It started in the winter of 1998. Sky-obscuring “chemtrails” have been observed by thousands of eyewitnesses–including pilots, police officers and former military personnel–over Canada, the USA, Britain, Australia and allied European nations. Within Canada, Victoria, Vancouver, the BC Interior, Moose Jaw, Edmonton and much of Ontario have been hit particularly hard. On March 15, 2001, radio reporter S.T. Brendt interviewed a senior air traffic control manager with the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) who was responsible for commercial aircraft over the northeastern United States. The FAA manager admitted he was being ordered to divert commercial flights around formations of US Air Force (USAF) Stratotankers. Canadian Truth Seeker Canadian Truth Seeker
Drones to soar over US and Canada sooner than thought?
Drones Over Canada: Air Force To Conduct More Test flights As Legal Expert Warns Of Implications Drones Over Canada: Air Force To Conduct More Test flights As Legal Expert Warns Of Implications OTTAWA - The air force will expand testing of drones over Canadian soil this year, giving itself — and potentially law-enforcement agencies — more eyes in the sky. But a legal expert warns the emerging technology needs close study and clear restrictions when it's not being used to wage war. Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs have become the weapon of choice for the U.S. in strikes against al-Qaida, and the Americans are stepping up their use along the Canadian border. Errol Mendes, a University of Ottawa law professor and former adviser to Paul Martin's government, says parliamentarians should have a close look at the emerging technology and consider the implications of their civilian use.
Vive Le Canada
Red and White Ribbon Campaign - Actions - Vive Say No to Deep Integration with the United States! Say No to a North American Union! Join the Red and White Ribbon Campaign for Canadian Sovereignty version française de cette page Red and White Ribbon Campaign - Actions - Vive
1. Situationa. General. Canada Command, USNORTHCOM Civil Assistance Plan Canada Command, USNORTHCOM Civil Assistance Plan
The Canadian Forces (CF) is organized, equipped and trained to defend Canada and, in cooperation with Canada’s allies, protect and advance Canada’s interests in the world community. While the CF focuses on its purely military tasks, the inherent flexibility of military units, many with unique capabilities, makes the CF a potential source of assistance which may be called upon to support Canadian civil authorities and the Canadian public in Canada. CF domestic operations are any CF activities which provide assistance in response to requests for support from Canadian civil authorities, or from the Canadian public. Read more → Canada Canada
Paving the Way for a U.S.-Canada Economic and Security Perimeter « Set You Free News
Smart Meter Killing Shrub - Stratford Ontario
The conservative party has engaged in electoral fraud by organizing the robocall scandal which placed automated phone calls to non conservatives instructing them to go to the wrong polling stations on election day. Canadians should be outraged that Harper stole the election and should consider his government to be illegitimate. Sign the petition so that we can have a full independent public inquiry which will hold Stephen Harper accountable and ultimately remove him from the government: Watch “Into The Fire” #Robocall Election Fraud – Stephen Harper You Are Fired! « Canadian Truth Seeker #Robocall Election Fraud – Stephen Harper You Are Fired! « Canadian Truth Seeker
Maple Spring Bad News for Illegitimate Harper Government Growing protests across Canada against tuition hikes have now spilled over from Montreal to Toronto as talks between student leaders and officials continue in Quebec aimed at ending the 16-week dispute. Protesters on Wednesday gathered in downtown of Toronto in solidarity with their counterparts in Quebec, protesting the high cost of tuition. There were also marches in several other Ontario cities including London and Kingston. Meanwhile, negotiations between students and the provincial government will resume Thursday after students left a third night of talks saying the government wanted time to study their latest proposal. Maple Spring Bad News for Illegitimate Harper Government
Immediate Release Friday, June 01, 2012 Canada must prosecute any foreign national suspected of torture (committed anywhere and against anyone) when the suspect enters Canada even temporarily, says Committee against Torture. The Committee against Torture (“Committee”), in an advance version of their report on Canada , recommends that Canada change laws and policy to: Canada must prosecute any foreign national suspected of torture when entering Canada Canada must prosecute any foreign national suspected of torture when entering Canada
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
urt rejects Canada's ban on assisted suicide | Society urt rejects Canada's ban on assisted suicide | Society Gloria Taylor has succeeded in having Canada's ban on assisted suicide declared illegal. Photograph: Darryl Dyck/AP A judge in Canada has ruled that its laws against assisted suicide are unconstitutional because they discriminate against severely ill patients. Justice Lynn Smith of the British Columbia supreme court declared the laws invalid but suspended her ruling for one year to give Canada's federal parliament time to draft legislation with her ruling in mind. The federal government is expected to appeal against the decision.
Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism July 7, 2012 Agenda 21 wants to, among other things, bring the American lands back to rewilding. The non-governmental organization (NGO) The Wildlands Project (WP) is a focusing of the American landscape in preservation for “future generations to inherit a continent rich in wildlife, with plenty of room for all species to roam.” Agenda 21: How Globalist Domination Happens on a Local Level Agenda 21: How Globalist Domination Happens on a Local Level
Canada's real estate to collapse 90 percent: Keiser & Foss
legal advice on when you need to show ID to police in canada
Photography is mentioned in very few Canadian laws. Where it is mentioned, it is usually referenced as “negatives” or “photographic plates”, technologies which are now rather dated. There are lots of other laws, which do apply to photography, even if they don’t mention it by name, sometimes in interesting ways. In the following sections, I take a look at the laws and how they apply to photography in Canada. Photography Laws « AmbientLight
Exclusive Video of Governor Christie Ordering Bridge Shutdown Federal Disaster Declared After West Virginia Chemical Spill Samsung Galaxy S5 May Include Eye Scanning Technology Reporting Radiation Spikes on West Coast West Coast Raidiaton Scare » The Trans Pacific Partnership – A Corporate Fascist Coup Alex Jones
The Planned TAPI Pipeline Through Afghanistan: Implications for Canada « Canada's World In a previous post I discussed a brief Toronto Star article and much longer report (PDF here) by John Foster, who argues that America plans to turn Afghanistan into an “energy bridge” by helping to build a natural gas pipeline across it. The pipeline, called TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) would carry Turkmen gas through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India, with all three countries drawing supplies proportionate to their needs. America likes the idea because the TAPI pipeline would supplant a rival proposal to pipe Iranian gas to Pakistan and India. But what are the ramifications for Canada? Foster starts off with the observation that Canadians have been curiously oblivious to the whole issue:
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms -Clauses and Provisions The first part of the Charter speaks about Charter rights - fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, mobility rights, legal rights, equality rights and language rights. But how are these rights enforced? To whom do they apply? If a government passes a law that violates the Charter, what happens?
Canada Gazette/Gazette du Canada
U.S.-Canada agreement beyond just borders, ‘streamlines and harmonizes’ food and auto regulations under North American Union corporate agenda. Aaron Dykes December 1, 2011 » Secret U.S.-Canada Border Deal Hides GMO Takeover Alex Jones
Is Canada Turning into a police state? on Vimeo
Terrorism | CSIS
prison facts & statistics
Cop Tells G20 Protester “This Is Ain’t Canada Right Now” :
Kanehsatake 270 Years of Resistance by Alanis Obomsawin
A QUESTION OF SOVEREIGNTY - a film by Kevin P. Miller - Part 1 of 2
How Bill C-36 Helps The North American Union Agenda
Canada's Austerity Agenda: Building the Fightback
Maple Spring Blooming: How the Attempt to Hike Tuition in Quebec Set Off a Powder Keg of Unrest | World
Bank of Canada Challenged in Legal Action: "Restore the Use of the Bank of Canada for Canadians"
Canadian Awareness Network
Q&A with the U.S. State Dept. official leading the Keystone XL pipeline review - Savage Washington
NDP bill raises tough question for Harper — Dogwood Initiative
Thirst for Justice — Canada's Federal Income Tax is unconstitutional
» Strengthening U.S.-Canada Security Interests in North America and Around the Globe Alex Jones
Dangerous Levels Of Radiation Recorded In Canada As Fukushima Radiation Dangers Continue :
Canada's Central Bank Scam
Nicole Foss : Canada's real estate to collapse by 90 percent
Max Keiser on the Canadian Economy (Sept 3, 2011)
Rafe Challenges Premier Photo-op to a Debate
Fighting the Corporate Take-Over of BC
Propaganda In Action: Canada as a force for peace in the world « Paulitics
Canada's Sovereignty in Jeopardy: the Militarization of North America
North American Integration and the Militarization of the Arctic
Centre for Research on Globalization
Canada: In Service To The Pentagon And NATO At Home And Abroad
UK 'extraordinarily naive' over Canada's tar sands lobbying | Damian Carrington | Environment
What does Canada's withdrawal from Kyoto protocol mean? | Adam Vaughan | Environment
How a Lawsuit Could Turn Canada's First Nations' Relationship With Government Upside Down | World
Home - Dirty Oil Sands | A Threat to the New Energy Economy
Eviction Demonstration at the Holy Rosary Church in Vancouver
The Long Road
UK secretly helping Canada push its oil sands project | Environment
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Canada's National Debt Clock : The Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Canada-US Border Deal Threatens Sovereignty
Canada: Military intelligence unit spies on native groups
Canada: Canada’s About-Face on Climate - Global Climate Change Lobby
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Canada’s budget deficit narrows | Economy
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Jack Layton's last letter to Canadians - Politics
connectingdots1's Channel
Canada & Russia Block Attempt to Put Chrysotile Asbestos on Toxic Chemical List
chrysotileasbestos.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Radioactive Rain In Toronto Canada As Large Scale Government Cover Up Of Radiation Dangers Exposed « CRISISBOOM
» Cover-up in Canada: Radioactive Leak Into Lake Ontario Alex Jones
Its_Your_Decision_GSTPSTHST.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Ontario's battle of the number-crunchers
Is Canadian Income Tax Unconstitutional? (Hint: No) « The Long Run Blog
Aboriginal Canadians get a fuller share of rights
Canada: Economic and financial data
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Finding Canadian statistics
Got Senate reform if you want it - Potter Gold
Shit Harper Did
Scientists target Canada over climate change | Environment
Science minister's coyness on evolution worries researchers - Technology & Science
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