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Recommends music, movies, books, games. My neighbor totoro. Combustible Celluloid - Guide to Cult Movies and Cult Films. Army of Darkness (1993) The third film in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy features more zombies, more action, more laughs, and more kisses.

Combustible Celluloid - Guide to Cult Movies and Cult Films

With Bruce Campbell. "Gimme some sugar, baby! " Basket Case (1982) Frank Henelotter's amazing low-budget splatter comedy showcases Siamese twin brothers -- one normal, the other a squishy little beast who lives in a basket -- searching for revenge on the New York doctors who separated them. Battle Royale (2000) This mind-blowing Japanese film is endlessly entertaining, by turns gory and hilarious, disturbing and exciting. The great Japanese exploitation filmmaker Kinji Fukasaku (The Green Slime, Yakuza Graveyard) was nearly seventy when he made this masterpiece, and it turned out to be his final completed film.

The Big Lebowski (1998) Any of the Coen Brothers' films could qualify as cult classics, but this one is both the most underappreciated and has the most fanatical following. The Black Cat (1934) Edgar G. Black Sunday (1960)Black Sunday (a.k.a. The 30 Day Movie Challenge « Theater Thoughts. Here is a fun list that @drmrsthmonarch turned me on to.

The 30 Day Movie Challenge « Theater Thoughts

With the busy lives we lead, it is sometimes tough to work a movie into the schedule each day. Now there is a list that makes it even tougher to select a flick to wind down with. I like that the challenge not only requests that you watch a movie, but a very specialized, sometimes personal movie. It certainly requires some thought. I’d be interested to hear if any of you go for the challenge and what titles you select. A Website About Movies. Mindfuck Movies list. 10 SXSW '11 Films We've Seen and Highly Recommend. With over 120 films to choose from in just nine days at the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival, even the most experienced planner will be unable to take in all of them.

10 SXSW '11 Films We've Seen and Highly Recommend

That is just simple math. Sometimes you just have to take a page from Neil ... Page: "You have to discriminate. You choose things that are funny or mildly amusing. " So you can look over the SXSW catalog descriptions and make up your mind, or you can take the word of some trusted critics who have a heads-up and start from there. If extreme violence laced with comedy is your bag, then you can take the word of Eric Snider who enjoyed 'Hobo With A Shotgun,' or Scott Weinberg who fancied 'Super,' James Gunn's take on the modern superhero. Or, you can take a cue from yours truly (as you hopefully did last year) and add ten more recommendations to your schedule to already go along with 'Source Code' and 'Paul.' SCREENING TIME Sunday, March 13 – 6:30 PM – Paramount Theatre Laughs are big and consistent throughout. Editor’s Picks: The Ten Best Films of 2010. The Ten Best Films of 2010: 10.

Editor’s Picks: The Ten Best Films of 2010

Thunder Soul It was a great year for documentaries in the mainstream. From the loud victories (the Banksy one) to the nerdy adventures (the Troll 2 one) to the epically failed ones (the Joaquin Phoenix one), there was a lot of chatter about films of the real. But none were able to so effortlessly inspire and crush the way Thunder Soul did when I took in a viewing at SXSW. 9. The “rite of passage” story is one that the genre of martial arts films has all but exhausted. 8. Jean-Pierre Jeunet has had, in the past, a style that is all his own. 7. Christopher Nolan doesn’t make small movies. 6.

Combine the blistering pace and fervor of Edgar Wright’s work with the unique wit of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim comics and what do you get? 5. Someone is bound to point out the fact that The Good, The Bad, The Weird was produced in 2007, released overseas in 2008 and has played in the states at festivals like Fantastic Fest in years since. Watch Movies Online Free - Just Added. Live in Dreams.