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AQA Command Words. AQA report on 2019 incl exam board league tables. GCSE exams too complicated. AQA marking guidelines. GCSE guide. Paper 2. Of which 67% are @AQA .… EU downgraded at GCSE. GCSE parent support. GCSE parent support. GCSE Summer 2019. AQA Geog key themes. Have you seen our geography assessment objective resources? Help your students understand how they will be assessed in a way they will understand. Command words are explained in an accessible way to support with completing exam questions. #geographyteache. GCSE AQA flash cards. Ben Ranson sur Twitter : "Some alpha versions of our work to promote tier 2 vocabulary through structured and sequenced deliberate practice. Constructive feedback, particularly from #teamenglish, is welcome because every #geographyteacher is a teacher of.

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GCSE Revision. Grade boundaries. GCSE homeworks. Case studies. Stuck for homework for GCSE group? This kind of thing might work? 9 weeks of homework differentiated and revision! #geographyteacher… Matching Spec to exam questions. Course structure. AfL sheets. Jack Tavassoly-Marsh □ sur Twitter : "After teaching the new geography GCSE for the first time, one major reflection. I need to teach the subject shaping the links between all content, rather than topic by topic. A 5 yr curriculum. Perhaps best put as - t. Great tips from @GeoDebs - including a plug for our new 'Progress in Geography' book @HodderGeography #tmgeogicons18…

Brilliant tip from @GeoDebs about using sources within the paper. So many 'easy' marks to be picked up just from being able to analyse a range of sources. My tip - Be creative, the sources don't have to be 'geography' engage Ss b. 'What I've learned from this year's GCSE' Last year, following the final exam of the old geography specification, I wrote a piece for Tes looking at the lessons we could learn, ready for the first year of the new specification.

'What I've learned from this year's GCSE'

I suggested that there was a limit to how much we could prepare pupils for particular exam questions and that we needed to focus instead on ensuring they had a deep understanding of the subject and could draw on their knowledge about an array of different topics, case studies and examples. Having finished teaching the course, and following the first exam, I hold with this conclusion. The questions on the exam didn’t contain any huge surprises. Unlike previous exam papers, they didn’t ask detailed questions on small and easily overlooked parts of the specification; the format was very similar to those of the specimen papers and the longer questions were very clear in terms of what they were looking for.

However, the knowledge pupils had been taught needed to be applied in very specific ways. Twitter. Last lesson with one Year 11 class...… CSWDurhamGeog sur Twitter : "I am exhausted preparing them for new GCSE and A level spec ... and am still finishing both specs ... never in 26 yrs of teaching have I been so late finishing ! Always had plenty of revision time but this year will be cutting. What CrossFit tells us about preparing for GCSEs. I promise you this will get to the bit about teaching and learning but first I need to talk to you about running.

What CrossFit tells us about preparing for GCSEs.

Stay with me. Being mercurial by nature, I am somewhat prone to obsession. My latest one is CrossFit. Not doing it (not yet anyway) but watching the many, strangely compelling documentaries about it and reading the many, also compelling, books and articles about the rise of this phenomenon. It started when I was at the gym, pounding out intervals on the treadmill, trying to get back into shape and looking for something to distract me and keep me motivated. CrossFit is a fitness movement based around a mixture of high intensity gymnastic movements, weight lifting and cardio. The teaching and learning bit is coming, I promise. Running – training for the specific conditions I couldn’t help contrast this with my own exercise of choice – running. The problem is that this training doesn’t transfer. Here comes the teaching and learning bit Conclusion. Map Skills Questions for GCSE Geographers.

We've been using images for starters etc, used pebble size analysis when doing coasts... Looked at theory behind it too which worked well #geogchat… They used sediment data to work out mean etc too which worked well. Showed Year 7 a bit of the evidence behind what we were saying #geogchat… OCR suffers 20% drop in awards as schools flee iGCSE. Bobdigby sur Twitter : "It’s 40% if you include AO2 understanding processes and concepts - in the past those two AOs used to total 35%, now 15%+25%. What makes new specs harder to teach in the time (imo) are all the essential & examinable skills which the. Kate Stockings sur Twitter : "To lessen workload & increase low stakes testing, I’m reintroducing @doddlelearn at KS4. Adding structure though with Closing The Gap (/ our DIRT) sheets for students to complete based on the quizzes too.✏️✅… New AQA 9-1 Economic World Resources by GeogFrog - Teaching Resources - Tes. BBC Bitesize - GCSE Geography. Geogonout.

Our first blog post is here! This week reflecting on 1-9 exams and the command words you can expect. Just reviewing Y11 GCSE Mock data; all Ebacc subjects reported as a %. No teachers wasting time trying to make up a grade; papers and grade… Almost ready □ #geographyteacher. Ofqual reports on difficulty of new 'fat maths' GCSEs. @K_M_Campbell @GeogChat This 'Methods Pizza' can be a useful scaffold to guide students in their justification and evaluation. Fancy giving it a go with your studen… @GeogChat I make my students SQuEAL! Works well for evaluating their own/ others fieldwork?! Useful aqa session - ending with top tips for candidates #pixlgeog. Year 10 work on Megacities. Loved this random lesson thought out about an hour before it started (response to book marking).

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New AQA Revision 9-1 Geog 5 a day by GeogFrog - Teaching Resources - Tes. Using success criteria ticksheets to mark example answers and then write the 'perfect' 9 mark answer #geographyteacher #AQAgeography #gcse. Epicentre. AQA The Challenge of Natural Hazards - NZ vs Haiti is my favourite comparative case study. A question a day and accompanying revision PowerPoint for new AQA spec hazards unit #geographyteacher #ukedchat. Add some vowels to create key words #geographyteacher #starteractivity.

Don't forget my GCSE exam support bookmark is available to download via TES for your new exam groups! #geographyteacher #pedagoo #ukedchat. Feedback please! What would you put on an #edexcelgeog Y10 Fieldwork Summary? #geographyteacher @MrTomlinsonGeog @Jennnnnn_x @MrBishopGeog. Topic specific Connect 4 Games for revision with my #edexcelgeog Y10s tomorrow! No excuse for lack of engagement now □□ #geographyteacher. Year 9. GCSE Geography. AQA GCSE Geography: All-in-one Revision and Practice (Collins GCSE Revision and Practice: New Curriculum) (Collins GCSE Revision and Practice: New 2016 Curriculum): Collins GCSE: 9780008166267: Books.

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