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The Beauty Of Female Body In Vibrant NSFW Photographs By David Dubnitskiy. Comparing Rainwater Storage Options. Comparing Rainwater Storage Options by Doug Pushard Storage tanks, usually the most expensive component of the rainwater harvesting system, come in a wide variety of sizes and types.

Comparing Rainwater Storage Options

When deciding on the type of tank to use, the main factors to consider include where you live and your budget. When choosing the size of storage tank or cistern, consider several variables: rainwater supply (local precipitation), demand, projected length of dry spells without rain, catchment surface area, aesthetics, personal preference, and of course, your budget. ReFreshMKE Home. Environment Protection Authority.

Water. Current Baseline and Need for Action Water resources are a critical asset for the City of Milwaukee and have played an integral role in the city's development.


Named by Native Americans as "gathering place" by the water, the City of Milwaukee is linked through history, economy, and culture to Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee, Menomonee, and Kinnickinnic rivers, which flow through the city. Milwaukee's traditional economies included water-intensive industries, such as brewing, manufacturing, tanning, shipping, and farming, which fueled much of the city's growth. Because of extensive water use in these industries, related companies developed to manage, measure, treat, and transport water. These water-related companies survived and grew, even while the number of primary industries, such as breweries and manufacturing, declined in the city. Natural Swimming Pools Designed With Nature - Landscape Architects Network. Claudia Schwarzer from Bio Piscinas gives us a detailed account of her own experience of designing and creating natural swimming pools.

Natural Swimming Pools Designed With Nature - Landscape Architects Network

In the 20 years I have worked as a landscape architect in Portugal, my firm has designed more than 170 swimming ponds, 40 for tourist use. So I know the challenges of placing water features into the Mediterranean landscape. Amanda Burden: How public spaces make cities work. Detergentes naturales. 8 Amazing Facts About Trees That You Didn't Know. Here at LAN, we love trees.

8 Amazing Facts About Trees That You Didn't Know

Just check out our hit article Top 10 Sacred Tree which highlights some of the wolrds most special tress in all of their awesomeness. The benefits of trees are widely known, but there are some amazing facts about trees that you might not know and will surely blow you mind! 8. A balance of carbon and oxygen.


Britain's new radicals 2014: how you can make a positive impact. Radical, as history readily attests, is a word much open to challenge and debate.

Britain's new radicals 2014: how you can make a positive impact

Two years ago, when the Observer and Nesta, a charity that supports innovation in a range of areas including health, recycling, ageing, the environment and the digital world, launched a search for Britain's 50 new radicals (BNR), discussion was heated. But it was not so heated that it deterred more than 200 people, projects and organisations from sending in their nominations. Ama la Vida Buen Vivir "Fincas Subversivas" 2da temporada Capítulo 16.

Geoff Lawton's PRI Zaytuna Farm Tour - Apr/May 2012. Regional estimates for 2000-2011. GBD Compare. Surviving the Coming Crises. Absolutely FREE videos by Geoff Lawton, World Renowned Permaculture Teacher, Designer and Consultant.

Surviving the Coming Crises

From Darwin to Dickens, how history's biggest thinkers spent their days. By Sam Creighton Published: 14:34 GMT, 30 March 2014 | Updated: 16:28 GMT, 30 March 2014 What makes a genius a genius?

From Darwin to Dickens, how history's biggest thinkers spent their days

According to these graphics, it's good time management. All. Biblioteca filosófico-política para descargar. 15 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do. National inventory submissions 2013. At its eighth session, the Conference of the Parties requested the secretariat to publish on its web site the annual inventory submissions consisting of the national inventory report (NIR) and common reporting format (CRF) of all Parties included in Annex I to the Convention.

National inventory submissions 2013

The NIRs contain detailed descriptive and numerical information and the CRFs contain summary, sectoral and trend tables for all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals, and sectoral background data tables for reporting implied emission factors and activity data. The NIRs and CRFs can be downloaded from the table below. The NIRs and CRFs provided here are the most recent versions of the 2013 submissions provided by Annex I Parties. The dates of the original submissions are indicated in the table. For information on the completeness of a Party’s 2013 submission, please refer to the individual Status Reports for 2013. ÁRBOLES URBANOS DE CHILE - Guía de Reconocimiento by Programa de Arborización. Yasuni National Park - ITT oil extraction (Ecuador)

The best way to recognize the artists of paintings. THE SECRET WORLD OF THE PLANTS. Seeds of Permaculture - Tropical Permaculture. Environment - Watch Free Documentaries Online. 300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries. If we had Dutch-style intersections, we'd ride our bikes everywhere, too. -cuanto-cuesta-vivir-lejos-de-tu-trabajo.


Adventures in New Economics 4: Jonathan Dawson. Redesigning organisations for resilience. Consejos de ahorro: ahorro en zonas verdes. Ahorro de agua en zonas verdes Actualmente existen opciones que permiten combinar el mantenimiento de jardines bonitos y agradables con un uso responsable de agua.

consejos de ahorro: ahorro en zonas verdes

Estos jardines utilizan técnicas de xerojardinería, una modalidad de jardinería que pretende el uso eficiente del agua en los jardines, adaptándose a las condiciones climáticas del entorno sin que por ello se construyan jardines áridos o plagados de cactus. Consejos de ahorro: Moving toward a circular economy. The circular economy aims to eradicate waste—not just from manufacturing processes, as lean management aspires to do, but systematically, throughout the life cycles and uses of products and their components.

Moving toward a circular economy

Indeed, tight component and product cycles of use and reuse, aided by product design, help define the concept of a circular economy and distinguish it from the linear take–make­–dispose economy, which wastes large amounts of embedded materials, energy, and labor. In the first exhibit of this narrated slideshow, McKinsey alumnus Markus Zils explains how a circular economy works. Tapped. How We Are Different. Existen 332 puntos limpios en Quito. Hamburg City Council has disclosed ambitious plans to divert most cars away from its main thoroughfares in twenty years.

