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Essential oils. 6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know & Why – Now is a good time to go out and flag the following six trees before the leaves drop (except the pine).

6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know & Why –

Revisit them in the winter and learn how to ID them by the bark alone. Then again in the Spring with the buds and new leaves. White birch is easy to identify with its distinctive, white, papery bark. The sycamore tree also has white bark, but it does not sluff off in thin, paper-like furls like the white birch. Shamanic Education. Canning. First Aid. Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home. Want to make some awesome homemade weapons?

Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home

In a SHTF situation, you’re likely going to need a way to protect yourself. Weapons, though very useful, are also a lot of fun, especially when you can make them yourself. With a multitude of DIY weapon techniques mastered and under your belt, you will never be without the ability to be armed or entertained. Check out our step by step instructions for 7 badass weapons you can make at home. Want even more badass weapons? Check out 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home Click the links for full instructions! 6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know & Why – How to Ditch Big Brother and Disappear Forever. The Power of Pure Essential Oils. As a user of essential oils for over 15 years, I am enthusiastic to teach others about their outstanding benefits.

The Power of Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils offer people natural solutions for keeping balanced, despite the complex and challenging conditions we face daily. The properties of these oils have been valued around the world for centuries and are now steadily regaining popularity with the modern trend toward seeking 'everything natural '. Pure essential oils are powerful! They can detoxify and nourish our body cells to help us regain natural balance and vitality. As their once prominent role in healing processes is being restored, we are gaining access to the best natural solutions, and our knowledge of their far reaching properties and their most effective use is increasing.

People often refer to the use of essential oils as aromatherapy, and there are definite physiological and emotional benefits from just smelling them. 1001 Pallets, Recycled wood pallet ideas, DIY pallet Projects ! Straw Bale House Examples.


Procrastination Portal. An Open Letter to Joy Behar – According to Kateri; a Blog. As many of you have seen, Miss Colorado delivered a beautifully spoken monologue about nursing during last week’s Miss America pageant.

An Open Letter to Joy Behar – According to Kateri; a Blog

Recently, on The View as the pageant was discussed, Miss Colorado’s scrubs were referred to as a costume, and Joy posed the question of why she was wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope.” Below is my now calmed down reply to all of it. Additionally, I would like to personally and publicly congratulate Kelley Johnson RN on her chosen talent, it is one that will reward you forever. Dear Joy Behar, A beautiful woman in a beauty pageant put on baggy clothes and humbly walked across the stage to talk proudly about her career, and her passion for caring for other human beings, and the only thing you could muster in response was an insult grounded in ignorance. Rather than being offended or getting angry, I will instead, take a moment to teach.

I am a big believer that the first step in fixing ignorance is education. Medicinal plants & herbs. Forget the tiny house, what you need is an ecocapsule. I USED TO DREAM OF OWNING A TINY HOUSE.

Forget the tiny house, what you need is an ecocapsule

My belongings can all be packed in two suitcases, I don’t like doing housework (the smaller the accommodation, the better), I like to think that I an environmentalist (bring on the composting toilet!) , and I prefer spending my time outside rather than inside. Homesteading Garden. The Benjamin Franklin Effect: The Surprising Psychology of How to Handle Haters. “We are what we pretend to be,” Kurt Vonnegut famously wrote, “so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

The Benjamin Franklin Effect: The Surprising Psychology of How to Handle Haters

But given how much our minds mislead us, what if we don’t realize when we’re pretending — who are we then? That’s precisely what David McRaney explores in You Are Now Less Dumb: How to Conquer Mob Mentality, How to Buy Happiness, and All the Other Ways to Outsmart Yourself (public library) — a “book about self-delusion, but also a celebration of it,” a fascinating and pleasantly uncomfortable-making look at why “self-delusion is as much a part of the human condition as fingers and toes,” and the follow-up to McRaney’s You Are Not So Smart, one of the best psychology books of 2011.

McRaney, with his signature fusion of intelligent irreverence and irreverent intelligence, writes in the introduction: The human mind is obviously vaster and more powerful than any other animal mind, and that’s something people throughout all human history couldn’t help but notice. Interesting, Weird, and Fun Facts - OMG Facts. Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills. The web is a powerful resource that can easily help you learn new skills.

Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills

Bruce Lee Quotes (Author of Tao of Jeet Kune Do) Spirituality. Chromebook Help. Planting Chart, when to plant seeds, preferred air and soil temperature.