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100hunt2. Math Resources. Sharing great ideas and resources with maths teachers around the world. Hoagies' Gifted Kids & Teens. Math Operations Worksheets and Lesson Plans. Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division Miscellaneous Addition Addition & Subtraction Concentration Grades Early Elementary How about concentration adding and subtraction memory game?

Math Operations Worksheets and Lesson Plans

Make addition and subtraction cards on file cards. Two or more children play together. Flip all the cards over to the blank side. Math Crosswalk - Resources. Multiple Topics and Multiple Ages Cyberchase.

Math Crosswalk - Resources

PBS. A lively cartoonish site encourages children to engage in mathematics through games, activities, and videos. Figure This! Overview - About the Assessment - Math Reasoning Inventory. MRI is an online formative assessment tool designed to make teachers’ classroom instruction more effective.

Overview - About the Assessment - Math Reasoning Inventory

The MRI questions focus on number and operations and are based on content from the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics prior to sixth grade. They are questions that we expect…and hope…all middle school students to answer successfully. There are three assessments in MRI—Whole Numbers, Decimals, and Fractions. Each assessment has two sections—the Interview and the Written Computation sections. The Interview (10–12 questions), done face-to-face, focuses on core reasoning strategies and understandings. Maths: Solving Problems: Word and Real Life Problems. (1) IMACS Logic Puzzles. Afterschool Curriculum Choice: Math Resources. Afterschool Curriculum Choice: Mathematics Resources is an initiative of PEAR, the Program in Education, Afterschool and Resiliency at Harvard University and the SEDL National Center for Quality Afterschool.

Afterschool Curriculum Choice: Math Resources

This database was conceived, compiled and coordinated by a team at PEAR in collaboration with SEDL. PEAR's team consisted of Gil Noam, Sarah Schwartz, Kristin Sinclair, Erin Cooney, Larina Mehta, and Sara Hoots. SEDL's team consisted of Cathy Jordan, Deborah Donnelly, and Brian Litke. The database is designed to help practitioners locate and make informed choices about high-quality mathematics resources to enrich their programs. Resources were selected based on proven use in afterschool settings, and include challenging lesson plans and organized activities. Ed Tech. Tutorials for free Download from top colleges and universities.

Math Teaching Resources for K-5 Classrooms. Powered by Google Docs. Math. Math. Addition & Subtraction Games. Students place markers on the numbers 2-12.

Addition & Subtraction Games

Students toss two 6-sided dice, find the sum and remove a marker from that number, if there is still one. The first player to remove all markers wins the game. This game can be used as addition practice or as an introduction to the probability of the different outcomes of rolling two dice. This game was developed by a Monmouth University student for the Probability Fair. Untitled Document. In an effort to streamline our information and better serve our students and parents DoDEA has upgraded our web presence into a more cohesive and robust site.

Untitled Document

This new website will help us provide and publish up to date and relevant information without duplication. All of our pages can be accessed from the menu drop downs located in the top right corner of your web browser. All DoDEA Official Regulations, forms and guidelines can be found in the Educational Support Policy & Legislation page. Please take a minute to browse through the links on this page to familiarize yourself with the new site. Required Fluencies in the Common Core Standards for Math. Mathematics - Elementary Lesson Plan Search Results. GREAT MATHS SITES. MATHS INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD APPLICATIONS. Mathematics Students Resources. Math Teaching Videos.

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Mathematics Textbook Reviews (2011) Teach2beach05. Math. Mathematically Sane. Math. The Singapore Maths Teacher. Thinking Blocks - Model and Solve Math Word Problems. MATH PICS. Mrs. Meacham's Math. Math Resource Information: The documents on this page are created by me and are to be used in correlation with, the 1st Grade Macmillan McGraw 2005 Math Program and/or the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Expressions Program.

Mrs. Meacham's Math

Our district used the 2005 resource from 2005-2011. We just (2011-2012) adopted the Math Expressions resource. SMARTboard Files for 2005 Math Resources: Math Expressions SMARTboard Files are not ready yet!


New Page 1. Comparison activities - developing the language of comparison using such terms as biggest, smallest, longest, etc.

New Page 1

Odd One Out Find the odd one out from the very sweet honey bears, it's more difficult than you think! Which spaceman is different is a fun way to determine which is different. Circle the cat. The objective is to trap the cat so it cannot escape. Kingsfoot. Math Lesson Plan Index. I'm indexing the blog by math standards.

Math Lesson Plan Index

Just starting. Check back for updates. Number and Operations Addition Fact Games: Make Ten Practice adding combinations to make 10 using a deck of playing cards. Penguin Math Games. Capture the Penguins Gameuses the outcome of two-dice toss to form a coordinate pair.

Penguin Math Games

Students toss two dice (one regular and one A-F) in this fun game that introduces students to coordinate graphing in the spaces. Students form a coordinate pair based on the dice toss and capture a penguin, if possible. Students use the accompanying recording sheet to keep score during the game. A-F Dice: Create A-F dice using plain dice or purchase small wooden cubes at a craft store to make the dice. Tools for the Common Core Standards. Phil Daro, Bill McCallum, Jason Zimba A Grecian urn You have just purchased an expensive Grecian urn and asked the dealer to ship it to your house.

Practice Basic Facts. Elementary Math. MATHS GAMES. Interactive white board resources. Interactive Whiteboard Resource Survey. GREAT MATHS SITES.