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What is Wifi?

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Wi-Fi Alliance: Home. Wi-Fi Range - Which Wireless Router Has the Best Wi-Fi Signal? Question: Which Wireless Router Offers the Best WiFi Range?

Wi-Fi Range - Which Wireless Router Has the Best Wi-Fi Signal?

Consumer wireless routers vary in the Wi-Fi range they support. Routers with stronger Wi-Fi signals allow devices to connect at higher speeds from a greater distance and stay connected more reliably. Which wireless router then, has the overall best Wi-Fi range? Answer: A wireless router's antenna technology generally determines its Wi-Fi signal strength and hence its range. Generally speaking, 802.11g wireless routers offer better Wi-Fi range than comparable 802.11b units due to improved antennas. 802.11n and Wi-Fi Router Range In general, wireless routers currently offering the best Wi-Fi signal range, however, are 802.11n (sometimes called "wireless N") units.

Increasing Wi-Fi Range - Do It Yourself The standard antennas shipped wih wireless routers work omnidirectionally. Some routers support replacement of their standard antennas with upgraded "aftermarket" ones. WebWise - What is wireless internet (Wi-Fi)? To use Wi-Fi you will need certain equipment: A wireless transmitter, also known as a Wireless Access Point (WAP) A Wi-Fi adapter on every computer that will use Wi-Fi You may find that you already have a Wi-Fi network, as many ISPs (internet service providers) are setting up new customers with Wi-Fi from the outset.

WebWise - What is wireless internet (Wi-Fi)?

If not, you could call your ISP and ask to upgrade. They might even upgrade you for free - and send you some or all of the equipment. If not, you might consider checking whether other ISPs are offering Wi-Fi to new customers. In any case, you can buy the equipment yourself and set up your own Wi-Fi network using your existing broadband connection. Many ISPs will supply you with a router, modem and wireless transmitter combined in one device, which it calls ‘the router’. The router plugs directly into a phone socket and doesn’t need a computer to run it, so you don’t have to set up your computer next to the router. WiFi what is the ''fi'' in wifi. Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi, also spelled Wifi or WiFi, is a technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelessly using 2.4 GHz UHF and 5 GHz SHF radio waves.


The name is a trademark name, and was stated to be a play on the audiophile term Hi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Alliance defines Wi-Fi as any "wireless local area network (WLAN) products that are based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' (IEEE) 802.11 standards".[1] However, since most modern WLANs are based on these standards, the term "Wi-Fi" is used in general English as a synonym for "WLAN". Only Wi-Fi products that complete Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability certification testing successfully may use the "Wi-Fi CERTIFIED" trademark. Depiction of a device sending information wirelessly to another device, both connected to the local network, in order to print a document. Wi-Fi can be less secure than wired connections (such as Ethernet) because an intruder does not need a physical connection.