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Neil Brown

School Improvement Advisor for ICT in North Tyneside, UK

Langdale Curriculum Development

AirParrot - AirPlay your Mac or PC's screen to Apple TV. Welcome to the Web. Thank you for visiting 'Welcome to the Web'.

Welcome to the Web

By working your way through this web site and taking part in the exciting challenges and activities, you will learn all about the Internet. Good luck! Choose a section to begin. If you have never used Welcome to the Web before, it's important to start at 'The Beginning'! This website is part of Teaching Ideas - Please send feedback to Thank you to the following people for their support and contributions to this site: Gareth Pitchford - for his help with the original site and for activity suggestions. Read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Cookie Information. ActivPen for Promethean Activboard: ACTIVPEN. ICT curriculum development. Interesting Ways. My Reflection on #28daysofwriting February 28, 2015 – 4:23 pm It was in about early January when I began to mull over the idea of getting back into a writing habit.

I wanted to renew the discussion and connectedness I enjoyed through my blog and get myself writing regularly again. The #28daysofwriting idea sprang from that desire. What Makes People Creative? February 27, 2015 – 9:10 pm When you start to explore the literature around the definition of creativity, or what it means to be creative, the lists and references go on and on. Convene your Classroom Creative Council February 26, 2015 – 9:28 pm During some research on Thomas Edison I stumbled on the fact that he deliberately surrounded himself with a diverse range of expertise in order to generate new thinking and ideas, a creative council. Education Suffers from a Lack of Knowledge Urgency February 25, 2015 – 10:26 pm My EDtalk Interview from ULearn14. Spread sheet Planning. - the effective use of ICT in education - Discussion, Case Studies, Flash, Programming, VLE, Moodle. Technology. SPENT. Lisbon. Matthew Varty Joe Atkinson Gaz Turkington Alex Wright ‘One irresistible piece of shout a long indie pop, bloody lovely.’


(Ally McCrae – BBC Radio 1) Alt-Pop four-piece Lisbon hail from the wonderful coastal town of Whitley Bay near Newcastle. The band’s first single release comes off the back of regional acclaim for free releases and last year’s Evolution Emerging festival. Produced by Jordan Riley at Newcaste’s Blast Studios, ‘Blue Love’ is swimming with ocean bed metaphors, used to describe the love affair of a couple: a powerful tune decorated with a catchy chorus. Lisbon have recently been compared to the likes of Little Comets and Foals, a rather magical combination.

Blue Love is released digitally on the 1st of February 2014. @wearelisbon (Twitter & Instagram) For bookings or enquiries please contact: 07748237388. Lisbon - Funk1 (4 men, 1 guitar) Lisbonuk’s stream. MCOM353 SP11: Embedding Flash swf into Google Sites « DSU Animation Courses. This tutorial will show you how to embed a Flash SWF file to Google Sites.

MCOM353 SP11: Embedding Flash swf into Google Sites « DSU Animation Courses

Step 1: Create a swf of your Flash file A. Command + Shift + Enter (MAC shortcut keys) or Control->Test Movie Step 2: Upload the Flash swf file to Google Sites as an attachment A. B. Step 3: Embed your Flash swf file into your Google Sites page A. B. C. D. E. FREE Online Games to Play.

Digital Literacy

Easi-Scope Hand-held Digital Microscope. People who looked at Easi-Scope Hand-held Digital Microscope also looked at...

Easi-Scope Hand-held Digital Microscope

Practical Pre-School Silver Award Winner 2009 Shortlisted for an ERA Award 2009 - Secondary Resources and Equipment - using ICT This simple plug and play device attaches to your computer via USB. Easi-Scope has an LED light to help illuminate items being viewed. Simply hold the Easi-Scope over the object, focus by turning the top then take videos or still images using the single control button at up to x 43 magnification (using a 17" monitor). Size: 7 x 5cm. For ages 3 years +. Educational Benefits Child friendly microscopeInvestigate materialsShare with the whole class Additional Information White Balance: Auto Interface: USB 2.0 Image Sensor: VGA CMOS Sensor Image Resolution: 640 x 480 Pixels Photo Capture: One-touch Illumination: Built-in LED Capture Image Resolution: 640 x 480 VGA (Interpolation up to 1200 x 1600 pixels.

Thanks to The Coombes Infant and Nursery School for sharing their Easi-Scope pictures with us.

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