Yun, director of San Francisco’s Ploughshares Fund, a nuclear disarmament group, reportedly said, “The real threat from the launch was an overreaction that would lead to more defense spending on unnecessary systems.

The sky is not falling. We shouldn’t be panicked.” In fact, North Korea is a mortal nuclear threat to the United States— right now. North Korea has already successfully tested and developed nuclear weapons. Both North Korean nuclear tests look suspiciously like a Super-EMP weapon. Vancouver Aquarium. Live AIS Ship Tracking System. Ice-cream favor and personality. Canada's Former Defence Minister Claims that Aliens Are Real. Kennedy Assassination Home Page Index. Giant Ant Hill Excavated.

Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit (PHOTOS) The New Armor That Lets You Sense Surveillance Cameras. 99 Years Ago: A Pause in the War on Christmas. What You Get When You Pour Molten Aluminum Into An Ant Hill. The world as you've never seen it before. Mosaic Maker: A world of creative photo possibilities. Westjet (WS) #1883 Flight Tracker. Myinstants! Instant button generator and database. Iran vs Israel: What The Media Wants You To Forget. Best. Roommate. Ever. Heroin users warned after second anthrax death.

Transcending the Human, DIY Style. Joe Rogan Rant on Evolution and Ancient Alien Theory. WHAT BLOODLINE RULES THE WORLD. The white man doesn't want you to see this. ROYAL DUTCH SHELL NAZI SECRETS – Royal Dutch Shell plc .com. The 12 Deviant Days of Christmas: 10 Painful Toys. Holy Taco’s Video of the Day. 25 Funny Lost and Found Signs. Virtual Airlines Management System. Death and Taxes & Taxes. Coca-Cola recipe cracked? - Americas. Online Countdown Timer. Sarcasm Society - Sarcasm, Sarcastic Quotes & Humor, Irony, Satire. George bush « REALITY BLOG. The Federalist Papers. Peace: before the war on Drugs. The Internet: Killer Virus of the State. CIA Study of Assassination. Salary$hare - How do you compare against your co-workers and friends? Guides. DOWNLOAD: How To Create Professional Reports & Docs on Word. Bike Park Events - Bearclaw Invitational. Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki - Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki.