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Teaching English. Teaching English. Daily routines, hobbies and sport. Daily routines, hobbies and sport. ESL for Children Lesson Plans and Games. Theory in ELT. Grammar teaching ideas. English Language Teaching. Commenting on developments in the English language. Chez Renée: Fun Review Game. I learned about this review game at a conference and tried it out with my students.

Chez Renée: Fun Review Game

It's called Organized Chaos. It would work well for any subject! Here's what you do: Write 8 questions that cover the topic you want to review. Make 8 copies of each question (so you'll have 64 sheets of paper).  Here's a photo of high school seniors participating in this game. Learn English with El Chavo. - Android Apps on Google Play. Try for FREE, full version -- 66% OFF Sale -- TODAY: November 28-30, 2014The best-selling toddler app, Abby Animal Train – First Words (Farm and Zoo Animals, Colors and More!)

Learn English with El Chavo. - Android Apps on Google Play

, arrives on Android! Preschool learning game Animal Train by Abby Monkey is your yummy preschool lunchbox full of fantastic animals and trains! An educational and entertaining super duper game for preschoolers with beautiful graphics. The educational tozzle train game for children by 22learn is an engaging educational preschool basic tool for toddlers teaching children recognition of the most common animals and kids learn to read their first words. RECOMMENDED AGE CATEGORIES: Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartener Let your kids explore an AMAZING WORLD OF ANIMALS while improving their READING SKILLS. ESL at Learn English as a Second Language.

Oxford Word Skills. TEFL COMMUTE. Commute – origin of the word from the Etymology dictionarymid-15c., “to change, transform,” from Latin commutare “to often change, to change altogether,” from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + mutare “to change” (see mutable).


Sense of “go back and forth to work” is 1889, from commutation ticket “season pass” (on a railroad, streetcar line, etc.) the US term for a season ticket (because the daily fare is commuted to a single payment). The podcast has a number of ideas that you could turn into classroom activities: 1. The Voxpops – What’s your commute? Lindsay asks the questions ‘What’s your commute?”. 2. In the opening conversation Lindsay and Shaun used these questions use them after the activity described at the end of the pod.

A bit of English. Useful links for CELTA. Anyone following my blog will know that CELTA took over my life in August last year (2014), and will continue to dominate until the same time this year (2015). I’ve been building this list in my head for a while, and it’s finally time to get it onto the blog. It’s arranged into categories, with subtitles and topics in bold to help you navigate. There’s a lot here, so just use the bits you need as you need them rather than trying to look at all of them – if not, you’ll end up being overwhelmed!

A quick way to find what you need it to press CTRL + F (CMD + F on a Mac) and type a key word connected to what you’re struggling with, like ‘TTT’, ‘instructions’ or ‘writing’ – this will take you straight to the relevant section. Please let me know if any of the links are broken so I can update them, and feel free to add suggestions to the comments. Before the course CELTA is a very intensive experience, and it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. Quizlet. Quizlet. Quizlet is the easiest way to practice and master what you’re learning.


Create your own flashcards and study sets or choose from millions created by other students — it’s up to you. More than 50 million students study with Quizlet each month because it’s the leading education and flashcard app that makes studying languages, history, vocab and science simple and effective. And it's free! Статьи и советы для изучающих английский язык ‹ Инглекс.

Обучающие игры на английском языке. Обучающие игры. Бесплатные обучающие игры для детей. Learning games. Обучающие игры для изучения английского языка Хотите в свободное время развлечься и при этом продолжать учить английский язык, то наша огромная коллекция обучающих игр английскому языку, собранных в разделе "обучающие игры", порадует Вас.

Обучающие игры. Бесплатные обучающие игры для детей. Learning games.

Этот раздел посвящён английским играм, которые мы подобрали для Вас, чтобы они помогли Вам в изучении английского языка. Здесь Вы без регистрации, абсолютно бесплатно сможете найти обучающую игру в зависимости от вашего уровня знания английского языка и прямо сейчас начать играть и учить одновременно.

Обучающие игры онлайн — это отличный вариант время препровождения, ведь благодаря этим играм вы не только сможете отдохнуть, но и вспоминать и учить новые слова. В зависимости от вашего уровня знания языка и того, сколько у вас времени, вы можете выбрать обучающую игру из 5 уровней. Английский для детей. The Best Method to Learn English. What is the best teaching method for learning English?

The Best Method to Learn English

According to academic research, linguists have demonstrated that there is not one single best method for everyone in all contexts, and that no one teaching method is inherently superior to the others. Also, it is not always possible – or appropriate – to apply the same methodology to all learners, who have different objectives, environments and learning needs. Applying the most appropriate method for that learner’s specific objectives, learning style and context. An experienced professional language teacher always adopts the Principled Eclecticism approach, deciding on the most suitable techniques and applying the most appropriate methodology for that learner’s specific objectives, learning style and context.

Methods of teaching English have developed rapidly, especially in the previous 40 years. An Overview The main methodologies are listed below in the chronological order of their development: How to Memorize English Vocabulary and Grammar the Easy Way. By Irena Dewey Do you have problems remembering English vocabulary or expressions?

How to Memorize English Vocabulary and Grammar the Easy Way

Do you find it difficult to memorize idiomatic expressions or slang? Do you struggle to understand grammar concepts? Oxford Word Skills. Vocabulary Trainer. Online English Lessons with Native Speaker. Word origins. 5 Minute English - ESL Lessons - Helping you learn English. Art Least: 3-2-1 Bridge: A creative warm-up and follow-up routine. In this post I will talk about the 3-2-1 Bridge thinking routine.

Art Least: 3-2-1 Bridge: A creative warm-up and follow-up routine

The word Bridge is used to indicate the routine has two related stages. I have found it an interesting and effective activity in prompting students' creative thinking. This applies to a) activating their prior knowledge on a topic, b) fostering their readiness in generating ideas c) extending their thinking to new directions and d) facilitating reflection on this shift in their thinking. The routine works well as warm-up at the beginning and as a follow-up at the end of a topic. Step 1. The best how-to videos on the web. Vocabulary Teaching Resources. Listen to English and learn English with podcasts - ENpodcast. Browse Tests. Easily confused words grammar test. Fishing Game. Big English: Take A Look. Student Book Activities present key language in context, motivating learners to not only understand but acquire it.

Big English: Take A Look

Examples include songs, stories, sticker activities, content language, and values lessons. Think Big activities help students develop 21st Century Skills. 4-page Checkpoints after every three units focus on Assessment for Learning and provide opportunities for students to assess their own progress. Includes a CYLET preparation section at the back of the book. Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5 | Level 6 Workbook with Audio CD The Workbook provides engaging additional practice for each lesson in the Student Book. Advanced. Free Printable ESL materials. These are materials that will probably be suitable for students who have studied English for about four or five academic years.

Advanced. Free Printable ESL materials.

There will also be revision materials for grammar/vocabulary covered at the Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate levels. For more information on the level classification used on esl lounge, go to our level description page. If you are looking for materials specifically to prepare students for major international exams such as First Certificate and Proficiency, check out our Test Prep section of the site. The lesson materials have been divided into the following categories for Advanced. Click any one to go to the resources. Pairwork Activities, Surveys, etc Getting students of this advanced level speaking together in pairs or groups shouldn't be very difficult.

A day at the beach themed writing pack to download. Cambridge at home. At Home Stories Scripts Songs. 25 Online Games for English Language Learners. GameZone: Dozens of simple, straightforward games about grammar, spelling, and vocabulary reach out to English language learners at all levels. Keep in mind, however, that this site is based in the U.K. and follows a different set of linguistic rules than American series of vocabulary and games runs the gamut from elementary to high school levels of proficiency.

Each is recommended for both native speakers as well as students learning English as a second or third (or more) language.Power Words:PBS’ WordGirl and her simian sidekick Captain Huggy Face do battle against Fair City’s most sinister citizens, but it’s up to players to determine the course of the action. Picking the wrong words means letting the villains follow through with their sneaky plots.LearnEnglish Kids:The British Council presents a suite of super cool games covering different elements of the English language. Preschool — worksheets for kids. Games. 25 Online Games for English Language Learners. Resources and Materials for Teaching English to Young Learners: 4th Grade Unit 7 Pets Vocabulary Activities. Özlem ŞAVKLI Grade: 4 Unit: 7 Pets Vocabulary points: the numbers from 11 to 20 Materials: a song about numbers, papers of numbers (for matching), sets of numbers (correcting game), coloring pages. ENGLISH STEP BY STEP - 2ND GRADERS - Teach English Step By Step. Crossword (8-9 years old) Teaching English - Elizabeth Weal, Tenaya Press - Google книги. Have has board game for kids - Google. Ladybird Books. Good Morning Show!

English resources for teachers: Face and Body Parts Poster/ Game. Гимназия 74: английский язык, 3 класс: Body Parts - Games. Human Body ~ Body Parts - A Moment in our World. Changing homework habits and perceptions. ‘My students don’t do homework’. We have all heard and said this before. Students say they do not have the time for homework, while teachers keep on assigning. Many teachers end up frustrated because students do not meet their expectations n that matter.

Personally, I believe time is usually not the issue. We should try to think of homework more holistically and not just as part of our routine. We are expected to. Assigning homework : ‘Page 42, exercises, 2 and 3’ The worst way to assign homework is to only write the pages / exercises on the board. We have to be very careful when we assign homework, specially (but not only) with lower levels.

Model the first items to make sure students understand the task. Horse race dictation. ESL Drama Queen. For teachers. 7 grammar myths you learned in school. Card games. Ми підслухали, які фейки про Львів, місцеві пам'ятки та колишніх мешканців гіди часом видають туристам за чисту правду. Premier Skills English. Teaching ESL grammar - English Grammar Lesson Plans.

7 типичных русских проблем в английской речи / Блог компании Taucraft Limited. Предметом данной статьи является попытка систематизировать культурные различия, и типичные ошибки которые мы допускаем с нашими иностранными коллегами. «Учебник английского языка» Welcome to Life Skills - Young Learner Resources. Online TEFL Training. Word Jumble: Practicing sentence structures. It appears in several activity books and I have come across it in various course books as well. In ‘Five-minute activities’ (Penny Ur & Andrew Wright, Cambridge University Press) it is called Jumbled Sentences. The Apple of My Eye. English corner. ELT stories. In a few days’ time, we’re starting an Electronic Village Online session on teaching listening. Making Drilling Fun. Speaking Bingo. Страница - 35 - статьи, обзоры новинок. English Language and Grammar.

Cartoon Storytelling tools. Beginner, elementary. English Discussion: Class in the Classroom. Things in the classroom, Learning English with pictures. Ten ways to motivate the unmotivated… Los Rosales in English. English With Rizal: Lesson Plan: Teaching Prepositions. Consolarium » My French Coach. 15 classroom language games. Luiz Otávio Barros. Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals.

The Notebook. Video Lesson: Mr. Bean. 103 Things to Do Before/During/After Reading. Reading (General) English Corner Time. Make a Comic. Welcome to ELT stories. By Anthony Ash. On a journey to become the best English teachers we can be. Lizzie Pinard's take on teaching and learning. ESL EFL Teaching Activities, Worksheets, Lessons, Games.