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39th GST Council Meeting – Highlights & Updates. Highlights of the 39th GST Council Meeting 1.

39th GST Council Meeting – Highlights & Updates

Deferment of the new GST return system and e-invoicing In the past, the government introduced the new GST return system and announced that the implementation of the same would take place from 01st April 2020 but in the 39th GST council meeting, they decided to postpone it till 01st October 2020 and will continue with the existing GST return system. The present return system will be continued until September 2020. 2. In the 39th GST council meeting, there are some changes done in the GST rates. GST on mobile phones and specified parts was increased from 12% to 18%. 3. The interest on delayed payments was used to calculate the tax collected while making sales. 4. Filing of Form ADT-1, ADT 1 Form E-Filing, E-form ADT-1.

Conversion of LLP into Company under Companies Act. There could be anyone of the reasons for conversion of existing LLP into Private Limited Company Registration For the extension of the existing business For issuance of equity share capital in the company and for increasing the investors in the company.

Conversion of LLP into Company under Companies Act

To avoid capital gain tax To carry forward of unabsorbed losses and depreciation of last years. For maintaining the brand name or goodwill of the existing entity. Pre conditions for Conversion of LLP firm into Private Limited LLP having two or more partners can be converted into private limited company. Conversion of Limited Liability Partnership into Company. Are 7 partners are required for conversion of LLP into company?

Conversion of Limited Liability Partnership into Company

No. Business Ideas, Earn Profit in Less Investment Business. Ideas which help Business to earn Profit with Less Investment All corporations are precise.

Business Ideas, Earn Profit in Less Investment Business

Each one involves a middle idea incepted with the aid of its founders and is scaled to grow to be an achievement. Although every commercial enterprise calls for tough paintings, it's also the concept that topics. The international is converting at a fast pace and numerous new business possibilities maintain arriving. With the arrival of the brand new financial 12 months 2019-2020, allows talking a few new enterprise thoughts that require less funding and can show to be beneficial in nowadays time. Cosmetics & Skincare Products The beauty industry has grown at an improbable tempo.

Adwords Benefits for Online Business, Adwords for Business. There are a lot of actions for every online marketing campaign to be successful.

Adwords Benefits for Online Business, Adwords for Business

SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, website user experience, and pay-per-click advertising all have to work all together to achieve online success. In this case, though, we’re going to take a closer look at how AdWords can help you to attain online success You can use AdWords to enrich the sales cycle in B2C companies (e-commerce-type businesses) as well as B2B companies. It’s all about how you merge your campaign with your other online marketing efforts. Income Tax E-filing Guide, How to file ITR, Income Tax Return Filing. What are ITR forms?

Income Tax E-filing Guide, How to file ITR, Income Tax Return Filing

ITR Forms refers Income Tax Return forms. An ITR form is a provided form through which you need to communicate the details of your income earned, deduction claimed and taxes paid in a financial year to the Income Tax Department. It also provides you to carry forward the losses and claim TDS deducted throughout the year. ITR form type depend on income, the category, the taxpayers falls under (individual, LLP, company, HUF, etc). Clubbing of Income under Income Tax Act, Clubbing of Income under Section 64. Clubbing of income defines as Income of other persons includes in assessee’s total income, for example, Income of husband which is shown to be the income of his child is clubbed in the income of Father and is taxable in the hands of the Father.

Clubbing of Income under Income Tax Act, Clubbing of Income under Section 64

Under the IT Act, a person has to pay taxes on his income. Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation, Lead Generation Strategies. Secrets to Transform Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine A website is a brand’s most valuable sales and marketing asset, so many advertisers genuinely influence its lead generation potential.

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation, Lead Generation Strategies

If you want to create more leads from your marketing and sales effort, your site is an ideal spot to begin. Here are six insider ways to transform your site into a lead generation machine. 1. Adding Call to action button to Home page To increase its lead generation potential, try simply adding a call-to-action (CTA) button or banner that advises website visitors what to do next.

You may guide them to visit your blog, download an offer, visit an item page to find out additional, or even to arrange a call with your Sales Team. 2. ISO REGISTRATION PROCESS INDIA. ISO refers to the International Organization for Standardization.


ISO registration process 9001-27001 India ensures that there is standardization and provides a guarantee that a manufacturing process provider, documentation procedure or management device has all the requirements as per the required standards. The worldwide organization for Standardization is an independent non-governmental body and keeps a check and develops a general to guarantee the quality, safety, and performance of the products and structures. New GST Registration Online. New GST Registration Online For every business owner or taxpayer whose turnover per year crosses the limit of 20 lakh, online GST registration is a mandatory step of GST regime.

New GST Registration Online

It is after undergoing this online registration process, a business owner or tax payer receives a unique number known as GSTIN Number. Benefits of Trademark Registration, Advantages of Trademark Registration. In today’s business scenario safeguarding brand is at most priority which can be done through brand registration. Compliance requirements for a Limited Liability Partnership. Complete guide on how to e-file ITR (Income Tax Returns) on the Income Tax For a taxpayer, it is required to file the income tax returnsin order to report the income for the complete financial year along with the carrying forward losses and claiming the tax refund, etc. The income tax return form lets the taxpayer state his complete income with the tax deductions, expenses, taxes and investments etc.

According to the Income Tax Act, 1961, it is compulsory for a taxpayer to file the returns every year. The big GST compliance - NeuSource Startup Minds - Medium. GST is one of the compliance requirements that are common for most of the business entity setups. From sole proprietorship to complex company structures, most of the business entities engaging in regular business transactions would be on the radar for GST compliance. What are some of the compliances under GST? Let’s find out- · Filing of returns. Neusourcestartupminds — The big GST compliance. Private Limited Company properties, benefits and compliance. A private limited company is a company that is closely held by a few individuals with limited liability for the losses the business might incur in the future.

Unlike the public limited company, the shareholders or investors could be restricted to 100 persons. A private limited company in the eyes of law is a separate legal entity, which gives it an edge over partnerships and various other business setup options where a separate legal entity might not exist. The partners or investors in this type of arrangement can be selected and is an excellent choice for startups looking for limited investment without compromising ownership. Neusourcestartupminds — One person company benefits and compliances. Neusourcestartupminds (neusourcestartupminds) A clear comparison of Annual compliance for OPC and LLP.

One Person Company and Limited liability partnership are two of the most common business entities that prevail in India. Both of them have a set of rules and compliances that need to be followed in order to run the business smoothly without any worries and legal matters. Decoding GST with the help of consultants and service providers.

Decoding GST with the help of consultants and service providers. Neu Source Start Up Minds. Registration Packages for Startup in India. Relief for startups as tax on ESOPs deferred, ESOP tax relaxation. The Finance Minister noticed that during their developmental years, Start-ups generally use Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) to attract and hold highly talented employees. Right now, ESOPs are taxable as perquisites at the time of exercise. What are the mandatory compliances for private limited company? – Site Title. Major steps toward making the business GST compliant. The much-debated and the most-awaited new tax system i.e. GST came into existence on 1st July 2017.

Statutory Compliance Checklist for LLP Companies - NeuSource Startup Minds - Medium. Starting a business and running it is never an easy task. You need a lot of patience, skills, time, determination and very importantly a good amount of money to make it move ahead. There are a lot of formalities, law adherence, GST filings, return filings, registration in various departments and so on. To make your business run smoothly, it becomes mandatory that you follow all these rules and regulations and that you are saved from heavy penalties. Today, we are going to discuss one such entity i.e.

E-filing Income tax. Statutory Compliance Checklist for LLP Companies - NeuSource Startup Minds - Medium. Deferred Tax Asset and Deferred Tax Liability. Annual Compliance Checklist for Startups. Union Budget 2020 - Amendments In Sections Related To Charitable/Religious Trust. NDH-1, NDH-2 And NDH-3 Form are Available For Filing Shortly On Website. Compliances involved in GST for Small Enterprises - NeuSource Startup Minds - Medium. Income Tax Filing Online. Online OPC compliance process. Private Limited Company Compliances. How to Register a Private Limited company in easy steps.

 Companies Winding Up Rule 2020. Online Paid Ad Campaign Services, Online Paid Ads Advertising Services Delhi. Know more about Import Export Code Registration (IEC) Startup Company, Startup Consultancy: What is One Person Company? Why Digital Marketing is Important?