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Mike Bostock. December 27, 2014Mapping Every Path to the N.F.L.

Mike Bostock

Playoffs December 20, 2014How Each Team Can Make the N.F.L. Playoffs. Machine-learning-applicationsfor-datacenter-optimization-finalv2.pdf. 10 New Breakthrough Technologies 2014. Google Uses Artificial Brains to Teach Its Data Centers How to Behave. A central cooling plant in Google’s Douglas County, Georgia data center.

Google Uses Artificial Brains to Teach Its Data Centers How to Behave

Photo: Google/Connie Zhou At Google, artificial intelligence isn’t just a means of building cars that drive on their own, smartphone services that respond to the spoken word, and online search engines that instantly recognize digital images. It’s also a way of improving the efficiency of the massive data centers that underpin the company’s entire online empire.

053014-un-survey_chart.png (Image PNG, 760 × 654 pixels) U.N. global survey: Education top priority despite wealth. Education is a top priority among developed and third-world nations alike, beating political freedoms and gender equality, according to a new global poll.

U.N. global survey: Education top priority despite wealth

Of the more than 2 million people who responded to the “My World” survey, a United Nations project, two out of three identified education as their top priority. Topping the list of other priorities was better healthcare and an honest and responsive government. Bottoming the list are political freedoms, phone and Internet access, reliable energy at home, and action on climate change.

“Education has consistently been a top issue for people around the world, no matter their country, sex, age or socioeconomic status. This data backs up what the UN and experts have seen through related research and experience – that education is a key driver for development issues,” said Corinne Woods, director of the UN Millennium Campaign. The survey is an ongoing project using crowdsourcing to better understand global development issues and trends. Européennes : c’est quand même fou tout ce qui s’est passé avec le vote blanc. Tribune La loi sur la reconnaissance du vote blanc était appliquée pour la première fois lors de ce scrutin européen.

Européennes : c’est quand même fou tout ce qui s’est passé avec le vote blanc

Consensus decision-making. Members of the Shimer College Assembly reaching a consensus through deliberation.

Consensus decision-making

Consensus decision-making is a group decision-making process that seeks the consent of all participants. Consensus may be defined professionally as an acceptable resolution, one that can be supported, even if not the "favourite" of each individual. Consensus is defined by Merriam-Webster as, first, general agreement, and second, group solidarity of belief or sentiment.

It has its origin in the Latin word cōnsēnsus (agreement), which is from cōnsentiō meaning literally feel together.[1] It is used to describe both the decision and the process of reaching a decision. Loomio, l’appli d’Occupy Wall Street qui va vous aider à lutter. Si vous pensiez que le mouvement Occupy Wall Street avait périclité, vous aviez tort.

Loomio, l’appli d’Occupy Wall Street qui va vous aider à lutter

En partie, du moins. Certes, il ne reste pas grand-chose de la mobilisation et du message politique. Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool - Vinay Gupta. Iagree - what's next? FLOK Society, la société pour la connaissance libre et ouverte.

FLOK est l’acronyme de Free/Libre Open Knowledge Society, la société pour la connaissance libre et ouverte.

FLOK Society, la société pour la connaissance libre et ouverte.

Plevy: Cyberdemocracy: here is my ... Preparing for the Impact of Web 3.0. Change Agents Worldwide. Bienvenue sur la ressourcerie Datalocale - Portail Mutualisé de données locales ouvertes. OuiShare. Inspired US NDU STAR-TIDES. Un logiciel d'accès et de bureau à distance pour votre ordinateur. Team WhiteBoarding with Twiddla - Painless Team Collaboration for the Web. Resilience Maps - Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps. Freedom, Democracy, Justice: Isolated Nouns or Interwoven Verbs? 7th March 2011 | Draft Illusory quest for qualities and principles dynamically disguised IntroductionConventional indicatorsMeasuring the readily measurableValues as nouns -- challenged by polarization?

Freedom, Democracy, Justice: Isolated Nouns or Interwoven Verbs?

Values as verbs -- but of a higher order? Value chains, networks and cycles -- from a business perspectiveEssential dynamics of intangible values -- from a psychosocial perspectiveValues as systems -- each a nexus of verbs? Values as emergent dynamics of complex systemsValue dynamics implied by "patterns that connect"Musical clues to values fundamental to psychosocial system sustainabilityExpression of values through aesthetic style of governanceLiberation of integration in governanceFundamental values and individual cyclic implicationEmbodiment of values in interweaving cycles ConclusionReferences Introduction. Allo Doctor Bug - Webmaster - Web Designer - Spip. Kevin Granger - UI/UX Devsigner @PrestaShop. Herbs at a Glance. Psychedelic Spirit Paintings, Alex Grey Art Gallery. Karma Jello Cannabis, Psychedelics, Comedians, Astronomy, Philosophy, Photography, Art, MMA Karma Jello » Culture » Art » Psychedelic Spirit Paintings, Alex Grey Art Gallery.

