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Getting to know the Keyboard - Introduction to Chords. SAMPLERS & PROMO - Music of the Spheres.


SAMPLERS & PROMO - Music of the Spheres. How to find music you actually like. Neo muyanga youtube. Pimp my record player: The 8 best turntable tweaks. Home Features Pimp my record player: The 8 best turntable tweaks...

Pimp my record player: The 8 best turntable tweaks

Pimp my record player: The 8 best turntable tweaks In our technology column last month we shared the 8 best turntables for home listening. Now, it’s time to learn how you can take it to the next level, with these 8 turntable tweaks for the truly committed audiophile. Words: Paul Rigby The problem with Hi-Fi and turntables especially is that they are machines. To give you one example, you can buy yourself a five-star rated turntable for lots of money, take it home, put it on your coffee table, hook it up to your amp and speakers, spin your favourite record and wonder what the fuss was all about. Similarly, play that same turntable on that very wall shelf and be happy with the sound but then add isolation feet, a quality clamp and a replacement platter mat and listen to that turntable sing! The main reason for this odd behaviour resides in distortion. 1: PRO-JECT CLAMP-IT Price: £ “A bubble level?

7. Songland Records - Home of the hard to find! Shockwave Supernova - Joe Satriani. Joe Satriani may have retained the services of keyboardist Mike Keneally for Shockwave Supernova, the guitarist's 15th studio album -- Keneally has been in Satch's orbit for a while now -- but he chose to invite bassist Bryan Beller and drummer Marco Minnemann (from the inventive instrumental rock band the Aristocrats) to be his rhythm section for the bulk of the record.

Shockwave Supernova - Joe Satriani

This slight shakeup reinvigorates Satriani, who already sounded spry on Unstoppable Momentum. Where that record hearkened back to his '80s heyday, splitting time between arena-friendly riffing and lyrical solos, Shockwave Supernova exists in the heady world of intricate time signatures and elastic instrumental interplay; it is more the child of pre-MTV AOR -- a world where Rush and Allan Holdsworth split time on the stereo of MAD Magazine readers.

Hope and Despair - Radio Citizen. Four years after Berlin Serengeti, composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Niko Schabel resurrects Radio Citizen for Hope and Despair.

Hope and Despair - Radio Citizen

The album builds on the esthetics of its predecessor and evolves in its sound toward a more provocative, aggressive, and ambitious result, driven incessantly by the force of upright bass. Strings, brass, reeds, and woodwinds are played and/or sonically manipulated across modal and stylistic lines through jazz, dub, funk, African, and Latin styles. Shimmering, dramatic strings and exotic percussion also color these proceedings with darker, irresistible textures. On "Test Me," Ursula Rucker's vocals are supported by a bassline that stretches the cut's time signature yet remains in the pocket; strings and winds create an atmospheric razor-wire that her delivery dances upon. Ken Burns Jazz - Sidney Bechet. With cooperation from the Verve and Columbia Legacy catalogs, the Ken Burns Jazz series on CD individually spotlights the musical excellence of 22 jazz originators whose careers and influence are explored in Burns' PBS documentary Jazz.

Ken Burns Jazz - Sidney Bechet

This disc provides an enjoyable introduction to Sidney Bechet, one of the early jazz masters of Dixieland and New Orleans clarinet and soprano saxophone. The 20 tracks on Ken Burns Jazz highlight Bechet's work from 1923 through 1947 with Clarence Williams' Blue Five, Noble Sissle & His Orchestra, and the Spanier-Bechet Big Four. While Bechet's wide vibrato style didn't change much throughout the years, he maintained an excellence and inspired approach that few musicians have been able to sustain consistently, making the majority of his dates worth hearing. While it's impossible to sum up Bechet's history on a single disc, the highlights presented here should encourage the interested novice listener to seek out more material. Mue - Emilie Simon. Import Vinyl LPs to MP3 Using a Mac. Marie-Jo Thério : Brille Brille Petite Tortue.

1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die. Douglas, Dave The Best from a Prolific New Jazz Composer The pianist Paul Bley tells young musicians that no matter what else they do, it's important to record themselves at least every six months.

1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die

In his estimation, documenting one's music regularly is not simply useful for charting progress, but as a way to systematically foster the creation of new ideas. The discography of composer and trumpet player Dave Douglas is an illustration of this wisdom. Since the late 1980s, the New York–based musician has written and recorded at a blinding rate. Calm and unabashedly romantic, Charms is a chamber jazz exploration of the most ethereal sort. Genre: JazzReleased: 1998, Winter & WinterKey Tracks: "Sea Change," "Little One," "Dance in Thy Soul.

" Buy this Recording Share this page: Bookmark on co.mments Bookmark on Bookmark on Digg Bookmark on Facebook Bookmark on Google Bookmarks. The Tel Aviv Session: The Toure-Raichel Collective: Music.