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Resources for school librarians

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Search skills. Literacies. Critical Thinking. Library. Information Skills. Identifying Reliable Sources and Citing Them. Information Skills Lesson Plans. Resources for School Librarians - Index Menu for This Page: General Collections of Lesson Plans | The Dewey Decimal System | Reference Books and Web Sites | Worksheets | Research Methods and Reports | Miscellaneous and Holiday Lessons General Collections of Lesson Plans Library Skills Lessons - by Katy Punch on Pinterest Scholastic's Lesson Plans & Reproducibles - Lesson plans for grades K - 12.

Information Skills Lesson Plans

Many of these are internet based. Check out the language arts section for research skills lessons. Yearly Curriculum for the library Library Lesson Plans - By Jennifer Francis of the Powell County Schools. Introduction to Library Use How to Care for a Library Books - This article from WikiHow includes many good points that you may want to include in your talk on book care.

The Dewey Decimal System and the Catalog Huey and Louie Meet Dewey - A lesson plan from Education World. Reference Books and Web Sites All About Words: Dictionary Activities - Dictionary lesson plans from Education World. Book craft.


Creative Websites. Tips for Keeping Students Engaged. By far, my most popular blog post is my 5 Tips for Engaging Students in the First Five Minutes of a Lesson.

Tips for Keeping Students Engaged

It has been viewed over 117,000 times since I posted it. At first that surprised me – like, fell-off-my-chair surprised me – but the more I think about it, the more I get it: good teachers deeply want to engage their students – especially teenagers. And this is no simple task. So, consider this my follow up post. You have grabbed their attention in the first five minutes… now what? Let’s be honest: many of us struggle to concentrate on one thing for a full hour. 5 min | Introduction activity 10 min | Lecture-style teaching 15 min | Group/paired work task 15 min | Individual work 5 min | Wrapping up / Consolidation Give students an incentive to get to the end of the lesson.

If you tell students that they won’t get to the treat unless they have completed their tasks for the lesson, they may just work that little bit harder all lesson. How to do the Socratic Method - TeachLikeThis. Inquiry skills across the Australian Curriculum. In this post I present my analysis of the Australian Curriculum v6.0.

Inquiry skills across the Australian Curriculum

Inquiry skills and information literacy are embedded in the Australian Curriculum in the subject areas Science, History, Geography, Economics and Business (draft), Civics and Citizenship (draft, and in the general capabilities Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) . In this video I present the frameworks and concepts underpinning my analysis: In this video I present my analysis: My analysis revels that there are a number of omissions and misalignments across the Australian Curriculum.

Please feel free to comment my analysis and discuss how the scope and sequence relates to your own practice. Further Reading: My first analysis of an earlier version of the Australian Curriculum is published here: Lupton, Mandy (2012) ‘Inquiry skills in the Australian Curriculum’ Access, June: 12-18. Birdseye F-10v6.pdf. Lupton_Access.pdf. 10 Web Tools to Enhance Visual Content. Marketers continue to wisely produce more and more content for publishing and promoting their businesses on the web.

10 Web Tools to Enhance Visual Content

With the competition for users’ attention growing each day, adding interest and attraction through visual content is a trend that pays off with high conversions and shareability. Giving your content an edge over your competition through exceptional graphic treatment can seem like a major investment of time and money. It doesn’t have to be!

If you have a clear and important message to share, making it visual can be simple with some fabulous (and free) online tools to enhance visual content. Presenting graphic content through your brand can create instant understanding and reactions by viewers — viewers who are more likely to take action based on those reactions. 10 Tools to Enhance Visual Content Each of these tools below can make your visual content even more attractive through various treatments and enhancements that will help bring out the creative side of your message. Web tools to support inquiry based learning. Curriculum mapping scope sequence skills tools. Guided Inquiry : An Instructional Framework for Designing Effective I…

Guided Inquiry: planning a unit. Web tools to support inquiry based learning. Information Skills Lesson Plans.