Psychedelic Spirit Paintings, Alex Grey Art Gallery

« La vision de l'entreprise en tant que forteresse... c'est révolu » (Isaac Getz) Collaborative Fund. Karma Jello - Cannabis, Psychedelics, Comedians, Astronomy, Philosophy, Photography, Art, MMA. Social Media Center – Social Media Life Cycle. Systems thinking & six sigma.pdf. Handup. Iagree - what's next? Values. Introduction. New Version 5!


XML/SWF Charts is a simple, yet powerful tool to create attractive charts and graphs from XML data. Create an XML source to describe a chart, then pass it to this tool's flash file to generate the chart. The XML source can be prepared manually, or generated dynamically using any scripting language (PHP, ASP, CFML, Perl, etc.) XML/SWF Charts makes the best of both the XML and SWF worlds. XML provides flexible data generation, and Flash provides the best graphic quality. Features: Quick generation of charts and graphs from static or dynamic data (any scripting language) Full updates and data streaming without reloading the web page. Open WhisperSystems >> Open WhisperSystems.

Exporters of fine interlinguistic memes. WebGL Globe. Introducing Loomio. Participation Inequality: Encouraging More Users to Contribute. Digital Cities, Smarter Cities. Collaborative Fund.

6 Shifts In Consciousness We Are Experiencing Right Now. Michael Forrester, Prevent DiseaseWaking Times Absolutely everything is a wave of energy and there are many new energies taking place on Earth. BipIO - For People and Robots. Articles on Embedded Systems. QuickCoin - Bitcoin Social Wallet. Bitcoin News, Prices, Charts, Guides & Analysis - CoinDesk. Watch_Dogs WeAreData. In the video game Watch_Dogs, the city of Chicago is run by a Central Operating System (CTOS). This system uses data to manage the entire city and to solve complex problems,such as traffic,crime, power distribution and more...

This is not fiction anymore. Deep Literacy. Top 10 des bonnes raisons d’être bordélique (ranger c’est pour les nazes) Text 2 Mind Map - Simple mind mapping online. Graph Theory Tutorials. Chris K. Caldwell (C) 1995 This is the home page for a series of short interactive tutorials introducing the basic concepts of graph theory. There is not a great deal of theory here, we will just teach you enough to wet your appetite for more!

Most of the pages of this tutorial require that you pass a quiz before continuing to the next page. So the system can keep track of your progress you will need to register for each of these courses by pressing the [REGISTER] button on the bottom of the first page of each tutorial. Scatter.dat.eps - fp546prat.pdf. Classroom design can improve performance by 25%, research reveals. Different school cultures approach the design of the classroom in different ways. Innova Design Solutions have chosen this time of education reforms to conduct research into the advantages of creating bespoke classrooms to fit the class’ needs. Intelligent interiors experts Innova Design Solutions have revealed the science behind designing and implementing a classroom that will engage the children and benefit their school performance.

Detailing how an ergonomic classroom can help improve a child’s attitude towards and aptitude for learning in a helpful infographic, Innova stress the importance of shaping the classroom for the children’s needs rather than adapting the learning process to the environment. As 300 new British schools are set to open from September this year, tens of thousands of schoolchildren could soon be the lucky recipients of an education shaped by intelligently-designed classrooms. GeoGebra. Google/cayley. Norse - IPViking Live. Fully 3d mind mapping software. Free download. Clint Fulkerson. _Global_Threat_Report_2013.pdf. Politique culturelle:Rencontre avec Monique Pinçon-Charlot et Michel Pinçon, auteurs de La violence des riches. Le conflit des intermittents est révélateur de la soumission de l’État à la violence des riches : un rapport de la Cour des comptes a construit un déficit exorbitant, monté de toutes pièces afin d’attaquer la protection sociale de la précarité.

Le commissaire à la Cour des comptes en charge de ce rapport sur les intermittents est Michel de Virville, dirigeant du Medef, mis en examen dans une escroquerie de plusieurs dizaines de millions d’euros… Dans La violence des riches Monique Pinçon-Charlot et Michel Pinçon identifient cette violence et les conflits d’intérêt entre Hollande et les milieux d’affaire. Rencontre. Zibeline : L’État français devient selon vous «une société de service pour les dominants».

Shared Value Research Center. Interactive Inspiration [68] RDF-Gravity. Sunil Goyal, Rupert Westenthaler {sgoyal, rwestenthaler} Salzburg Research, Austria RDF Gravity is a tool for visualising RDF/OWL Graphs/ ontologies. Its main features are: Graph VisualizationGlobal and Local Filters (enabling specific views on a graph) Full text SearchGenerating views from RDQL QueriesVisualising multiple RDF files RDF Gravity is implemented by using the JUNG Graph API and Jena semantic web toolkit. A social impact design studio based in New York City. CreativeApplications.Net.