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Android Application Development

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App development for android smartphone- Offshore... Android App Trends and the Impact on Mobile Platforms. Stable 1.2 Android Studio Sneaks In Full Testing Support. Enhancing Business Strategies with Android App Development. Android!

Enhancing Business Strategies with Android App Development

This term has become a necessity today. In past years, we all did manage our lives without the use of such technologies. But now it has becomes quite impossible to manage anything, as androids have made an important role in everybody’s life. Why android apps got viral in small duration only? - mobileapptech’s blog. This is the world of technology.

Why android apps got viral in small duration only? - mobileapptech’s blog

Every year lots of new technologies and apps developed for the users, but androids are considered one of the best and most affordable platform. In every developing market, profitable deals are looking for the developments. Android app development is the good idea for every business. This will provide lots of new opportunities and platforms to the users. New platforms and innovative ideas are basis of further android app development. Lost apps are easily identified in this play store as they are present on the single place. Privacy concerned with android apps Developing new apps does not mean that just increasing number of apps on the play store. Marketing of developed android app on right time and right place Marketing of newly developed apps is important to make them popular. Blogging is the successful way to communicate with the users and give them full knowledge of offered features.

Provide apps and their links on various sites. Get Started With Custom Horizontal Datepicker In Android - IT Blogs. Know how to install multiple app variants on a single device for incremental improvements. Jun162015 Technology is now expended so much around us that we are totally depending on it even for the regular works.

Know how to install multiple app variants on a single device for incremental improvements

There are many simple Gradle parameters to allow the several kinds of various applications on our tablet or on our smart phones. Android app development guide to the various app installations by incremental improvements. Just imagine if you are trapped in a very serious problem due to some circumstances then these apps manage your problem with a proper ease and a great responsibility.

Mobile application developers collaborate with the designs and the features so that they can easily accessible with many separated devices. In the technical world our demands and needs are totally dependent on the features to run even for the installations. let we have done any mistake while installing or in the process of designing then it becomes very tough for the mobile application developers to access the app. Apps world is there to help us and make our work easy and usable. How to Get Location Update with Googleapiclient and Fusedlocationprov… How to update UI from Asynchronous Task for Android Application Development. NexMobileApps’s Android App Development Team is sharing one important update on android to help you with UI updates using asynchronous techniques.

How to update UI from Asynchronous Task for Android Application Development

This programming journey will surely enhance your skills in attaining the final goal. It will be knowledgeable visit to understand each method and technique we have used throughout the program. How to update UI from Asynchronous Task Usual if not complex application then developer will include the Asynchronous Task inside the activity class and then whatever controls defined inside activity will be accessible also from Asynchronous task and can be updated from onPreExecute(), onProgressUpdate() and onPostExecute. But the case we are going to talk is where Asynchronous Task and activity classes are different. So in this kind of scenario we can utilize Interface.

Here we will just see the Asynchronous task class and Activity class: public void AsynchDatabaseFetcher extends AsyncTask <Void, DbDataObject, Boolean>{ public void onAllDataFetched(); } do{ Why android app developers should use Model-View-Presenter? How many of you are familiar with the term android?

Why android app developers should use Model-View-Presenter?

I hope most of you have heard about the android apps and the related applications in the android world. If you are android app developer then this is naturally understood by you that why mobile application development is so much important in the field of technology. MVP (Model View Presenter) is one of the best techniques which are important to develop apps in the mobile world. There are some basic terms which must be understood before taking impart in the development of the applications. Model: like remote server API or database API, this is a data access layer and is one of the main parts for utilization of the new technology in the phones. View: when users make any type of actions on the phones then they act with the help of view dialogue box. NexMobileApps. As we all know that how much expendable market we have if we are talking about the market of androids and their apps.


Due to Android Application Development, developers collect real award from the side of user and this reward is their applause. This is probably not possible to make the apps which are enhanced daily but eventual enhancement can still work for the betterment of user’s demands and requirements. This is easy to handle when we are talking about android application and the other developed items and this is the one most important reason for the interest of users. From inception, this development and other related possibilities are gradually expended. They are popularly used for the open up of possibilities and dominating ideas of developed market give a platform to the developers to show their talent.