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Libération - Bienvenue sur Libé Juliette | Mode, images, pop culture. La chasse Georg von Hoyningen-Huene coffee & TV Corine Day update Hey friends! It’s been a while I know.. I keep this blog running, but I made another one about illustration & design at Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do! J jackie o Ron Galella, Jackie Kennedy She was just the way I remembered her In 1955, Peter Mangone was 14 years old–a skinny boy from the Bronx with a Marilyn Monroe fixation, like so many teenagers of his generation. Work with paper Lotte Gerson, Paper spiral; Work with paper, c. 1927 August Sander, Dora, the wife of the Architect Hans Heinz Lüttgen, 1928 créer une forme Viviane Sassen fenêtre Thomas Lohr, L’Express Styles, 2013 tiger tiger Juergen Teller, Phoebe Philo Waris Dirie for L’Oreal, 1991 birds Ryan Mc Ginley albinos peacock anti forme Collier Schorr, Arrangement #20 (Shadow), 2008 pastèque Wolfgang Tillmans, 1997 Horst P.

Chiné David Sims, Harper’s Bazaar, septembre 1997 Bandeau Peter Lindbergh, Milla Jovovich, 1996 zoe zoe zoe natte miaou miaou épiderme. "irving penn" Les fantômes de la jungle. Depuis soixante-trois ans, la Birmanie mène un programme de nettoyage ethnique méthodique contre les minorités du pays, s’appuyant sur des techniques terrifiantes comme le viol parrainé par l’État et le massacre des citoyens. À la bordure orientale du pays, le long de la frontière thaïlandaise, ce génocide a donné lieu à une bataille sans fin entre le gouvernement birman et les Karen. Après des décennies de lutte, l’Armée de libération nationale du Karen (le KNLA) est devenue l’opposant le plus redouté de l’armée birmane ; il s’agit de la milice organisée la plus active à l’heure actuelle. C’est aussi l’une des rares organisations d’insurgés qui ne soit pas considérée comme un groupe terroriste par les États-Unis. Ceci est dû à la position antidrogues du KNLA et au fait qu’ils sont très doués pour détruire les laboratoires de méthamphétamine du gouvernement dans la jungle (vous savez, ceux qui fournissent la majeure partie de l’Asie).

Photojournalisme Photos. Agence VU. Foto8. Photography news, reviews, comment and features | Art and design. Magnum Photos Home. Igor posner – notes from underground. Hover over the image for navigation controls Igor Posner Notes from Underground play multimedia It started in 2006, a year when I returned to St. Petersburg for the first time in 14 years. At the time I had no idea what I wanted to get out of this place, photographically anyway. I just knew that I wanted to immerse myself into its cold, gloomy winter and take pictures. Excerpt from a personal diary (February, 2008): “Leningrad creates a feeling of a lost and a haunted city, an open nerve, where little tragedies of every day life that seem universal are so acutely brought to surface…with its bars, streets, drunks, communal apartments this place creates a sense of an inexistent dream within an authentic nightmare, and yet paradoxically conveys a feeling of poetic nostalgia and melancholy.”

Images used in this slideshow are chapter fragments from a book project about St. Music by Alfred Schnittke – In Memoriam II, tempo di valse Special thanks to: Olya Vysotskaya, Anna Bocharova Bio Born in St. THEORY: "William Eggleston - Draft of a Presentation (2003)" William Eggleston: Draft of a Presentation By Thomas Weski It’s hard for me to describe the fascination that William Eggleston’s photographs exert on me. More than twenty years ago, I bought William Eggleston’s Guide, the catalogue of his solo show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1976. Time and again, I have looked at the color plates of this book, and I still can’t really explain why they have preoccupied me for so long. Is it the seeming familiarity of their motifs? The type of photography? Naturally, I have gotten to know more pictures by this photographer over the years. I consider a photograph interesting whenever a photographer’s view of reality does not double my knowledge of the world, but a difference between our respective perception occurs.

William Eggleston’s photographs have this disturbing quality. When I look at the more than thirty-years old photographs of Los Alamos, I recognize another attribute of all the photographs in the series. .BLATANT Ink. .BLATANT Ink. It's BLATANT!! Sidebar Monsieur Plume Raid Crew Fressen & Gefressen Werden - 5 Pointz LIC - Summer 2013 5 Pointz 5 Pointz In.Cog.Ni.To - adj. C/o 5 Points from 5Points July 3, 2013 Me @ 5Points Today. REVOK and POSE - Bowery Motoi Yamamoto creating his art with salt. Quote Street Art by Chok Ghost. - An Original Poem by K! Stinkfish in Bogota Poetry Liqen's most recent mural - London Lucy McLauchlan - Italy Melbourne Street Artist ~ Be Free "It's still wet" Specter ~ Russia Matt W.

Brazil Banky - Wizard of OZ Stick. Polish Street Art c/o FatCap The Bus Blaster..Cozmo.. Nov 5 Pointz Posted 30th November 2013 by Kimdigo Ninjah Location: Long Island City, Queens, NY, USA Add a comment Subscribe RSS Feed View RSS Feed About Me Kimdigo Ninjah i grew up in ny, lived in fl, nh, vt and now nj. everything in between is that i like to laugh, be around positive people and dance my ass off.

It's BLATANT Followers Blog Archive Loading BLATANT Inc.. Street Art from Bristol | Graffiti art, stencil art, graffs, paste-ups, murals, sidewalk art. 59 Amazing Street Art collected by @themadray | Designerscouch #thecritiquenetwork. Unurth street art. Une année Maier. DOZE Magazine.