In order to do so, local authorities are to connect pedestrian and cycle lanes in what is expected to become a large green network. In all, the Grünes Netz (Green Web) plan envisages “eliminating the need for automoviles” within two decades. ¡Punta Arenas prohibe el uso de bolsas plásticas! Estas noticias hay que compartirlas para que se vayan replicando en todo el país: la Municipalidad de Punta Arenas aprobó una ordenanza que estipula sustituir en el comercio “el uso de bolsas de polietileno o de cualquier polímero plástico, y la utilización y entrega de las mismas al público, en todo local comercial de la ciudad, que se utilicen para el transporte de mercadería, productos y/o artículos, aún aquéllas que se indican como biodegradables u oxobiodegradables”.

Two Minutes on Oceans w/ Jim Toomey: Blue Carbon. Food Is Your Best Medicine: Henry G. Bieler M.D.: 9780345351838: EcoReceta: la manera más fácil (y sabrosa) de desintoxicarte. How Hemp Became Illegal: The Marijuana Link. If I told you there was a plant available to us today that could be grown in pretty much any soil, requires no pesticides and it takes very little maintenance to grow, and this magical plant could be used for a very large number of necessities and goods we use today yet we don’t use it, would you think to yourself “Joe you must be high or on some other cheap drug?” Well potential naysayers out there, I’m not high nor do I get high, but let me tell you, there is a plant available right now and it is often mistaken to be marijuana but has capabilities that are beyond what you could imagine. It’s called Hemp. To be clear, even the plant we refer to has Marijuana is actually hemp. Most accurately, hemp that is composed of less than .3% THC is considered non-remedial hemp.

Hemp that contains more than .3% THC is considered remedial hemp. Nikola Tesla Secret - Exposing Tesla's "FREE Energy" Device. Probably Hundreds (or Thousands) of Dollars per year... Now, what if there was a way to get Unlimited FREE Amounts of Energy whenever you want? And no... I'm not talking about paying a TON on solar panels that'll take 30 years for you to break even on either.

The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Car: It’s Made Entirely From HEMP. You would never think that a single plant could solve most of the worlds problems, well it can. Hemp has over 50, 000 uses, why this plant remains illegal is causing confusion among many. Everything from clothes, medicine, fabrics, fuel and more, hemp is definitely a large threat to a variety of corporations that control energy, health and a number of other industries. Many corporations would see a decline in profit if hemp were to be legalized.

One in particular this article will focus on is the automobile industry. The worlds most Eco-friendly car, the Kestrel, was designed in Canada by Calgary-based Motive Industries INC. It has a top speed of 90 km per hour and a range of approximately 100 miles before needing to be recharged. It’s weight is approximately 2,500 pounds, and has a very affordable price given the fact that hemp is very easy to grow and requires nothing but the sun. The Human Scale. ¿Qué es una ciudad de escala humana? Durante el último año nos han escuchado referir muchas veces a Gehl Architects y sus ideas de ciudades de “escala humana” o “para las personas”.

¿Qué es una ciudad de escala humana? Lar Tóxico Lar. Consumo Responsable : consejos prácticos para ahorrar agua en el hogar. Consejos prácticos para ahorrar agua. Green Roof Growers. Let’s Make 2-Liter SIPs! Photo: Rachel Glass My mom and I have really been expanding our gardening knowledge lately. Though there is a lot more to learn, we have been sharing that gardening knowledge with kids and families in our community. When we were asked to teach children at a special event sponsored by the AUA (Advocates for Urban Agriculture) and Hull House, we decided to teach a workshop on making SIPs. Ecuador: 83% de los hogares no recicla sus desechos.

Discovery. In Transition 2.0: a story of resilience and hope in extraordinary times. ‘Tis the season for living rooms around the country to be covered in a sea of crumpled paper and tossed-aside bows. Yup, wrapping paper from holiday gifts is largely to blame for a 25 percent spike in curbside trash volume between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to the EPA.

Oil Pulling - The Habit That Can Transform Your Health. By Dr. 1b1TydW. 50 Life Hacks to Simplify your World. MIDWAY : This film should be seen by the entire world ! The Postman who built a Palace made of Pebbles. This Device Provides Clean Water for Pennies a Day. Jacob's Well in Wimberley, Texas is one of the most dangerous places to dive on Earth. Fm. Kinetic sand. 99 songs to make your homework awesome.

- StumbleUpon. 106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos. The Copenhagen Wheel official product release. La Historia de las Cosas (completo, en español latino) The Story of Stuff - Español - Parte 3 de 3 de Annie Leonard. The Story of Stuff - Español - Parte 2 de 3 de Annie Leonard. The Story of Stuff - Español - Parte 1 de 3 de Annie Leonard. La Historia del Agua Embotellada. Economía Circular en Español. La simple cura del cáncer y El asesinato de su descubridor.

Sepp Holzer work in Ecuador against natural disasters. Translucent Ants Photographed Eating Colored Liquids. Dolça Revolució. Orbital Systems. Cómo funcionan – The 15 Craziest Things In Nature You Won't Believe Actually Exist. Green Gold - Documentary by John D. Liu. El Cáncer: el secreto mejor guardado. The Invisible Bicycle Helmet. Spirit of Baraka. The Jane Goodall Institute.

Maude Barlow.


AME-LOT: Fachada flexible a partir de la reutilización de pallets. MUSICA. POLITICA Y ECONOMIA. OTROS. AMBIENTE. ARTE. MI BLOG nosce te ipsum.