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Spanish specific teacher resources and blogs

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World Language Assessment. Wordplay - Spanish Vocabulary Game. AIM Language Learning - Learn to Teach, Speak French, Spanish, English and Gesture Approach at AIM Language Learning Inc. PowerPoint Presentations for Spanish Class!! Spanish Teaching Materials. The DVD contains one complete set of lesson plans any sub can use.

Spanish Teaching Materials

There are worksheets to keep the students active and ideas for two or three days of follow-up activities so the teacher can capitalize on the DVD material. There's even a quiz to give the students over the material! Great for in-school suspension students, students on vacation, or even students who are on medical leave. Spanish 3 Final Exam plan.docx.

Spanish Department webpages

Articles about teaching World Languages. Spanish teacher blogs. Tech Apps Resources. TEDxBozeman - Paul Andersen - Classroom Game Design. Homework Idea: Tareas semanales. MFL - General Teaching Ideas. Spanish Lesson Plans and Units, worksheets, resources, activities.

Online textbooks and activities.